Feb. 27th, 2009

calenfenwen: (Chosen One)
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Because no one gets it. Alright. I was 16 years old, sophomore in high school and The Two Towers was just released a few months prior and I was totally a huge fangirl (previously that year a friend and I were locked into a race to see who could finish the trilogy the fastest. She won only because she was dumped at her grandma's for the weekend and had nothing to do.)

Whatever. I was a huge LOTR fan, at the time LJ was a big thing to do with a bunch of my high school friends (not so much now) and I did some "what is your elven name" quiz and Calenfenwen was my result and I have been using that name ever since (because it's guaranteed not to be taken. If you start using it I'll hunt you down. I don't want to come up with a new sn!)

And yeah that's it! My username and how many people can't spell it. I also should watch LOTR again. It's also sad this is my only LOTR related icon. I also (until now) don't have a LOTR tag. Sad sad sad.

Now, I'm watching Drew Carey slowly losing his soul on Price is Right.
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  • 15:15 Because I was too lazy to go to school today, I'm going to go super early (lab opens @ 9) also hoping someone will pick up my hours for sat #
  • 17:40 found the pictures that refuse to die: homecoming sophomore year with stalker Kieth. you couldn't photoshop this to look good. #
  • 19:35 So many broken links..I miss Coloured Grey *crys in corner than goes to work hoping her hours are gone so she can do funstuffs tomorrow* #
  • 22:54 Crap i finished my book already and have a slow hour left #
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