Dear Student,
We regret to inform you that the class you enrolled in, as outlined below, has been cancelled.

Seriously??? I get this email the day after I buy my books. SERIOUSLY? I got one of these emails a few weeks ago, but it was followed immediately by a "oops, disregard that email" a few minutes later. The same class too. And the alternate classes they suggest don't work with my schedule. Bastards.

Anyway, today I found my sample of henna I requested many months ago, and I decided to do a strand test. I got some hair from some brushes and mixed up a batch of henna. Mmm hay smell. It's a little watery than it should be, I didn't let the dye release long enough, and it's sort of old, but that shouldn't be a huge problem. It's an experiment anyway. If I like how it turns out, I'll consider buying Caca Rouge or Caca Marron or some grams of pure henna from the site I got the free sample from.

I have no idea what color it's going to be. From a distance, it's quite dark. Sort of up close it's a little lighter. Individual strands are surprisingly light and are sort of red. SO CURIOUS!! BE DONE HENNA!

Either way, I won't do anything now (besides Lush is out of stock) because I hate my hair now. It's a stupid length and blerg. It's just taking too long to grow. I think I'll like the length come February though. Maybe I should pay the money to get it trimmed.

Getting back to the henna, it's sitting in cling wrap by a heat vent keeping warm so the dyes will be released. I also added some lemon juice, paprika, and camomile tea to encourage it. It's been soaking for three hours, so another three hours to go! Hurray! I'll post pics when it's done! Yes!

You know, doing henna would be a fantastic excuse to sit around and watch all million hours of Pride and Prejudice. Maui, loves it!
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