Feb. 15th, 2009

And their like you wanna trade cards?
Yeah I wanna trade Cards
But Not my charizard.

You know, I never managed to get myself a charizard. I saw a holo one that my friend got once. He had it in a special hard case and everything. Anyway, I was cleaning my room today and found my pokemon cards which got me thinking: how much are these worth? So I counted them up and made an inventory (zomg 360 cards not including energies) now I just need so see if and where I can sell them. I like how I thought when I was younger these were going to be HUGE collectors items and I would be super rich.

Eh, whatever. I still need several hundred dollars until I can afford my new iMac. I don't get paid for a long time and I think it will be decent, then I got my tax refunds to do! yay for that!

I'm trying to think if I have anything else of "value" I can sell that I don't use. I have a great coat that (sort of) looks like Jacks. Maybe I should sell that since it's huge on me. I want my new computer noooow. Posh Tosh probably needs some sort of repairs but I don't want to pay for that when I can get a new computer. Sorry Tosh.

Talking about saving money, went to the drug store today and bought Iron Man because it was there and cheap, then bought a ped egg because it was there and I wanted to know if it really worked. (It does)

Right! Time to search the internetz and see if I can get anything for these stupid cards that the Japanese made me buy by brainwashing me as a child!
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  • 02:32 maybe I should sleep since my alarm is going off in...6.5 hours. #
  • 17:46 Making an inventory of my old pokemon cards (yes I collected and still have them) wonder if they're worth anything? 'cus some are "rare" #
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