Tried to download a copy of dreamweaver so I wouldn't have to go to school because quite honestly, I don't want to go. I would so rather sit here in my pajamas doing my homework rather than get dressed, go out in the cold, drive to school, find a parking space, hope the computer that I applied my settings on Dreamweaver is open (if not spend the 5 or so minutes doing that) do my homework, ignore Jon (who I know is going to be there, I bet you), drive home.

Doesn't sit here, do homework in pajamas while eating random food/doing things sound better? Grr...I want to have an iMac now. Pleeeeeeeeeeeease?

Okay fine. I'll get ready to go to school even though it give me little pleasure.

Most awesome news from today: I didn't get any points marked off for being late with my JavaScript homework but Bob said that next time he would take points off. Consider your message understood sir!

Ugly Betty yesterday: I thought it was super awesome that out of all the basketball teams (or teams in general) that cute!sports guy showed Betty the flippin Pistons. YAY PISTONS! I love them even though they're playing for crap this season. (I blame the trade of Chauncy Billups)
Maybe all the teams I'm a fan of are going to suck this season....I still have hope in the Brew Crew and Red Wings though....don't disappoint me!

If so, I would like to know so I can get it because SO MUCH LOVE!!!!!!!

Didn't do a lot today.  But yesterday Simon and I were playing Quidditch on the gamecube and I was totally awesome.  It's a fun game.  Best quote was Brittany and it was something along the lines of "don't let Draco win!!!" because he was Griffindor and I was Slytherin and it was snitch chasing time.  (I won)  *grin*

I'm AWESOME at that game....because that's all I did second half of spring 2007 quidditch.  I'm trying to unlock all the quidditch cards, but my skills as a beater are holding me back.  I can beat the team record, but can't beat the school record.  There has been much yelling and swearing.  I've unlocked everything else at Hogwarts level and I'm a good beater during games, but I'm just not fast enough in the stupid trial.  I need to knock off 10 seconds of my fastest time.  SO FRUSTRATING!!!

Although it's fun beating everyone up playing the world cup.  I probably should be playing one skill level up to make it challenging, but I'd rather get quidditch cards at an easier level.

But we watched Dark Crystal and Labyrinth after we played some quidditch and Simon and I swear that Dark Crystal was a different movie when we were little (so much different now!!) and we kept quoting Labyrinth the whole time (and singing Dance Magic Dance a lot, especially the "You remind me of the babe"/"what babe" bit.  We did that aaaaaaaaaa lot and it was awesome.  Why does Bowie look sooo damn good in that movie?  

If you'll excuse me, I'm going to google some cheats on how to beat the stupid beater challenge...and be a big dork.

Two things:
1. PARIS HILTON IS BACK IN JAIL! Basically, read any news story about it. I'm not posting any quotes. But my heart is filled with mirth. Sweet mirth.

2. During an episode of Ugly Betty (can't remember the name) it was fashion week and not only was Tim Gunn there, (which is awesome) but I connected my mind with something only I can do. Well...yeah. During the "red carpet" type walk in with picture taking, I was wondering how David Bowie would handle it. Happy Bowie or Sad Bowie. Then they played "Fame" by David Bowie. HAHAHAHA!!!!!! MOST EXCELLENT!

I just finished watching Heroes...and OMG! HEROES FTW!!!!!

I'm not the hugest fan of Peter, but hey. Hiro is the most adorkable thing ever. Ohhhh man. So much love with this show.

Now I'm starting to watch Ugly Betty. I saw clips of it before, but it was hard when I got back from class ten minutes into it and then the office was at 7:30. oh well, I'm watching it now.

YAY! It's raining now! Sa-wheet!



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