One of these days I'll create a LJ layout for myself, but until then, I'll be taking other people's pretty layouts.
Let's see how long this one will last. At least I still made a profile layout today!! Yay tables. (still took me longer than it should've)

Oh LJ! How you make me feel like my hours at school are for naught, I still can't make a LJ layout.
and I still don't know how to use Photoshop. At least Dreamweaver is this semester.

DUDE! I need to get a desktop soon, that Adobe software pack soon, and try not to spend every penny I get on Lush. I made a list the other day, and it's like $200 worth of stuff, and it's not including the stuff I ordered a week ago (and still hasn't shipped yet! eek!) I know they must be extremely busy with their after Christmas sale, but I want my stuff!

Oh, I didn't tell you what I spent the time between the two posts doing: going through my grandpa's boxes and boxes and bags and envelopes of state quarters and putting them into books. Even though there's over $100 in quarters, there still isn't enough to complete a book. My fingers hurt now because the slots for the quarters are smaller than the quarters so it takes a lot of pushing to make them fit. Also my thumb has a metallic shine to it. lulz.

I'm also tired, but my brother's friends (well Simon too) are here and are loud. I don't know why I'm tired, but I've been eating a lot today too. Ugh.
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