Jan. 17th, 2009

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  • 23:04 It's a jordan launch that i'm not invited to #

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Jan. 17th, 2009 03:10 pm
I got all of my lush stuff today! Awesome blossom! So excited. It was post shower so I couldn't try any of my new shampoo bar, conditioner bar, shower jellies or soap, but whatever. I like all of the smells of everything though. Only thing I'm not impressed with is Let Them Eat Cake. It smells weird, has a weird texture and doesn't taste very good, and as a lip balm, that's important! It smells more like vanilla extract than cake, but eh, maybe it will grow on me. Whatever.

I unpackaged everything on the steps because I was that excited. Love love love!!! Although the disappointment with LTEC is a prime example of why I need a lush store by me. It's hard to pick stuff out when you can't try it in the store first. AND all the reviews are different, some people love things and some people hate it. LTEC is a product that a lot of people seemed to love, but I guess it's not for me.

Not giving up on it though! At least I got it during the after christmas sale, I got a good deal.

And they sent me coupons!!! yayayayay! Good since I got stuff I'm running out of, more stuff I want to try, and I got paid yesterday. Recipe for greatness or disaster...you decide!

ALL I CAN TASTE IS VANILLA!!! It's all I san smell and taste and I'm not the biggest fan of vanilla. I like it, but this is tooooooo much.....not giving up on this.

Few minutes later: I don't smell or taste vanilla anymore and my lips are really nice. So maybe if I can just get past the first five minutes I'll be alright.



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