This is a nice piece on Children of Earth on facebook. VERY SPOILERY if you haven't watched it. I actually laughed out loud.

Job interview in less than two hours. Maybe I should think about getting ready. Eating would be a good start. So would getting out of pajamas.

Also found out that Eastbay will be closing at 4:00 next Friday which is why I wasn't scheduled for my normal 6-12 shift. I only got scheduled for Tuesday 4-12, but I managed to snag 12 more hours through people posting hours on the trade board. 20 hour work week! Awesome!

There is an employee sponsored party at a bar at 4:00 on Friday to say good bye. It's at a sports bar (really? We can't get away from the sports theme?) and I plan on drinking. I'm not familiar with the place, but from the flier that is around work, it sounds like they only have one special: Beer. I would prefer not!beer but what can I do?

Also this is probably my last post for a week as I am going out of town and won't be back until next Saturday afternoon.

*cries into pillow*
...but I didn't think my life really warranted spamming in detail or even putting in the effort to make an entry.

Basically: Boring life, telling you that I'm not dead yet.

Tomorrow my Aunt from Kentucky is arriving. I'm super excited for that. I'm just about done cleaning my room for when she comes. She sleeps in my bed and I sleep on a spare mattress on the floor. That's how it usually rolls for guests. They get my bed and I either sleep on a couch somewhere or on the floor.

Also, I've really been enjoying Children of Earth. I have no idea how this is going to turn out, but it is definitely keeping me on my toes. BEST SERIES YET!

While I was working on Monday, I was also reading one of the Torchwood books and my boss Jake saw the book and when I finished leaned over and asked, "SO! Did Team Torchwood solve the mystery?" I found it really funny. It seems less funny in black and white though.

Lastly, Tuesday at work, I was feeling hungry so I bought a bag of 50¢ chips at the vending machine. I put in exact change and when my chips fell, I also heard some coins in the change area. Curious, I opened it and found 45¢. That's right, I paid 5¢ for my chips! I'M AWESOME!!!

It then became spooky because I thought I had half a bag of chips left but I couldn't find them. I didn't remember throwing them away and couldn't see the empty bag in the garbage closest to me. Spooky-do!

Fic Rec!

Jun. 27th, 2009 01:53 am
So I was looking around the TARDIS Big Bang master list today, and this is quite possibly the best Doctor Who/Torchwood fic I've read....EVER.

For Captain and Cardiff

"At midnight, a nationwide security alert was sent out... Torchwood London, demands all agencies' cooperation in issuing an arrest warrant for Ianto Merric Jones, 24, of Cardiff." Torchwood Three's Archivist has gone rogue. But, he does have a very good reason, and he looks stunning in his new suit.

Reeeeead it.
I need to fall asleep stat before I collapse because of exhaustion. I'm starting to feel sick and achy. oahgoaiwj

This turned out a lot longer than I thought so I'm cutting it. Why are they closing my center again? )

Work note #2: The first round of agents are all graduated and taking calls in the other centers. Therefore, a lot more idiots taking calls and doing stupid things, and a lot less hours than normal. They even decided not to even open the GB call center for the 4th since calls are down and the 4th is already a slow day. I was looking forward to taking basically only Canadian calls all day and getting paid time and a half for it. Oh well. (Oh Canada)

And if you couldn't tell by my tweets: Got my Robin Hood DVDs and three of my Torchwood books in the mail today! I also ordered the remainder of the books since I'm on a huge Torchwood kick at the moment and think the books are super awesome. I'm only two chapters in Twilight Streets, but I'm enjoying it. I'm going to try to save the books for work reading only, but I think I'll be unemployed before I finish reading them all.

I'm also using this icon because it's call center love.

END! If you read all of this, you win a gold star.
This is why we're not allowed to have nice things

Merlin was beat in the ratings by Simpsons and Family Guy RERUNS. Ugh.....Why?

I work in about an hour. Six til Midnight. Isn't that fun? Yeeeah. Not that excited for it really. Work Force gave me a crack schedule this week.

I also preordered Children of Earth on Amazon last weekend. Just because I could. I think it was only $20 for it, which is a sweet deal (and because I bought a lot of junk, I get free two day shipping! How cool is that?) I'm so excited for Torchwood to start up again. It's been almost a year since I've seen Jack, Ianto, or Gwen on tv (well my computer...and yes Eve Myles was on Merlin yesterday but it wasn't Gwen) I'll feel better for not going to Torchsong.

I better go find something to eat so I won't be munching on vending machine crap while at work. Also my left index finger hurts a lot. It's the lower joint that's killing me. I don't know what I did to it either.


Jun. 6th, 2009 06:37 pm
Now I really wish I had bucked up and spent the money to go to Torchsong. It would've been worth would've been worth it.

After all the drama llama, they probably won't dare come back to Chicago again....or maybe they will. NEEDLESS TO SAY, next time Gareth David-Lloyd attends a convention less than 200 miles away from me, I will be also in attendance.

Carry on.
Dear Pussycat Dolls,

Please go away and/or die. Your songs are crap and you shouldn't rip off Jai Ho like that. Get an original idea. No, just go away, you don't have any friends. And you're all skank dragons.

ex oh,

The storm wasn't as bad as they said it was, but there was THUNDER SNOW which was flippin awesome to see. Lightning and thunder during a snow storm is too awesome. I didn't go to class since the roads looked like crap. Moms would be 5 minute drive home from work was more like 10+ and dad's 20 minute drive was more like 45. My class starts at 5:00 and apparently all classes that started after 5:30 were canceled so I don't believe many people showed up since it's super rare to have a class starting on the hour at my school. All in all, I'm guessing 5 inches of snow. The storm slid to our south when the forecast said it would be on top of us (that's what she said) all night, so that's several hours of storm we didn't get! yay! No nine inches of snow! The roads may be back to normal tomorrow!

Lulz note, my brother's school friend is supposed to be flying out of the Green Bay airport to Texas tonight. I wonder if he got here or not because this storm was originally bad ass.

At times the snow was falling an inch an hour and it was actually really dangerous outside. I emailed Diana saying I wouldn't be in class but I didn't hear anything back yet. I'll probably go to school tomorrow to work on homework and stuff since I haven't done so yet. I'm kind of behind in SQL and I still suck ass at JavaScript, but I can do that at home. That's a Sunday project there, flippin JavaScript.

I'm tired before midnight, that's odd...or ood as I almost typed. Is there a start date for Top Gear and/or Torchwood and/or Doctor Who special yet? Just wondering.

Lastly, did anyone else think the Top Chef finale was pure crap? UGH COME ON! *Winner's name* Seriously? NO. I refuse. It's like season 2 all over again where Marcel got robbed. But at least Marcel was in the episode and made a lulz worthy comment: "you want to take a piece of fresh fish, freeze it, then shave it? Whatever not my problem." or something like that and I agree, stupid idea and technique. It's basically putting a fish stick in a blender. MMmmmmm Nummy.

Last thing I swear: I officially became one of the family to Kayla's dog since he 1. didn't attack me when I first entered the house, 2. accompanied me to the couch where he 3. Licked my entire face (and every crevice) then rubbed his body on it. It was great fun especially since I've never had a mammal pet so it was a weird situation.
SO, today in my Adobe Flash class, we had lecture for, a little over an hour, closer to two hours. Whatever, that's not the point. The point is that we had class time to work on our homework for the class (a 30 frame animation nothing special involved or whatever) Then Jon was talking about the animations he made with CAD in the automotive dept at school and Diana (our teacher) was impressed. She then asked Jon if he had BBC America (and my ears perked up) because "you would like this show that's on there."

Diana: yes!
Me: a0ghaiojfaoij1!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D

She then pulls up the Top Gear website and we were talking about (and quoting) the show. "Some say he isn't machine washable and that all his potted plants are named 'Steve,' all we know is that he's called The Stig!"

Then girl next to me goes, "Oh, Doctor Who!" in regards to a banner ad on the show.
Me: BZUH??? What kind of parallel world am I in...but high five for that!

So I stayed behind talking about: Doctor Who, Torchwood, Top Gear, Graham Norton, Catherine Tate, Kylie Minogue, watched Top Gear clip, watched Time Crash, talked about Buffy/Angel, a little Firefly, watched Catherine Tate/David Tennant skit, discussed thoughts on 11, then realized, "holy crap! We've been sitting here for two hours doing this!" and decided it was time to go.

Holy. Crap. Wha-a-a--a-at is going on? MAUI! LOVES IT.
I came home from class and mom was like "wow, this teacher must be a slave driver keeping you out this late!" lulz. Oh mom, I was geeking out.

Also (almost literally) ran into old high school friend Laura today at school. It was surprising and awkward since I haven't seen her for three years or have been good friends with her for...about five. Either way she gave me a hug and did the "OMG!" dance. Should be interesting.

Sorry this was long. haha lulz. not. I might cut this if it's too long after I post it to save your flists.
....but that's not stopping me from using it!

haha, seriously, I'm amazed that I actually remember how to use photoshop at ALL.  I only took one graphic design class in high school, and it was basically "you have to follow exactly what I told you to do with these step by step instructions.  Why aren't you creative and do something different/the way I want it to be done" Yeah.  Didn't have fun with that.  Anyway, I'm actually better at photoshop than I was when I took that class.  Figure that.  I did something I did in class, but only did it 10000000 times better than I did in class (I didn't need Ruthann to help me this time around!)

So what did I make?  Well the Ianto thing I showed off yesterday, a snarky Vaughn thing, a Ianto wallpaper, some flower thing, and an icon of Tosh.  And yes, I was thinking about Casino Royale when making my Ianto wallpaper.  Shut up.

I made the flower thing after the fire alarm went off this morning. I was on the edge and couldn't sleep, so I made something peaceful, soft, and went back to bed after I was done.  (went to bed at 2:15, fire alarm went off at 8:30, stayed up until 10:30, woke up at 1:20...realizing that brunch closes in 10 minutes, so ate brownie instead.)  Now I'm here.
I don't want to study for exams, so I wrote this! Pure cuteness!
To [ profile] world_president for many things, including but not limiting to: introducing me into the wonderful Doctor Who universe(s) and nagging me on multiple occasions to write some sort of fan fiction again. My first fan fiction in like three or four years, so be nice.

Title: With someone you love
Rating: PG
Pairing: Jack/Ianto (implied)
Summary: You spend the holidays with the people you love, and Ianto Jones feels lonely.
375 Words
Read more... )
I can't believe that I'm passing astronomy. No wai! Although a D+ isn't exactly the greatest grade ever and I need to bring it up so I'll have a good GPA so I can study abroad. I can't believe that my whole fate of going to Scotland/England depends on me getting a good grade in astronomy. I'm not used to having to worry about failing, but this class is crazy hard....well for me it is. GAH!

Things I need to do:
constalaton activity (if it is ever not cloudy here before Monday night....otherwise I'll have to BS it)
Make up activity
Big Bang essay (EXTRA CREDIT!YAY!)
Popular astronomy topic essay

meanwhile I need to keep up on my other classes and make sure I can register for classes I need/want

my parents are going to the Packer game tomorrow and that's lame xcore. I would so go. Seriously. And no desperate housewives tomorrow, but at least I get some hott Captain Jack action in Torchwood, but I won't be able to watch it until like....12:00 as always.



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