I made another lush order.....SHUT UP. It's addicting! But I was a smart shopper. I got a lot of stuff I wanted, and then stuff to put into my stash. YAY! So excited! And it should be here before Valentine's Day, which is a huge plus. Their shipping takes fooooooorever but I'm too cheap to bump it up.

Today I used Loverly in the bath and it was...LOVERLY! Yay! I can still smell the flowers. YES.

Anyway, yesterday I learned that JavaScript is a bitch. I did figure out my homework though. It's going to take me a while to learn it though. Cool old guy Jack (who is in a lot of my classes) had a nice quote when I pointed out the lack of estrogen in the room. "Men and women think differently. It's like putting furniture in a room. Men can take a look around and say 'this chair can fit here, the couch here, table here,' while women have to actually move the furniture in and experiment with it before it fits." SO TRUE. Right now, I'm JavaScript's bitch, but I won't be your bitch...bitch.

Yesterday's Top Chef: Regional cuisine of Green Bay. LULZ! We don't have that! Although you can't think about NFL teams without thinking about the Packers. Come on, we're God's team for one, only team owned by a city, won the first two Super Bowls, Lombardi trophy is named after a Packer coach, WE'RE AWESOME DAMNIT! even though the 2008 season didn't show it well.) I need to find an icon or anything with Fabio or Spike with their Packer stuff.
Since they weren't saying what Fabio or Spike were cooking (until the end), I tried to figure out what would be in the box of "regional foods" and I came up with this list:

  • Cheese/Dairy

  • Cherries

  • Cranberries

  • Venison

  • Sausage or German inspired meats...smoked meats

  • Booyah our family has an AWESOME recipe and you can't go to a fundraiser/picnic deal in the summer/fall in Green Bay without someone selling booyah, but some of the recipes are dodgy.

  • Finka (I don't know how to spell it, but it's really gross stuff made of cow hearts, livers, and just gross. My grandma made it long ago and my uncle now makes it and I think it's disgusting)

  • Krout

  • Pizza dough (TNT Pizza Crust is based out of Green Bay)

Anyway, I thought I knew what was going on with lost for about five minutes yesterday then they had to throw in some more plot twists. Damn them.

Right, I need to go read the awesome drabbles at [livejournal.com profile] dramione_ldws and you should too because I wrote one of them! It's going to be tough to vote though.
ETA: I read through them all, and damn that was a hard decision! I liked A LOT of them and I think mine pales in comparison. Is it Saturday yet? I want to know the results!
It was sooooo loooooooooong and borrrrring today. Makes me cry. So slow. I almost fell asleep and started to feel like crap towards the end. Also had to take eastbay calls and they were easy and nice. Two simple questions and two calls I had to transfer then I was back to MSC calls. For some reason a store in Quebec called the English line instead of the French one. It was weird, but maybe there wasn't anyone there who could speak French today...because we were slow.

I finished my sql homework in 20 minutes...no joke. Take that ERD! I've mastered you! (only took like....five months) Then I wrote my [livejournal.com profile] dramione_ldws entry in less than an hour. First I had 75 words, then 99 then I added an adjective. I kept rereading it and I love it. I wish there wasn't a word limit though, it could've been even more amazing if I could've written more. Still I love it and I really hope I'm not eliminated on the first challenge again because that would be suxz0rz.

I had five calls with screaming children in the background. So awful. Blerg. I want to sleep now.

Pizza and movies tomorrow (hopefully I won't die before then!)
I'm not feeling awesome right about now. Ugh, what did I eat and/or what's wrong with me? UGH!

Anyway, still going to work because I'm dedicated...or need the money. You decide why I'm doing this. I'm bringing SQL homework with me and the guidelines for the [livejournal.com profile] dramione_ldws challenge. Princess Bride yay! Not sure what I'll do with the prompt, but I'll think of something. AND 100 WORDS! Yikes!

I just hope I'm feeling better tomorrow, I got plans for a movie/pizza night with some girls from work.

Hopefully it will be slow so I can get things done and that I might be able to go home early. I would like that. Oh yes I would.
Posh Tosh, what a bitch!
Aka: I need a new computer soon.
I'm sorry I've abused you, but don't die on me please.

Anyway, my grandpa is over for dinner and he started talking about how he used to have this cassette tape of "some happy song" and we've figured out that it was "Don't Worry, Be Happy" so it's my job now to download it from iTunes and burn it on a CD. Which is why Posh Tosh is making a weird noise while burning the disk. It's never done that before.

It's awesome because I got $2 from my grandpa to do this even though I told him it cost $1. "For my trouble," he said. Whatever! Awesome! I then spulrged and bought other songs on iTunes that I've wanted for awhile for some reason. Most are crack and Top 40 songs.

Work last night was weird. Sarah was there, and I learned how she can be even more over protective of her 11 year old daughter than I thought possible (based on my first impression of her anyway). I like her as a person, but sometimes (especially when it's just us at the end of the night) she tries to get as much personal information about me. "Do you have a boyfriend?" "What do you think about this controversial subject?" "Celebrity crushes: go."

Also: there was a 40+ minute interval without any calls for Sarah and I. It was weird, but gave us more time to bond and whatever. Becky almost was debating giving one of us the option of going home, but she didn't because we would've been understaffed. Whatever. I wasn't going to take the cold spot anyway since it's like throwing away $20 because I wanted to go home early. I can suck it up when I have to.

OH! And [livejournal.com profile] dramione_ldws GO! There are some good LOTR and Moulin Rouge! drabbles there (including one by yours truly!) so if you have the time go and read them. It's a free "just for fun" round so there isn't voting, but still check out the round!



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