Jan. 10th, 2009

This is my friend Stephanie's pic (sorry the html is being a bitch), if you're awesome you will vote for her! :3 Thanks! (also a reminder for me to vote once a day) And if you're in the voting mood: Voting for Green Bay will be really cool since they donate cans to the local food pantry. Also once a day thing if you're interested.

Work was really slow. I spent most of my time reading Shattered Mirror by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes. I liked it...even though I spotted some mistakes in there. "Brothes" instead of Brother and "I" instead of "me" once. Still liked it, and hell it's better than what I could write so I can't judge. I'll read the next book tomorrow so I can give them back to Kayla when she returns from her amazing trip to London/Dublin...where ever she is now. One of the two cities anyway.

But I did have to call UPS Canada twice and regular UPS not at all. Pam was especially AWESOME and I was ready to call the customer back with the AMAZING news and I had to lmom (leave message on machine) it. As a customer service individual, I LOVE hearing two words: thank you (especially when I had to do a lot of work for them. Not being polite makes me less inclined to do more work for people. Write that down and suck it.

I also got conned by some Alabama woman. She said that she needed compensation for the unnecessary drive to the store she had to take. I offered her a gift card. She asked how much (ugh greedy mcgreederson) $10. Wasn't enough. Asked what she was expecting. $35!! Nevertheless, I had to relay the request to a sup, who granted it. Whatever. I later googled the two cities, and they aren't even 20 miles apart. Bitch. Unless she drives a tank, she didn't need $35.

I also emailed Lush cust serv, and they are behind schedule due to the amount of orders and bad weather conditions=not everyone getting to the factory to fix stuff. They also are going to upgrade my shipping so it still arrives in the timeframe promised. Yay lush! :3 I love them.

Also: found the song at the end of Ugly Betty. It's La Ritournelle by Sébastien Tellier if anyone is interested, because I know it was driving ME crazy at least!



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