Aug. 13th, 2009

So yeah! I love facebook on my birthday since I look insanely popular. Seriously, people I hardly ever talk to during the year come out of the woodwork to wish my a happy birthday. I just went to my email and counted about 22 emails from facebook.


Also, a happy birthday also to [ profile] somandalicious since this is the craziest birthday (and most awesome day to be born) ever! True fact, look it up.

No kidding, I know six people who have my birthday (but no one born on the same year as me)

Still not sure what I'm going to spend the rest of the day doing. As of now, I'm going to eat my leftovers from one of the best Mexican restaurants in town: Margaritas! They have the funniest best commercials, but I can't find any online. Bummer. I saw the guy from the commercials, and my dad got cornered by him when we were leaving. He wanted to know how the meal was, but it was also funny.

Tomorrow the family and I are going to Michigan for a wedding. It's going to be awkward since I don't know the people very well and there will be NO alcohol served. asdfjkl; I know right? That's cheap as free.



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