Nov. 8th, 2009

This made me much.

I have to work again soon (bah!). It seems like all of the crazy people are coming out of the woodwork lately and deciding to shop then do crazy things in the store....because they're crazy!

Anyway, vote in my poll if you haven't yet. This is important science work we're doing. Think of all the good this will accomplish! I'll probably close it tomorrow during the day and post round two then.
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I have a 7:30 AM class. The mood of the class depends on how well the Packers played the day before. Tomorrow isn't going to be a good morning. (WTF NFL!) We all (teacher included) usually need an hour or so to start working though. (SO EARLY!)

I know I'm genetically inclined to be a night person, and that means I live for my weekends baby!

(Also, this question is too overloaded with side questions. I could write an essay on this topic let alone a quick LJ entry!)



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