So the last moments of SQL lab time were winding down and I was frantically trying to finish my homework. (I didn't get done but that's not the point) Then I realized, yes! I get to go home to the best tv night ever! That's right friends, How I Met Your Mother and Heroes!

They did not disappoint. Tonight's HIMYM embodied everything that I love about this show all into one glorious episode. Season 4 ROCKS guys! I LOVE THIS SHOW SO MUCH!!! Seriously, if you're not come? It's legen-wait for it -dary!

Then Heroes comes along and tells me in oh so many words that this volume is going to be awesome.

I love Monday's tv line up. I'm in class when they're on, I have them set up to record. I get home, eat and watch my shows with no commercials. How cool is that? I may complain about my class schedule and how long it is and how much I dislike SQL, but this makes up for it in the end.
The reason I over slept today is because my alarm clock woke me up much earlier and I just decided to press snooze, but I turned it off. So instead of sleeping for 10 more minutes, I slept for two and a half more hours. Yeah. Oh well, I got here on time.

I also just noticed two errors with my website review project for school. I'm far too lazy to set up Dreamweaver on this computer though. Luckily it's a two second fix so spending five minutes to set this computer up is not exciting to me. I might just ignore one of the errors too.

I don't want to go to class! I want to go home, take a shower, eat some yummy food, and get ready to watch Heroes. Please? Please? I don't want to go to SQL.

Lastly, there's this guy on the other side of the computer lab who I recognize, but I don't know where from. I hope he doesn't know me or comes over to talk to me. And for the inevitable question: no he's not cute. Where do I know him from?

Weirdly, there's a fish tank in the lab full of water and rocks and plastic plants and stuff, but no fish. There's even fish food on the top of the tank! Weird world.

I just finished watching Heroes...and OMG! HEROES FTW!!!!!

I'm not the hugest fan of Peter, but hey. Hiro is the most adorkable thing ever. Ohhhh man. So much love with this show.

Now I'm starting to watch Ugly Betty. I saw clips of it before, but it was hard when I got back from class ten minutes into it and then the office was at 7:30. oh well, I'm watching it now.

YAY! It's raining now! Sa-wheet!
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Doctor Who preview for next week:
Doctor Don't blink.
Me: *blink* what?
Doctor Blink and you're dead.
Me: huh...I lasted long
DON'T turn your back, DON'T look away, and DON'T blink. Good luck!

I then blinked about five times during the preview.

Yep, if EVER I were to be a character on Doctor Who, that would be me, and I would die within five seconds of meeting the Doctor. Oh wellz

I'm still thinking of what I thought about that last arc. Good.....bad....whatever. Meh. Upon thinking about it, I actually liked the arc when Martha wasn't all "whine! he doesn't love me!!!1!shift!11one"
somewhat spoiler )

I'm almost done watching Heroes. I only have two episodes to go, and I'm LOVING it so much. OMG!AMAZING!



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