In other news, I stayed at the party for three hours. It was mostly attended by students, then people who worked there. I did meet a new friend named Max who is five years old. At first, he called me 'girl' as in "hey girl come over here!" but then because I am SO AMAZINGLY AWESOME, I was promoted to a 'green goblin.' He designed costumes for us on a whiteboard and showed me his office and two of his secret labs. Pretty cool kid! His mom was worried that I was annoyed, but I didn't mind. There weren't any other kids his age to play with.

I then went over to take care of Piranha and Penny Lane, two dogs I'm taking care of this weekend. Well, I took them outside to go potty, then immediately after bringing them inside, Penny Lane (the puppy) followed me into the spare bedroom and peed all over my bed. So that was fun! Not.

 :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
 GO VOTE!!!!

I just back from voting about 20 minutes ago and ended up waiting 30 minutes in line to get my ballot.  But don't let that discourage you!  The old ladies just had the worst system ever to hand out ballots....because it took THREE PEOPLE.

Pleeeeeeeease go and vote.  Pretend you're a dead person if you have to.  Name? "Ethel Gladys VanSusternson?"  "WOW ETHEL!! You look 40-50 years younger!"

Basically, I just want to fast forward to tonight already.
Meme from [ profile] kalina_blue

Choose one - three of your favourite bands.
Give a your f-list a short introduction and present them with at least one song of each band.
The only restriction is: The bands have to be from your home country/state (to make things more difficult for Americans)

Yay people from Wisconsin...wait. Things relevant in popular culture generally aren't known for coming from Wisconsin, but whatever.
1. Garbage formed in Madison, WI

2. Sorry can't think of any other band. I probably do have a few, but my brain doesn't want to think of another. Maybe later. I'm sure [ profile] ____claire has a lot more anyway and will probably have a list of 100+ of people I should know of.

Anyway, I finished the painting, didn't do laundry, watched Ratatouille, and I have to get my homework done. heck yes. I also didn't call for a hot spot since I'm busy. I should find food again. We've also been getting a lot of phone calls from campaigns today. I'm just ignoring them. If it turns out to be someone important, they'll leave a message anyway. Oh how I love being in a swing state (that John McCain didn't give up already)!! Super fun!
I'll be leaving for the McCain/Palin rally soon. I'll be updating with my thoughts to my twitter.
But in other news, today has been pleasantly weird.

Obama needs to come back. I don't even have to be near the front again or shake his hand or anything. Come baaaack!

Here's to not getting tazed!
Barack the vote!  Obama-rama!  whatever!   Yay!  First: I had an amazing spot.  Second row center.
Best part?  I shook his hand!!!

haha yes!  The closest I've ever been to anyone important.  Julia told him he was amazing and he looked her right in the eye and thanked her then leaned over her to shake my hand.  He also has really soft hands.  I'm jealous that he's keeping his hands moisturized in the awful dry weather.

More pictures (18 total) are here at my facebook.  They aren't the greatest, but hey.  It's Barack Obama.

Funny thing, it seemed that a lot of the security people were watching me..or the area I was in.  I made direct eye contact with a few.  I think it was because of the annoying girl next to me who wouldn't stand still and kept talking (even during the speech) and luckily she didn't get her hand shook.  ha...she was annoying.  She then hung out in the coffee place we went to after where Julia was working until 10:00 then we left at 10:30.

Overall, not a bad day.  Even though I stood outside in the extreme cold for 45 minutes waiting to get inside.

OH, and Obama ate at one of my favorite local restaurants: Kroll's East.  It's amazing.  And a Rhapsody tradition!  Yum!  It's classic old school diner food.  Famous for their chili and butter burgers.  And well malts and shakes.  Well that's all I eat there.



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