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I have a 7:30 AM class. The mood of the class depends on how well the Packers played the day before. Tomorrow isn't going to be a good morning. (WTF NFL!) We all (teacher included) usually need an hour or so to start working though. (SO EARLY!)

I know I'm genetically inclined to be a night person, and that means I live for my weekends baby!

(Also, this question is too overloaded with side questions. I could write an essay on this topic let alone a quick LJ entry!)
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And it would go "bye bye" so fast too. I need a good stock of lotions for the winter (since they work really really really well and my hands always are ridiculously dry in the winter unlike President Obama who has really soft hands) Also, during the fall and winter, I take a lot of hot baths because they are so nice. Bath bombs make everything better!!!

I wouldn't say no to a B&N gift card either. Or Maurice's.

There, covered my basics: nice smelly things, books and media, and awesome clothes.

I don't mean to sound like a girl but....I just broke a nail on my keyboard. Damn technology is sexist! All the cool things require short nails! Natalie: 0 Technology: 1
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Not sure if this was my favorite or not, but I wanted one of these soooooo bad.

Barbie Lambo! ahaha! We had a Power Wheel's Jeep that my brother got. He didn't know how to drive it very well. Well, he didn't know how to brake so he always crashed it into trees/cars/house to stop it. Yes.
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I debated all day whether or not to reply.

*points to icon*

Good night.
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Pandora is awesome. I've been using it for years
[Error: unknown template qotd]Pretty positive last time I did that, was spring semester 2007.  I was watching a marathon of Queer as Folk and feeling depressed about stuff.  ie failing college.

I stayed up until dawn then I heard alarms going off, people getting up, walking through the halls.  I felt stupid for wasting my time, went to sleep, woke up and watched What Not To Wear.  It was a really pathetic semester I have to say in retrospect.

I stay up late (since it's past 2AM here), but I don't really see the point of all-nighers.
I actually need to go to sleep since I have to be somewhere at noon.
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No, there aren't many that do. Although when Darcie was trying to find me on facebook, I was actually on page two of the search results! But some of the other Natalie's snagged the gmail account that is firstname.lastname and firstlast and first.mi.last so go figure!

Almost done with my final project for website design. I'll show you it when I'm done since it's based on my NYC trip. Killing two birds with one stone there! See? Nice right?
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This One.

I heard a varient at least 10 (closer to 15) years ago and it creeped me out so much. Ultimate scary campfire story hands down. Last time this story was brought up in the group of friends, they still SWEAR it was true and that it was a story on the radio down in Chicago.

I really need to sleep but I'm not tired. Fantastic.
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"I know it's not your fault BUT...."
followed by a huge angry yelling tirade directed at you.

Anyway, a year ago was my first day at work so that's exciting. I also need to buy something for my dad's birthday. Not sure what though. I think I'll head over to Target and look around there. At least buy a card there.

A few weeks ago he won a party from a local restaurant/bar because they drew his business card out of the fish bowl. He's having a party tonight and I'm invited to go...not sure since I wouldn't really know anyone since they're all my dad's friends. Maybe...I don't know.

I'm not going to school today like I said I was. Twitpic just ate the photo I was going to share with you. Basically it's what I'm doing for my final project.

I love this movie.
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First song that popped into my head was "It's My Life" by Bon Jovi. I think I would shoot myself in the face first.....squashed by a train.....walk slowly into the ocean.....
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1. Who shot Kennedy. REALLY.
2. ALIENS. Roswell and Area 51.
3. Did Stalin keep Hitler as a pet? (old APUSH joke)

Copy to external hard drive and RUUUUUUUUUUN!
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Easy, Shawn Spencer (and Gus!)

How do I not have a Psych icon? Woez.
calenfenwen: (Chosen One)
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Because no one gets it. Alright. I was 16 years old, sophomore in high school and The Two Towers was just released a few months prior and I was totally a huge fangirl (previously that year a friend and I were locked into a race to see who could finish the trilogy the fastest. She won only because she was dumped at her grandma's for the weekend and had nothing to do.)

Whatever. I was a huge LOTR fan, at the time LJ was a big thing to do with a bunch of my high school friends (not so much now) and I did some "what is your elven name" quiz and Calenfenwen was my result and I have been using that name ever since (because it's guaranteed not to be taken. If you start using it I'll hunt you down. I don't want to come up with a new sn!)

And yeah that's it! My username and how many people can't spell it. I also should watch LOTR again. It's also sad this is my only LOTR related icon. I also (until now) don't have a LOTR tag. Sad sad sad.

Now, I'm watching Drew Carey slowly losing his soul on Price is Right.
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No. It's a day of the week + a number. Next question.

Going to my super long shift at work now. Why did I think this was a good idea a week ago? *curses Megan for convincing me to sign up for the hours*
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But I think you knew that.

My schedule fits it so well. The earliest I normally have to be out the door is 9:50AM which is easy. Especially since I can eat 'breakfast' at work. Other days are fine...even though I still have to have an alarm set for my class that starts at 12:00. Yikes.

I'm so squeeing over my adobe software like you wouldn't believe. I didn't even download it yet! I'm going to investigate if I even can download it to Posh Tosh. She can be a bitch sometimes, but I luv her. don't tell her I'm replacing her in a few months but she'll remain my browsing the interwebz while watching tv/whatever lappy!

Also hopefully I'll be seeing Coraline in 3D in 2.5 hours if Kayla and I play our cards right. Wish us luck! We demand it!

*goes back to JavaScript....fine.*
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1. *points to icon*
2. Figwit!

I spent most of today randomly googling things and trying to help my friend find bridesmaid dresses that will look good with the idea of her bridal gown. Basically, all of the other bridesmaids have normal and proportionate figures and mine is weird so I get to be the one trying on all of these dresses. Bonus: She's going to Chicago to look for dresses and I'm going along! Sweeeeeeeeet.

I also just realized how poor I am. I'm not poor poor, but I just have a lot of stuff to buy before I graduate and somehow do fun things, buy ridiculous things (and gas) and save up money for this trip to New York that my pen pal wants me to do.

Maybe I should do some homework....maybe.

Last night I woke up and was like "ZOMG LOST" because I had a huge bloody nose and I thought my brain was going through bad time travel jet lag, but it wasn't because that's not real.....or is it?
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*knocks on wood!!!!*

Anyway, I did my last minute Christmas shopping and I'm quite proud of myself! I was going to get the Christmas Jones Soda pack, but they were sold out (or never carried them to begin with...whatever. I just grabbed a pack of Jones soda and some yummy luxury treats, some French cookies and some chocolate stick things. Not sure what they are anymore since I already wrapped them.

BUT OH GOODNESS. It took FOREVER (seriously) to get out of Target's parking lot since one girl in queue would not pull out even though she had soooo many opportunities. Finally she just made the easy left instead of right. Mere seconds later I made the same left turn that the girl found so difficult. Some people!

Best White Elephant/Yankee Swap/Whatever this game is called present ever. I also grabbed an extra case for myself....just because. So I could end up with two cases of Jones if I play my cards right. Mmmm Jones soda.... I haven't had one for a loooooong time and I'm loving the one I'm drinking now. So worth it!!!

Oh man, it's almost gone! My Jones joy has caused me to drink it with glee! Oh well, I still love it so much.
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That's what she said.
[Error: unknown template qotd]Eh! bzuh!! eh eh! Ok alright, I'll do it! No way is this ranked at all. I'll probably want to make changes to this within days or hours or minutes after posting this, but whatever. I'll do it.
  • Ziggy Stardust -- David Bowie
  • White Album -- The Beatles
  • Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends -- Coldplay
  • Want Two -- Rufus Wainwright
  • Abbey Road -- The Beatles
  • Across The Universe -- movie soundtrack
  • Goodbye Yellow Brick Road -- Elton John
  • Illinoise -- Sufjan Stevens
  • Life In Cartoon Motion -- Mika
  • Les Misérables -- Original Cast Recording

This is cruel you know that???? Cruel! I hate this so much!!!
Why I did what I did: A wide varity needed, so I won't go insane if this is all I can listen to forever. I probably would give you different results tomorrow if I did it then.



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