Seriously, I have nothing to do anymore.

I miss Kayla so much. She left a little less than a month ago, and I've only gone out with someone once since then. ONCE. I've been spending all of my time in one of the three following ways.
1. School
2. Work
3. Doing random internetting and watching tv

I'm so sad and lonely. I miss hanging out with her. The only thing that really kept me going was the thought that I would visit her in September. Well, it's now September. I really hate saying this, but the chances of me going to Chicago in the near future are slim. I was going to tag along with Kayla's mom, but the trip down there has been pushed back until October (if at all).

I'm looking at greyhound and amtrak costs to go down there. For the same dates, Amtrak costs $90 and Greyhound $78.50. You might be saying, "Hey Natalie, you have a car. Why not drive down there yourself?"

OH HELL NO!!!!!! I am not driving down there myself for many reasons. 1. I'll get incredibly lost. 2. I'll get really freaked driving there myself. 3. ZOMG TRAFFIC and 4. I would probably get in an accident and die.

I'm not a bad driver, but I don't handle traffic very well and I would definitely need a copilot to help me drive down there.

Anyway, Kayla is missing me as much as I'm missing her. She asked me to "be totally awesome and send [Kayla] another mix please please please!!!! [I] have fun addicting music!" So I did it. 72 songs made of awesome. I'm listening it right now and really like it. I deleted a few songs since they didn't fit very well. I'll go through it again (and probably remove a few more songs), burn it on some disks, and mail it down to Chicago where it can be awesome and loved by Kayla and Thom.


eta: just got my order from Lush! Yay! Although most of my things were either melty or really warm. Henna, soaps, and buffy were melty, lotions and moisturizer were unpleasantly warm. Stuck those in the freezer to cool off. Flying Fox and shampoo bars are fine though. I also discovered that I like the Lush's vanilla smell. I either love or hate vanilla smelled things, and I love their vanilla. Glad I decided to do the summer lotion sale thing! (now my bank acct will be sad as I buy more vanilla things)



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