Nov. 23rd, 2009 10:02 pm

Because this scene NEVER made sense to me.....EVER.

So yay!

Aug. 11th, 2009 12:19 am
Tonight I did some hanging out with Brittany and Simon, two friends from high school. It was mucho fun. I'm also really lazy right now so yeah. When I first got over to B's house, S and B were already watching who wants to be a millionaire. Then this dating in the dark show came on, and it was ridiculous but we couldn't stop watching. We then spent the next half hour debating what to do in GB at 9:30 at night. Aka, what was still open.

We went to B&N because we're awesome. We usually go just to look at stuff and spend a lot of time in the religion section looking over things and making jokes about our Catholic/Jewish/Lutheran backgrounds. It's just how we roll. All of us ended up buying things though. B bought this book on HP philosophy (I think?) and a new planner, S bought some crossword puzzles, and I bought a 'how to cheat in flash' book that looks cool and has some really interesting project ideas inside.
I also fretted for seriously 10 minutes at the store because I realized that adobe brought out two different flash cs4 books and I didn't know what one I was supposed to get and freaking that I bought the wrong one. Turns out I did buy the right one, so bonus points.

We also made fun of all of the Twilight merchandise in the store. [ profile] anthean, if my local store is anything like yours, then wow. I'm sorry you have to face all of that every day. That is some ridiculous shit. I mean Twilight is fun and everything, but that is just beyond crazy.

Next we went to a cafe and got some alcohol in us and split a piece of delicious pie called tres leches I believe. I think a migraine is coming on so I'm planning on looking up a recipe when my head feels less like exploding. Yeah, my eyes hate my computer screen and find this room too bright and my music is too loud at the softest volume level. Also it's like lasers are pointing out of my eyes. I already took medication for it about 40 ish minutes ago but it's still bothering me hardcore.

Anyway, at the cafe we talked about our lives and it quickly turned around to dating. Well that was fun for me since I've never dated anyone before so I had little input for the conversation. Also, my drink had more coffee flavor than I anticipated. I knew it was in there, I didn't think it would be as strong though.

Try not to laugh. I dare you.

I made my first Lush UK order today since it's a lot cheaper than the North American store. Apparently they are discontinuing Sonic Death Monkey (nooooooooooooo!!!!) and Sweet Japanese Girl (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO) among other things so I stocked up in case they don't go retro. Apparently English Countryside is on that list too and I couldn't find it online which is frightening. Sad face!

(Dreamwash, A. Sugar Scrub, Dark Angels, Karma soap, Chox Away, Greased Lightning, and Godmother were also ordered)

Overall, prices cheaper than NA, shipping cheaper than NA, and I've been told that it's faster. But I also heard that UK doesn't give out as many samples as NA does. I requested some, but who knows. Also the naked packaging can be hit and miss, so hopefully it will be safe and protected.

To do yet today:
Rip sound off Clue DVD
Go to school work on Flash stuff
Get LOST tonight, baby you can be my black Kate Moss tonight
1. Twilight story.
Woke up on Saturday because I heard someone walking through my room then close the door. Woke up and on the pillow next to me was a copy of Twilight with a post-it "To Natalie, From the Tooth Fairy." My dad went to Target and picked up stuff for the house and a copy of the BluRay for me. Really super nice of my dad, but I went to Target to exchange it for the 3 Disc DVD because we don't have BluRay. Dad only saw "Twilight" and grabbed it for me because he knew I liked it. YAY DAD! :D

2. Hanging with Kayla
We made Long Island Ice Teas, hot tubbed, went to Taco Bell, Amaretto Sours, shots of something sweet, Mario Kart drinking game while drinking Amaretto Sours, I ran out and took some of Kayla's whiskey and coke, shot of whiskey, and then we cut off since I had to drive home, but we danced a lot and watched Stardust while I sobered up. Also got my nails done. Super fun girls night.

3. ZOMG AMAZING!!!! I've been blabbering about this on every place I can think of. I finished framing my movie. Yeah, I started today at 136.7 seconds and finished at 214.2. Yeah, 77.5 seconds or over third of the video. That's amazing. Now tomorrow I'll add the sound to the video and attempt to convert it to mp4 or whatever it's supposed to be in.

4. Hair cut will be Wednesday.
This is the picture. I think it's super cute and so does Kayla's family.

They say I can pull it off and I trust Kayla's mom so much on stuff like that, probably more than my mom actually.

5. I need to get to other homework since I have a crap load to do. Apparently spring break is over.....sad.
So I'm picking up extra hours. I got some four hours for Sunday night and I picked up an extra SEVEN for Friday afternoon. That's right friends, I get to work at 12 shift ends at 7, my shift starts at 8 and ends at 12. MEANING, 11 hours of work on one day. Why did Megan convince me to do that?
She also has me writing a sequel to Breaking Dawn. Lulz. If you want it, I might post it here.

Anyway: yesterday I had training for stupid InStore Customer Service, aka the sixth level of hell. Basically it's the complaint line. NO. I REFUSE. It's the line where people complain that the store associate was mean and gave them the stink eye and they're going to sue Foot Locker because of it. NO GUYS NO!!!!


But bright side: it's above freezing outside. I know, I'm confused too. I like watching the snow melting. GO AWAY. Although, there's going to be so much ice when it drops below freezing again...only to melt when it goes above freezing again. YAY! This week is going to have happy temperatures!

Oh crap, just realized I have a dentist appointment in the morning on Friday. I'm going through hell on Friday, dentist, work, more work and work! Whyyyyy am I dumb like that?
SO! Posh Tosh is acting up, so I'm on the parent's PC looking over books and trying to find the cheapest option. Yep. However, something frightening occurred:

As you can see, Twilight is taking over the world. It makes an unpleasent topic (databases) full of lulz in a non lulz world that is databases. It's also weird that my first reaction to "Dumbledore" was "Dumbledore is gay!!"

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go find more books. School's bookstore is super lame and only gave the last 3/4 numbers of the ISBN which makes it difficult to find the right book without having to buy it from the bookstore. I don't want to buy stuff there!!!!!! Too expensive!!!

...stupid books.

ETA:'s cheaper to buy the books at school (assuming I get all used books anyway).  Daaaaaaaaaaaaaang.  Still really expensive though, more than my last paycheck.
ETA2: Just kidding, I found some cheaper books.  I still need to buy one, but I don't need it until April so I'll worry about that then.  Also, if you are planning to use, there's a promo for $5 for new users: HOLIDAYBOOKS08 it expires at the end of the year though!!

ETA FTW: Sale at which is made of pure win.  When you buy ONE of their holiday items, they give you another for free!  Yes.....although a lot of their stuff is sold out/not on their website.  The day a Lush store is within 30 miles from my house will be trouble my friends....
I love online shopping!  So many deals!  Merry Christmas Natalie!!!


Jul. 30th, 2008 03:49 pm
SO! Posh Tosh is acting up again. :( I can't get the battery to all. Yesterday and the day before she was just acting temperamental, but now she refuses to charge at all. The battery is almost dead, and everything I try doesn't work. I'm going to have to put on real clothes (I'm wearing a summer dress that's a tad too small, but I just wear it around the house) and go to CCCP and see if there's anything they can do...because I NEED to get this to work. NEED.

This really sucks. I have to write my final paper for RED (and I have no clue what to do) and I have to put my stamp of approval on my website coding final page. There are some things I could change, but I don't know if it would be worth trying to fix it or not.

At least there's a new episode of Project Runway tonight. Slowly I start recognizing these people...sooooo many contestants!

I also need to clean up my floor space so Rachel can come over and work on that quilt. I didn't do that today either.

Also, while I was trying to sleep last night, I thought of something I couldn't get out of my mind. What does Edward (and other Cullens really) do when Bella (or any female) gets her period? Just wondering.



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