"I certainly have not the talent which some people possess,'' said Darcy, "of conversing easily with those I have never seen before. I cannot catch their tone of conversation, or appear interested in their concerns, as I often see done.''

"My fingers,'' said Elizabeth, "do not move over this instrument in the masterly manner which I see so many women's do. They have not the same force or rapidity, and do not produce the same expression. But then I have always supposed it to be my own fault -- because I would not take the trouble of practising. It is not that I do not believe my fingers as capable as any other woman's of superior execution.''

Darcy smiled, and said, "You are perfectly right. You have employed your time much better. No one admitted to the privilege of hearing you, can think any thing wanting. We neither of us perform to strangers.''

from Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.

500 Episodes In 2009

Only one rule: If you watch an episode more than once a year you can list it again if you haven't already listed it in the current month...

Teeeeeeeeeveeeeeeee! )
Total: 490/500 98%
Keeping track of movies. Rule: If you watch a movie more than once in a month, score it only once.


2009 in Movies )

2009 in Movies )

Running Total: 71/100

Have a good one! I'm going to my Aunt's this evening for dinner and more gifts. Favorite gifts thus far: Authentic Aaron Rodgers jersey, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, and this cool scarf my brother bought at the Packer Pro Shop.

Merry Christmas LiveJournal!
The classic "first line of every month meme"

January: My party with Rachel went awesome.
February: I don't really care who wins the super bowl because the Packers aren't in it.
March: Yesterday was weird.
April: ¡ʎɐʎ ¡ʇɥbıuoʇ ʇso1
May: My first entry (May 6th): Good news everybody! Actual first thing was a tweet: It's nice to be moderately tired before midnight. Too bad the reason is due to stress and frustration.
June: My first entry (June 6th): So I'm going to buy an iPod touch in a few hours or so, and I've just been thinking about different quotes I could get engraved on the back. Actual first thing was a tweet: As much as I didn't like New Moon, the trailer has gotten me all excited. November = too far away.
July: So Ginger (the dog I'm dogsitting for) is starting to take advantage of me since I'm not her normal owner.
August: I was away from home basically all day today. I only went home to take a shower and change clothes.
September: Recap! 1. He's a jerk face who's ambition is the money and glory not for the love of the game
October: This morning, incredibly sluggish and tired and blah.
November: YES!!! This makes me laugh all the time.
December: First! ICON MEME

January - I was drunk when posting that entry
February - We'll take it this year
March - Everyday is weird in my book
April - Wow, lame April Fool's Joke self
May - sleeping before midnight is for the sick and people who have a life
June - Poor poor Whisky Doll and the quote I never see (Also didn't see New Moon lulz)
August - How wasn't the first line "and I met a celebrity today" wow.
September - Guess Who? Someone named Brent Faverton suck face.
October - Yes, it's called Morning.
November - STILL TRUE!
December - What can I say, I love me some icons. 100 x 100 px of pure joy.

I should probably go back to working on my final project huh....since it's due 16 hours and I have to be awake in 5 hours. Also need to pay for Thailand deposit at school since....deadline is today. LAST MINUTE NATALIE!!!

I also downloaded the latest Top Gear ep, and said it would be my reward for finishing said project. That lasted an hour. Good news: Decent episode Bad news: Not done with project. Oops?
SO IN CASE YOU WERE NOT AWARE, [livejournal.com profile] anthean IS MADE OF ALL KINDS OF AWESOME.

Why? She made me an awesome pair of wrist warmers when I offhandedly mentioned in an entry that I wanted a pair for Christmas and didn't think I would get them.

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! YOU ARE THE BEST!!! I'm wearing them now and couldn't be happier. Thank you. The color is a very pretty shade of blue too. They're lovely thank you very much! :)

(Side note, was too lazy to go outside today. I'm horrible I know. I'll do my banking tomorrow I swear. I'll pay my deposit on Monday. I'll get my passport tomfoolery done sometime.)
I was SO CLOSE to finishing my college education without taking out a loan by both a college fund, not spending any money if I can help it, and my part time jobs over the years. That is until now.


Funny because I need a lot of money very quickly.

1. $250 due for deposit on Thailand study abroad trip I really want to go on but my parents are dead set against me going on
2. $120 for passport
3. $350 for credit card bill that includes the doctor who dvds I bought, christmas presents, and about three tanks of gas (and other misc things)
4. $1700 for tuition (something like that)
5. I'm guessing $150 on books.
6. Somewhere around $2000-3200 for Thailand.

This is going to be so fun! I currently have about $400 so I'm going to have some fun figuring out everything. #1 has to be done asap, #2 asap and I guess I'll just pay as much as I can on #3 since my next bill will be small and I'll be able to cover it. As for #4 and #5, I don't need those for a month. And #6, they haven't figured out the price yet and I'll have time to figure that out.

Game plan: Ask for help from friends and family. I'm sure people I know will be willing to help me. I'm also going to ask around for some odd jobs I can do for people. Also, I'm planning on sticking around at CVS longer than I thought. I'll prob just work the weekends, but better than nothing. I'll also get an internship during next semester that will be (hopefully) a paid one, so I can have TWO jobs. I really don't want to take out a loan, but I can do that if it comes absolutely necessary.

I need to take a shower, get my passport photo taken, turn in the forms, pay my deposit and sweat out the rest of my money. OH AND GO TO THE BANK FIRST! I have to deposit money into my account otherwise my checks will bounce! THAT IS IMPORTANT!!!

So if anyone else has any ideas on how I can pay for everything, let me know.

Also, my parents don't know that I'm putting a deposit down on my Thailand trip or applying for a passport. Whenever I bring it up, they just talk about how dangerous Thailand is and how I don't have money. And for the record, I really should have a passport and the trip money is refundable. Which means if I don't come up with the rest of the money, I'll get my deposit back.

We talked about it in my Flash class today. "Now that you've spent a semester on Flash's headdeskery code and now hate Actionscript, let's try something easier and faster and uses a lot less code. jQuery = win.

I just happened to have a plethora of Alice images on my external hard drive. I wonder how that happened? Oh yeah, I was bored during that hour I had to wait in my photoshop class and made random graphics while waiting to present.

In other news, I'm going to devote my life to Economics for the rest of the night. HOW AM I ALWAYS DISTRACTED THE LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL? I have a lot of shit to dooooooooo.....

Also, I spent ten minutes scraping ice off of my car today then it didn't want to start and I freaked out. I tried calling my dad, but he didn't answer his phone. I was about to go back inside to get help, but my car started. Whew! All of the battery powered things worked, just the engine didn't work. It was weird.

Lastly, I found out that a horrible horrible teacher is teaching one of my classes next semester. NO ONE LIKES HER. I got lucky thus far with my education and never had her as a teacher, but it shows that my last semester I couldn't outrun fate. I would jump to another section asap, but there is only one class. AOUFSL DARN IT!!! I was so close!!!! D:
Earlier this week, I made plans with my friend Laura that we were going to have hibachi today at Nakashima of Japan. AND IT WAS ZOMG AMAZING.

So full now, but it was so worth it. Laura works part time at the restaurant, so we got her discount on top of everything! It was an amazing experience and OM NOM NOM!!!!

For those unfamiliar with hibachi (om nom nom!) you should definitely check it out sometime. Totally worth the experience.

Our chef Allen was awesome. Matt gave him a little sass, so Allen flicked a shrimp tail in his water glass! LULZ!!!
Lea Michele singing....sped up. I LOVE GLEE!!!

Vids under the cut for spoilerphobes...vid is still funny if you don't watch Glee )

I don't like thinking how long I'll have to wait for the next episode. April is so far away. Yes, four months seems like infinity to me right now. BECAUSE IT IS.

In other news, I should either be working on A.) Economics homework and final paper or B.) Marketing homework and final project, but obviously I'm not. I also got an email from my Marketing teacher. Since the class was canceled because of the storm, we have to make it up. WTF?! I've had classes canceled due to weather at my school before and this is the first time we have to "make it up" WHAT GIVES? I don't feel like having one more class in between now in the 21st. (Only if it gives me more time on my final that is)
I'm clearly obcessed with Alice. No doubt. I mean, I just haven't watched something so perfect on television for such a long long time. A certain pretty boy in a hat doesn't hurt either ;)

I just renamed my restaurant on Restaurant City (facebook game). Don't judge me!

In case the picture is hard to read, my restaurant (which used to be known as "Nolita" from Bradley Cooper's failed sitcom Kitchen Confidential) is now H&A Tea Shoppe. H&A as in Hatter and Alice...Hatter and Alice's Tea Shoppe. It's actually quite funny since the only food I've mastered is Peach Tea and I'm trying to improve Saffron Tea now. This is just proof I'm a huge nerd.

I was talking to a friend yesterday and I was talking about Alice (all I'm capable of really) and she was "OMG! I meant to watch that! Is it good?" ME: SOJFSLJF YESYESYESYES!!! I spoke of my constantly refreshing trying to get new fic....then she said "why don't you just write it."

Got me there. Challenge has been thrown down. Apparently I need to write Alice fic, but currently I have zero ideas.

Lastly, kind of frustrated that someone on one of the Alice comms spotted something I did five minutes before me and posted it. Good thing I checked the comm before posting that's for surez. I didn't mean to put a z there, my super long fingernails are to blame there, I'm just too lazy to fix it. (but not lazy enough to write all of that fluff? wtf self?)

Edit: I'm annoyed that when using the tag 'alice' I have to pretty much type up the whole thing since I have alias as a tag. I'm probably going to use alice more than alias.... tough that alias comes before alice alphabetically but alice comes before alias on the awesome scale.
[Error: unknown template video]

So yep. I'm going to make some lasagna now, so if you'll excuse me.....exit stage right.

(I've also not been paying attention to twitter all day. IT IS SO WEIRD. I'm trying not to, but clearly I'm addicted. Damn you twitter.)

Wow today.

Dec. 10th, 2009 09:29 pm
Today was full of crazy sauce.

1. Accidently overslept. I didn't have anywhere to be but I had a lot of stuff to get done.

I had my final project for Photoshop due today, and I had to make two new projects for it since I didn't have enough. Whatever, that's done and overwith. *whew!*

2. OMG, I HATE WINTER DRIVING!!! Usually it isn't bad, but OMG IT IS HORRIBLE!!! My car is a Southern Belle and doesn't take to winter well. After a few weeks of cold weather and snow, she's good, but until then....not so much. Actually, the heater is never good! lol! My commute to school usually takes 15-20 minutes depending on traffic, but today.......50 minutes. AORUSLFJSLF I spent a lot of my commute going 5 MPH or less since there was so much ice everywhere. A lot of spinning and fishtailing was done...by everyone not just me. Stressful driving....yay!

Plus it's ridiculously cold.

3. We had an hour delay with our presentations for photoshop. Apparently when my teacher says that we will present first thing, people took that to mean "We'll have an hour to work on our stuff before presenting." It was weird since my half of the room was all done with their stuff but not the other side. I just chilled on facebook/reading Alice fic waiting to present.

4. When we I present, my teacher asked after I was done if I put in text description anywhere in my portolio. I said I did but took it out since I thought it looked too tacky and was unnecessary. She gave me a weird look when I was walking back to my seat. WTF? It wasn't required!! I didn't like how it looked!! Whatever.

Alice has officially taken over my life. I just downloaded 10,000 screen caps. Yes, TEN THOUSAND. I'm already having fun.


Dec. 8th, 2009 01:20 am

Hello new fave fandom! How are you? Feeling awesome?

I'm so tired, but part 2 was so awesome and I need to read fic and just emerge myself in this fandom.....like NOW.
Hey yo yellow-dello!

I'm absolutely swamped with projects to get done before the semester ends. Oh the joys of computer classes! I only have ONE final exam (that I'm not really studying for) the rest are all PROJECTS and not just projects, but monster projects. My list of things to get done by the end of the semester is quite daunting actually. I'm probably not going to sleep a lot between now and the 21st. Lucky me.

Anywho! Christmas cards! I want to get these cards sent out this week. I'm planning on buying something special to put inside the cards, but I need to know who wants one. I'm willing to send cards internationally (YOU GET A CARD, YOU GET A CARD! EVERYONE GETS A CARD!!!) so if you want a card......give me your addy!
I only got three people so far. Just comment at this post (comments are screened) if you want a card!

I also may have stayed up until 3 AM messing around with ringtones I got at Audiko. My text message alert is Eric Northman. "I texted you three times....why didn't you reply?" Because I'm a dork and Eric is awesome.

ALSO. DOES ANYONE KNOW OF ANY TOPHER/BENNETT FIC ANYWHERE? BUELLER? ...BULLER? ....ANYONE? ...ANYONE? They are so dorktastic and adorable together.

Finally, a list: Things I want for Christmas that I probably definitely won't get:
1. iPod connector for Nike+ shoe technology. I want to start running again and I already have Nike+ shoes.
2. Camcorder. Vloging looks cool. I don't want to feel limited to my craptastic quality that is the iSight camera.
3. DVDs I'll actually watch, ie my fandoms. Maybe I'll get Harry Potter....who knows.
4. Dollhouse to be picked up by SOMEONE. (NBC? Please?)
5. A trip somewhere not in the United States (or anywhere I've never been before. I need out of the midwest so bad.)
6. New stereo in the "Disable" since only the radio works. New brakes would be cool too.
7. Wristwarmers
8. Slippers that fit all five of my qualifications: (soft bottom, back, neutral print, low top, fuzzy inside)

EDIT: OH AND DUH! People in the UK. I have a question to ask of you. Is it possible for you to buy some gu puds for me? My friend went to London last year, fell in love with the Gu and can't find them stateside. Even my google-fu can't find any place who sells them around here. NOT EVEN CHICAGO. They will be the PERFECT pressie for her, but I need some help. I'm willing to pay for them and the shipping, and I can send you something that we have stateside that isn't in the UK.
Instructions: Take a picture of yourself right now. Don't change your clothes, don't fix your hair - just take a picture. Post that picture with NO editing. Post these instructions with the picture.

I did cheat and put on my shirt since I was only wearing a bra. SHUT UP!! But this was the shirt I was planning on wearing.

Fresh from the shower glory! And my friend called me seconds before I took the picture. At first, I thought it was Hank Green calling telling me a balloon was spotted in my area and I needed to go and confirm the sighting, but it wasn't. Ballooooooooooooons!
1. Reply to this post, and I will pick five of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon squee. Whoo!

[livejournal.com profile] kalina_blue gave me these:

1. This is probably my favorite Dramione icon I have. It was made by by [livejournal.com profile] mystik_rose and I love it. I love the colors and the pose and GUH! :)
2. CHARLIE! Charlie is my favorite character on LOST. I love his weird hand gesture as Hurley is freaking out....because Charlie is dead and everything. This one was made by [livejournal.com profile] heartoutofstone.
3. Can't Talk. TV. I must say that a lot or something! But it's true. Don't bother me when I'm watching the idiot box. lol! Made by [livejournal.com profile] iconzicons
4. This one made by by [livejournal.com profile] ninja_faerie is Bella and Edward at the prom. They're finally happy and I love it.
5. ELIZABETH BENNET FTW. And not any Lizzy Bennet, but Jennifer Ehle's portrayal in the 1995 version (aka the best one). I love the glow in the icon and use of color. This one made by [livejournal.com profile] crymeariver_.

In other news, I'm seriously considering going on my school's study abroad trip to Thailand this upcoming May/June. I don't know how I'm going to afford it at the moment, but that's all in the fun of it all...isn't it?

I'm also getting notices on TweetDeck with some of my facebook peeps who are west of me, and watching the "ZOMG SNOW!!" posts move eastward. Here, there are flurries, but not enough to exclaim "ZOMG SNOW!" so I'll have to watch that.
And when I say "Interesting" I mean boring.

Wednesday I spend ALL DAY with Kayla. We did a lot of stuff together and it was superfuntimes. Highlights include making chocolate truffles in her garage (because they were melting in the house), hot tubbing, prepping for Thanksgiving dinner, aimless driving, lots of eating, some drinking, playing with the puppies and cats.....YEP SO FUN!!!

Thanksgiving, I worked. A LOT. Well, I woke up, helped with the thanksgiving stuff, watched half of the Packers/Lions game, ate dinner then went to work from 2-10 and wanted to die. Well not die, but anything to go home. The FAQs of the night were "OMG. You're still open???" and "Do you have [insert Thanksgiving food item here]?" and "Do you have Zhu Zhu pets???"

Zhu Zhu pets. QUICK!! Do ANY of you know what that is before googling the answer? Because no one at the store knew what those were. We don't have them since we looked in the toy section and in the holiday gift section in the store and no Zhu Zhu pets.

I DID NOTHING BLACK FRIDAY. I did however wake up at 3:30 AM, but that was because there was blood all over my face. Tis the season of bloody noses, fa la la la la, la la la la!!! Then I went back to sleep....until noon. Yaaaaaaay.

Today I woke up early to go to Appleton/Oshkosh to do some cheap shopping with Kayla and her family.
1. JanSport factory store. It is an amazing place. You get to buy all of the reject stuff for cheap as free. The shirts/sweatpants/hoodies have printing mistakes, so they can't sell them. I got three hoodies (Saint Louis University, UL Lafayette, and for [livejournal.com profile] anthean, UC Davis.) I found the Davis hoodie when I was saying that I don't know half of the schools in the store and definitely no one who goes there. THEN BAM! UC Davis hoodie, so I kinda had to buy it since it is cool looking, warm, and cheap. ($10!!)

2. Oshkosh outlet mall!! Went to Bath and Body Works outlet and got $80 worth of stuff for $30 because I am made of win. Also Ylang-Ylang is a sexy sexy smell. Some of the stuff I bought is for my mom for birthday or Christmas. Haven't decided yet. Also went to cooking supply store and got my brother two hot sauces for Christmas. I got the hottest one I could find then another one that I just liked the packaging of.

Also today, I (just) made this icon of Cody Deveraux from the Tonight Show. These sketches always make me laugh. I want to meet the actor who plays Cody so I can thank him. Seriously.



Nov. 23rd, 2009 10:02 pm

Because this scene NEVER made sense to me.....EVER.

I have composed a list of my favorite sexy men in fandom and we're going to put it to the vote. Who's the sexiest???

We're gonna find out the answer by voting off the LEAST SEXIEST MAN from the list until only one remains.


First, a Requiem for the fallen. With 6 votes (66.7%)

ANYWAY! You should know the drill by now. Pictures of the sexy under the cut, vote for the man who is THE LEAST HOT and we'll find a winner.

Sorry for the lateness! We had family from Boston over this weekend and I didn't have the time to put this poll together. SORRY!!!



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