Jan. 24th, 2009

I'm not feeling awesome right about now. Ugh, what did I eat and/or what's wrong with me? UGH!

Anyway, still going to work because I'm dedicated...or need the money. You decide why I'm doing this. I'm bringing SQL homework with me and the guidelines for the [livejournal.com profile] dramione_ldws challenge. Princess Bride yay! Not sure what I'll do with the prompt, but I'll think of something. AND 100 WORDS! Yikes!

I just hope I'm feeling better tomorrow, I got plans for a movie/pizza night with some girls from work.

Hopefully it will be slow so I can get things done and that I might be able to go home early. I would like that. Oh yes I would.
It was sooooo loooooooooong and borrrrring today. Makes me cry. So slow. I almost fell asleep and started to feel like crap towards the end. Also had to take eastbay calls and they were easy and nice. Two simple questions and two calls I had to transfer then I was back to MSC calls. For some reason a store in Quebec called the English line instead of the French one. It was weird, but maybe there wasn't anyone there who could speak French today...because we were slow.

I finished my sql homework in 20 minutes...no joke. Take that ERD! I've mastered you! (only took like....five months) Then I wrote my [livejournal.com profile] dramione_ldws entry in less than an hour. First I had 75 words, then 99 then I added an adjective. I kept rereading it and I love it. I wish there wasn't a word limit though, it could've been even more amazing if I could've written more. Still I love it and I really hope I'm not eliminated on the first challenge again because that would be suxz0rz.

I had five calls with screaming children in the background. So awful. Blerg. I want to sleep now.

Pizza and movies tomorrow (hopefully I won't die before then!)



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