Sep. 17th, 2009

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And it would go "bye bye" so fast too. I need a good stock of lotions for the winter (since they work really really really well and my hands always are ridiculously dry in the winter unlike President Obama who has really soft hands) Also, during the fall and winter, I take a lot of hot baths because they are so nice. Bath bombs make everything better!!!

I wouldn't say no to a B&N gift card either. Or Maurice's.

There, covered my basics: nice smelly things, books and media, and awesome clothes.

I don't mean to sound like a girl but....I just broke a nail on my keyboard. Damn technology is sexist! All the cool things require short nails! Natalie: 0 Technology: 1
Cause we got the tweet that bounce
We got the tweet that pound
We got the tweet that 808
That the boom, boom in your town

  • 13:40 Cellcom Msg - Beg 9/23 u must snd TXT msgs w/ the full 10-digit #. Other than shrtcdes, msgs snt w/ less than 10-digi #
  • 13:42 ...less than 10 digits will fail. Thanks cell service! Seriously who doesn't already have the full number in their phone? #
  • 13:44 Oh! 7:50 AM appointment at the dentist was less than awesome. Poking gums with sharp metal things isn't cool. #
  • 13:44 Biggest lie we tell: "Yes I read all the terms and conditions" Second biggest: "Yes I floss....sometimes...yes?" I'm an awful person! #
  • 13:47 iTunes, I know I love "Bitter-Sweet" by Roxy Music, but I don't need to hear it three times in one day while on shuffle w/3500+ songs #
  • 14:39 @RaincatcherWolf Terms and conditions: @ 1:20 mark. Also Black Eyed Peas are awesome LIVE! #
  • 14:49 Tonight, tonight! "I Hate So Much About the Things That You Choose to Be" The Office AND Community! Do it kids! #theoffice #
  • 17:04 People in this class don't know how to use Macs (ugh annoying) and don't know what an underscore is. WHAT? YES. #
  • 18:47 going crosseyed from this class already! I want to watch The Office, Community, Fringe, and Project Runway already! (not at once tho!) #
  • 18:48 Luckily the sweet sweet music that is Ben Folds is keeping me sane...for now. Really cold in this room too. I need a sweater! #
  • 18:55 I couldn't be a vampire. I've been tasting blood (cause of my trip to the dentist) on and off all day. Ew. This gum tastes like minty blood. #
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