I was SO CLOSE to finishing my college education without taking out a loan by both a college fund, not spending any money if I can help it, and my part time jobs over the years. That is until now.


Funny because I need a lot of money very quickly.

1. $250 due for deposit on Thailand study abroad trip I really want to go on but my parents are dead set against me going on
2. $120 for passport
3. $350 for credit card bill that includes the doctor who dvds I bought, christmas presents, and about three tanks of gas (and other misc things)
4. $1700 for tuition (something like that)
5. I'm guessing $150 on books.
6. Somewhere around $2000-3200 for Thailand.

This is going to be so fun! I currently have about $400 so I'm going to have some fun figuring out everything. #1 has to be done asap, #2 asap and I guess I'll just pay as much as I can on #3 since my next bill will be small and I'll be able to cover it. As for #4 and #5, I don't need those for a month. And #6, they haven't figured out the price yet and I'll have time to figure that out.

Game plan: Ask for help from friends and family. I'm sure people I know will be willing to help me. I'm also going to ask around for some odd jobs I can do for people. Also, I'm planning on sticking around at CVS longer than I thought. I'll prob just work the weekends, but better than nothing. I'll also get an internship during next semester that will be (hopefully) a paid one, so I can have TWO jobs. I really don't want to take out a loan, but I can do that if it comes absolutely necessary.

I need to take a shower, get my passport photo taken, turn in the forms, pay my deposit and sweat out the rest of my money. OH AND GO TO THE BANK FIRST! I have to deposit money into my account otherwise my checks will bounce! THAT IS IMPORTANT!!!

So if anyone else has any ideas on how I can pay for everything, let me know.

Also, my parents don't know that I'm putting a deposit down on my Thailand trip or applying for a passport. Whenever I bring it up, they just talk about how dangerous Thailand is and how I don't have money. And for the record, I really should have a passport and the trip money is refundable. Which means if I don't come up with the rest of the money, I'll get my deposit back.
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