Mar. 16th, 2009

Don't you like how the people look young except for the 50+ guy?

I really don't have anything else to say. At 54.1 seconds in my video so that's awesome.
I'm thirsty but forgot my water bottle at home. Also drove with the windows down since it's above 50 and it's so beautiful outside. I can see GRASS in many patches in my yard. Exciting? Oh yes.
Ring Ring Twitter Phone!

  • 23:52 Going to bed "early" so I can get to school and work on my video. It was weird to have two days off working! #
  • 14:14 Is my video over a minute long? Why yes it is! 67.3 seconds to be exact! :D #
  • 18:28 Reordered some of my Lush essentials and trying some new things. Because I'm bored and apparently have money to spend. #
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