Wow today.

Dec. 10th, 2009 09:29 pm
Today was full of crazy sauce.

1. Accidently overslept. I didn't have anywhere to be but I had a lot of stuff to get done.

I had my final project for Photoshop due today, and I had to make two new projects for it since I didn't have enough. Whatever, that's done and overwith. *whew!*

2. OMG, I HATE WINTER DRIVING!!! Usually it isn't bad, but OMG IT IS HORRIBLE!!! My car is a Southern Belle and doesn't take to winter well. After a few weeks of cold weather and snow, she's good, but until then....not so much. Actually, the heater is never good! lol! My commute to school usually takes 15-20 minutes depending on traffic, but today.......50 minutes. AORUSLFJSLF I spent a lot of my commute going 5 MPH or less since there was so much ice everywhere. A lot of spinning and fishtailing was everyone not just me. Stressful driving....yay!

Plus it's ridiculously cold.

3. We had an hour delay with our presentations for photoshop. Apparently when my teacher says that we will present first thing, people took that to mean "We'll have an hour to work on our stuff before presenting." It was weird since my half of the room was all done with their stuff but not the other side. I just chilled on facebook/reading Alice fic waiting to present.

4. When we I present, my teacher asked after I was done if I put in text description anywhere in my portolio. I said I did but took it out since I thought it looked too tacky and was unnecessary. She gave me a weird look when I was walking back to my seat. WTF? It wasn't required!! I didn't like how it looked!! Whatever.

Alice has officially taken over my life. I just downloaded 10,000 screen caps. Yes, TEN THOUSAND. I'm already having fun.
Got my employee order today. Well over $200 worth of stuff and about $125 was mine. I bought two pairs of Nike Shox. They are the same shoes, I just ordered two of them so that when my first pair gets worn out, I'll have a second pair of shoes. Now for those not in the know, shox run over $100 a piece. I got two for $125.

So I just tried them on now, and boy are they ever worth $100! They are amazing! I feel so light and springy! I see why people like them so much. I think I'll survive having last years model of Shox. They are also Nike Plus technology so if I want, I can get the accessories and learn exactly how well I run and junk. It's actually an impressive bit of technology, but it goes to waste on someone like me who hardly ever runs.

Well, if I'm ever to become a companion of the Doctor, I better start learning to appreciate running now!!

Lastly, so hot. So very hot. Today was over 90° outside which was pure hell. Ughsajoajsfk....Plus humidity? JSAOFIJAWOIJFA!!!!! We have the air conditioning running and I would still call it "uncomfortably warm" in my room. But like the guy on the radio said, "people should stop complaining that it's so hot! It's our one week of summer, it will be winter soon before you know it."

Note to self: Finish Packers Pro Shop application in morning when more alert and can remember old boss's names and what base pay was at said jobs. I was filling it out before going to work today, then after I was too lazy and couldn't be bothered to do it. (see above: Tiiiiiiired and hoooooooooot)
Don't you like how the people look young except for the 50+ guy?

I really don't have anything else to say. At 54.1 seconds in my video so that's awesome.
I'm thirsty but forgot my water bottle at home. Also drove with the windows down since it's above 50 and it's so beautiful outside. I can see GRASS in many patches in my yard. Exciting? Oh yes.
Dear Pussycat Dolls,

Please go away and/or die. Your songs are crap and you shouldn't rip off Jai Ho like that. Get an original idea. No, just go away, you don't have any friends. And you're all skank dragons.

ex oh,

The storm wasn't as bad as they said it was, but there was THUNDER SNOW which was flippin awesome to see. Lightning and thunder during a snow storm is too awesome. I didn't go to class since the roads looked like crap. Moms would be 5 minute drive home from work was more like 10+ and dad's 20 minute drive was more like 45. My class starts at 5:00 and apparently all classes that started after 5:30 were canceled so I don't believe many people showed up since it's super rare to have a class starting on the hour at my school. All in all, I'm guessing 5 inches of snow. The storm slid to our south when the forecast said it would be on top of us (that's what she said) all night, so that's several hours of storm we didn't get! yay! No nine inches of snow! The roads may be back to normal tomorrow!

Lulz note, my brother's school friend is supposed to be flying out of the Green Bay airport to Texas tonight. I wonder if he got here or not because this storm was originally bad ass.

At times the snow was falling an inch an hour and it was actually really dangerous outside. I emailed Diana saying I wouldn't be in class but I didn't hear anything back yet. I'll probably go to school tomorrow to work on homework and stuff since I haven't done so yet. I'm kind of behind in SQL and I still suck ass at JavaScript, but I can do that at home. That's a Sunday project there, flippin JavaScript.

I'm tired before midnight, that's odd...or ood as I almost typed. Is there a start date for Top Gear and/or Torchwood and/or Doctor Who special yet? Just wondering.

Lastly, did anyone else think the Top Chef finale was pure crap? UGH COME ON! *Winner's name* Seriously? NO. I refuse. It's like season 2 all over again where Marcel got robbed. But at least Marcel was in the episode and made a lulz worthy comment: "you want to take a piece of fresh fish, freeze it, then shave it? Whatever not my problem." or something like that and I agree, stupid idea and technique. It's basically putting a fish stick in a blender. MMmmmmm Nummy.

Last thing I swear: I officially became one of the family to Kayla's dog since he 1. didn't attack me when I first entered the house, 2. accompanied me to the couch where he 3. Licked my entire face (and every crevice) then rubbed his body on it. It was great fun especially since I've never had a mammal pet so it was a weird situation.
So I'm picking up extra hours. I got some four hours for Sunday night and I picked up an extra SEVEN for Friday afternoon. That's right friends, I get to work at 12 shift ends at 7, my shift starts at 8 and ends at 12. MEANING, 11 hours of work on one day. Why did Megan convince me to do that?
She also has me writing a sequel to Breaking Dawn. Lulz. If you want it, I might post it here.

Anyway: yesterday I had training for stupid InStore Customer Service, aka the sixth level of hell. Basically it's the complaint line. NO. I REFUSE. It's the line where people complain that the store associate was mean and gave them the stink eye and they're going to sue Foot Locker because of it. NO GUYS NO!!!!


But bright side: it's above freezing outside. I know, I'm confused too. I like watching the snow melting. GO AWAY. Although, there's going to be so much ice when it drops below freezing again...only to melt when it goes above freezing again. YAY! This week is going to have happy temperatures!

Oh crap, just realized I have a dentist appointment in the morning on Friday. I'm going through hell on Friday, dentist, work, more work and work! Whyyyyy am I dumb like that?
Well, it's -12 F outside (according to our thermometer anyway) and my class isn't canceled. Oh well. Whatever. I didn't think it would, but it's still hard to go to class due to the weather and that just about everyone else is closed for the day.

I did manage to watch half of Moulin Rouge! and last night I got a rough outline of my drabble. I'll write it tonight or tomorrow then edit it (yaaaaaay) then post it. Prepare to be wowed....or something. Maybe? I don't know.

Also apparently the producers of my secret song (for my drabble) have complained to youtube and now their videos of their songs no longer have sound. The videos are still up but have no music due to copyright. I love how they don't care that the official vid is up. Why are they trying to force me to download the song properly??!?

I'll just let the genius of McLars handle this shit.

Going to school soon. That's super exciting!!!!! yeah!!!
but, because of the weather just about everything is closed for tomorrow. Mom doesn't have work and all of the school districts in the area are canceled? Yes, some local colleges are canceled. Mine? NO!!! Of course. I still have a chance that my class will just be canceled just because the teacher says so, but I don't want to go!!!!

All of the schools that NEVER EVER cancel are canceled. City schools almost never close and they're already canceled for tomorrow. Nope, it just ran through the schools again and mine still isn't on the list.

Rewatched the Lost finale tonight which is awesome.....yep. Can't wait for next week.

I need to think about my [ profile] dramione_ldws prompt. I may have to rewatch Moulin Rouge! because I have an idea going on involving Moulin Rouge! + secret song I'm listening to + a quote that could be awesome galore. Huzzah! Now I need to find my DVD copy....
Although I'm kind of hesitant about this round.

Please go away arctic wind blast? I'll give you a cookie? but you can stay if it means my class gets canceled tomorrow!....because I'm lazy and I like to stay warm!)

ETA: I just got this through AIM. I don't know this person but just about anyone can get anyone's SN. It's really bad but also really wtf? Cut so you don't have to read it if you don't want to.

WTF creepy and gross AIM user? )

I just finished watching Heroes...and OMG! HEROES FTW!!!!!

I'm not the hugest fan of Peter, but hey. Hiro is the most adorkable thing ever. Ohhhh man. So much love with this show.

Now I'm starting to watch Ugly Betty. I saw clips of it before, but it was hard when I got back from class ten minutes into it and then the office was at 7:30. oh well, I'm watching it now.

YAY! It's raining now! Sa-wheet!
I've uploaded some pictues of the weather, Monona Grove, and the APUSH Field Trip Friday to the bomb shelter under school. Follow the cut! )

I'm soooooooooo bored.  There isn't much to do.  I'll get some more pictures up sometime soon.  I got some turkey day pics, ugly man pics, and some pictures from the last Packer game.



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