So I was on UWEC's page on facebook, and a recent note someone posted compared life at UWEC with life at Hogwarts.  I read through the comments and the were trying to put the different dorms into houses.  (Murray=Ravenclaw, Bridgman=Griffindor, Putman=Hufflepuff) and someone said that Oak Ridge (my dorm for next year) is Slytherin.

HA!  FOR THE WINZ!!  Actually, I'm thinking that I was crazy when i signed up for dorms.  Why did I pick Oakridge?  Whenever I tell anyone that I'm going to be in Oak Ridge, they're suprized that I signed up willingly.  Oh wellz.  I was crazy woaaaaaah.

I have to get my laundry soon.  But there's a good laundry story today!  So it costs $1.75 a load, and I thought I barely had enough money on my card to cover two loads of laundry.  I WAS WRONG.  Yeah I was 50 cents too short so I had to run up to my room, grab $10, run over to the machine to put said $10 on my card, and then run back down to the laundry room hoping that no one stole my almost empty laundry detergent.  It's good stuff and really girly hee!

I also have to go down to the library at 2:00 for this group assignment thing...but I don't know where in the library we are meeting.  I can see myself being all lost and confused already.  Hurray!


Apr. 20th, 2007 12:04 am
While randomly looking up vids on youtube, I found a video of some girls walking up the hill.  It shows how bad it is....


I sleep soon...ish.
Me: Chemistry sucks...blah blah blah blah.....I wish I didn't throw away my old chem notes/could remember how Mr. Arts taught me this.
Kayla: I have my old chem notebook in my room if you want to borrow it
Me: OMG!YES!  I love you!

So I'm currently paging through Kayla's old chem notebook looking for things I need to know for my midterm on thursday.  Hopefully there's a periodic table in there too.....I have yet to get a good periodic table.

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Seriously, this guy and his fake being angry and what not reminds me of Mr. Thompson...he even looks a bit like him.  His real persona is quite the opposite of Thompson though.

Last day of "real class" is tomorrow.  Excited/nervous about that.  And, I got a B/C on my research paper of doom, so I can STOP worrying about it now.  And I did fine on it.  Now I can take this one class that you need a C in English 110 or better.  Whoo!  That's over and done with! :)
I can't believe that I'm passing astronomy. No wai! Although a D+ isn't exactly the greatest grade ever and I need to bring it up so I'll have a good GPA so I can study abroad. I can't believe that my whole fate of going to Scotland/England depends on me getting a good grade in astronomy. I'm not used to having to worry about failing, but this class is crazy hard....well for me it is. GAH!

Things I need to do:
constalaton activity (if it is ever not cloudy here before Monday night....otherwise I'll have to BS it)
Make up activity
Big Bang essay (EXTRA CREDIT!YAY!)
Popular astronomy topic essay

meanwhile I need to keep up on my other classes and make sure I can register for classes I need/want

my parents are going to the Packer game tomorrow and that's lame xcore. I would so go. Seriously. And no desperate housewives tomorrow, but at least I get some hott Captain Jack action in Torchwood, but I won't be able to watch it until like....12:00 as always.



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