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I have a 7:30 AM class. The mood of the class depends on how well the Packers played the day before. Tomorrow isn't going to be a good morning. (WTF NFL!) We all (teacher included) usually need an hour or so to start working though. (SO EARLY!)

I know I'm genetically inclined to be a night person, and that means I live for my weekends baby!

(Also, this question is too overloaded with side questions. I could write an essay on this topic let alone a quick LJ entry!)
So I was on UWEC's page on facebook, and a recent note someone posted compared life at UWEC with life at Hogwarts.  I read through the comments and the were trying to put the different dorms into houses.  (Murray=Ravenclaw, Bridgman=Griffindor, Putman=Hufflepuff) and someone said that Oak Ridge (my dorm for next year) is Slytherin.

HA!  FOR THE WINZ!!  Actually, I'm thinking that I was crazy when i signed up for dorms.  Why did I pick Oakridge?  Whenever I tell anyone that I'm going to be in Oak Ridge, they're suprized that I signed up willingly.  Oh wellz.  I was crazy then....like woaaaaaah.

I have to get my laundry soon.  But there's a good laundry story today!  So it costs $1.75 a load, and I thought I barely had enough money on my card to cover two loads of laundry.  I WAS WRONG.  Yeah I was 50 cents too short so I had to run up to my room, grab $10, run over to the machine to put said $10 on my card, and then run back down to the laundry room hoping that no one stole my almost empty laundry detergent.  It's good stuff and really girly hee!

I also have to go down to the library at 2:00 for this group assignment thing...but I don't know where in the library we are meeting.  I can see myself being all lost and confused already.  Hurray!
Me: Chemistry sucks...blah blah blah blah.....I wish I didn't throw away my old chem notes/could remember how Mr. Arts taught me this.
Kayla: I have my old chem notebook in my room if you want to borrow it
Me: OMG!YES!  I love you!

So I'm currently paging through Kayla's old chem notebook looking for things I need to know for my midterm on thursday.  Hopefully there's a periodic table in there too.....I have yet to get a good periodic table.

....but that's not stopping me from using it!

haha, seriously, I'm amazed that I actually remember how to use photoshop at ALL.  I only took one graphic design class in high school, and it was basically "you have to follow exactly what I told you to do with these step by step instructions.  Why aren't you creative and do something different/the way I want it to be done" Yeah.  Didn't have fun with that.  Anyway, I'm actually better at photoshop than I was when I took that class.  Figure that.  I did something I did in class, but only did it 10000000 times better than I did in class (I didn't need Ruthann to help me this time around!)

So what did I make?  Well the Ianto thing I showed off yesterday, a snarky Vaughn thing, a Ianto wallpaper, some flower thing, and an icon of Tosh.  And yes, I was thinking about Casino Royale when making my Ianto wallpaper.  Shut up.

I made the flower thing after the fire alarm went off this morning. I was on the edge and couldn't sleep, so I made something peaceful, soft, and went back to bed after I was done.  (went to bed at 2:15, fire alarm went off at 8:30, stayed up until 10:30, woke up at 1:20...realizing that brunch closes in 10 minutes, so ate brownie instead.)  Now I'm here.
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Seriously, this guy and his fake being angry and what not reminds me of Mr. Thompson...he even looks a bit like him.  His real persona is quite the opposite of Thompson though.

Last day of "real class" is tomorrow.  Excited/nervous about that.  And, I got a B/C on my research paper of doom, so I can STOP worrying about it now.  And I did fine on it.  Now I can take this one class that you need a C in English 110 or better.  Whoo!  That's over and done with! :)
I can't believe that I'm passing astronomy. No wai! Although a D+ isn't exactly the greatest grade ever and I need to bring it up so I'll have a good GPA so I can study abroad. I can't believe that my whole fate of going to Scotland/England depends on me getting a good grade in astronomy. I'm not used to having to worry about failing, but this class is crazy hard....well for me it is. GAH!

Things I need to do:
constalaton activity (if it is ever not cloudy here before Monday night....otherwise I'll have to BS it)
Make up activity
Big Bang essay (EXTRA CREDIT!YAY!)
Popular astronomy topic essay

meanwhile I need to keep up on my other classes and make sure I can register for classes I need/want

my parents are going to the Packer game tomorrow and that's lame xcore. I would so go. Seriously. And no desperate housewives tomorrow, but at least I get some hott Captain Jack action in Torchwood, but I won't be able to watch it until like....12:00 as always.
The Campbell Soup company began its annual NFL campaign in the fight against hunger for the less privileged. It's called "Click for Cans."

Green Bay Packers fans have handily won this national contest since its inception seven years ago. While we may have difficulty winning on the field these days, we can win this contest with your DAILY vote for the Packers.

All you have to do is go to this web site and click on the Packer helmet to cast your vote. At the end of the contest in early December, Campbell 's makes a significant donation of their Chunky soup to the food pantries in the city of the winning team. It costs you nothing other than just a few seconds to go to:


I still don't want to go to math today....wait, I never want to go. Boo.

If you are any authority figure from Green Bay East High and are looking for dirt to pull up on various students, please turn back.  I am a good girl, and I have nothing to hide.  If you have any questions of me, ask them in my face and don't try to be like James Bond/Sydney Bristow and hack into accounts, lie, hide who you are, and have an alias.  That is the lowest of lows.  I have rights to privacy, and I WILL NOT have them taken away from me just because of a few students who screwed up.  My LJ has nothing to do with your search.  True, I may have classes with such people who you may be interested in, but that is no reason to try to get your information here.  I only write about what applies to me, my life, my friends, and so on and so forth.  There are better ways to get what you want.

You should know better!

Make like a tree and get out of here!



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