What I've been doing these last five days:

Eating snacks (mostly sour gummy worms)
Working on computery things
Watching Teeeeveeee
OMGOMGOMG Working a lot at CVS
Aaaaaand being slightly paranoid about living alone since Wednesday. Tonight I triple checked to make sure I locked the door. The house is over 60 years old, and I'm practically jumping at every weird noise, even if said weird noise comes from whatever music I'm playing.

I also (finally) caught up with all of the vlogbrother vids on youtube. Nerdfighers! Whoo-ha!

Also just noted that my Richard/Oliver video I made in March is more popular than I thought it was. I do have to say that if EVER I find out that Richard Hammond (or James May or Jeremy Clarkson) ever see this video, I may melt and die. It is a fact that is hardwired into my DNA. With less than 500 views, I doubt that they have seen it.

I'm not joking either. My embarrassment level would be at an epic high. I can't wait for Top Gear to start again. I miss it.

Moving on, I've been buying a lot of candy and snacks and vitamin water at work, and I noticed that I'm adding up some serious extrabucks on candy. There is this deal on halloween candy now, spend $20 on candy and get $5 extrabucks on a future purchase. Well, I've been buying candy, but not traditional "halloween" candy as in trick or treat candy. Nevertheless, they have been including that in my halloween candy count. Which means I have until the 31st to spend $11.15 on candy. I'll just stock up on candy for my NaNo writing needs I guess.

This has also become a rather long entry that started off as "I have nothing really to say" type of mindset. Now Imma be finishing off my leftover candy and working on some computery things. Haven't decided what one to do yet though.
So, the first two episodes of Merlin were broadcast on NBC tonight, which I think is awesome. Although the commercials were slowly killing me. Gah, US networks, why do you kill good shows like that? I really liked watching it on a hi-def tv instead of on my computer. I approve that bit.

Top Gear also was amazing. I was laughing a lot. Richard's hair is slowly turning into James's hair! Seriously! I prefer it when it is a little bit shorter, but that's not me. I still think that Mindy Hammond is a lucky bitch!

Anyway: Father's Day today was hilarious at church. We always do this thing where the man who has been a father for the longest period of time and also the man who has the shortest fatherhood time are awarded with a prize. Normally it's just cute, but today was simply hilarious.

First off: Special event at church for our oldest member Oliver (aged 99) was in attendance today. So the pastor is recognizing all the older fathers starting at the eldest child's age being 20+ then 30+ and so on. Finely at 70 both remaining men (including Oliver) sit down. Pastor asks how old Oliver's eldest is: 64. Other guy: 69. Agh!! Oliver!!!!!! "Oh Oliver, you came all this way just to come in second place!!" The son of the man who won then exclaimed, "It's not me who's 69, it's my brother!!"

Second: There was a baptism today. SO! All of the younger dads were then honored. Then at five and younger, the pastor sighs and goes, "Well, we know who's going to win anyway.....less than a year" and there is two men remaining. "Alright, two weeks.....SIXTEEN DAYS!!!" Yep, the guy has less than a month of fatherhood under his belt.

I thought it was hilarious.

Grrr...there are mosquitos in my room. All because mi hermano across the hall has a whole in his window screen. He's such a smelly boy so all of the bugs come to me...I think. Guys: I can't remember a June with more mosquitos than this year. I'm annoyed. Also the high school boy a few doors down is having a bonfire. My house smells like smoke. Blerg. Not a fan.

Someone also should take away my debit card since I spent a little under $200 this weekend. Why do I do this to myself?
However, I took a meme:
What American accent do you have?
Your Result: The Inland North

You may think you speak "Standard English straight out of the dictionary" but when you step away from the Great Lakes you get asked annoying questions like "Are you from Wisconsin?" or "Are you from Chicago?" Chances are you call carbonated drinks "pop."

The Northeast
The Midland
North Central
The South
The West
What American accent do you have?
Quiz Created on GoToQuiz

I feel like it's correct except that it is most definitely called SODA not pop. (or soda pop). They do call it pop in Chicagoland and in lower Michigan though. Also, I feel like my accent changes the longer my shift was at work. The longer I'm there, the more likely I am to pick up some regional trait. (Like y'all)

Uhhhhh nothing else new. I think I broke my sewing machine though. I thought some glue was dry when it....wasn't and it messed up the machine. (I know, I'm an idiot child!) I will investigate later and see if I can fix it. I think I can, the only question is "WHEN" since I'm starting to get a case of the busies.

I also spent over an hour watching various top gear clips on youtube. I miss this show.
I love google street view.

Breaking the Law


The next series starts in June right? Please? I'll be a good girl!

Laundry day today. Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeah.

There is this commercial for a "Twilight Saga New Moon" special that's on E! that has been driving me insane. I don't even watch E! that much, it's just on MANY channels. But it's like 'The twilight love triangle.....what happened after the prom?" and I think it's incredibly stupid.

I tested my WPM and I'm still awesome (not as awesome as Donna Noble though) ranging from 75-80 WPM. Not bad.

Check it out.

part of me never wants to listen to this song ever again
Just wanted to share what I was working on right now. Brilliant no?

Sad to say I'm getting a little tired making little Olivers and might move on to something else like backgrounds or something. I did make a cheap looking Top Gear logo earlier too. I didn't want to spend a lot of time making the gear look exactly right (since it's not going to be on screen long enough) so I'll spare you that.


This video is going to be crack. I'm so excited! :D

LJ went down while I was trying to post this and it remembered everything! YAY! GOOD LJ!

ETA: just finished the KICK ASS giraffe. I like him. I spent over about an hour (ish) working on this beast of a giraffe.

Dear Pussycat Dolls,

Please go away and/or die. Your songs are crap and you shouldn't rip off Jai Ho like that. Get an original idea. No, just go away, you don't have any friends. And you're all skank dragons.

ex oh,

The storm wasn't as bad as they said it was, but there was THUNDER SNOW which was flippin awesome to see. Lightning and thunder during a snow storm is too awesome. I didn't go to class since the roads looked like crap. Moms would be 5 minute drive home from work was more like 10+ and dad's 20 minute drive was more like 45. My class starts at 5:00 and apparently all classes that started after 5:30 were canceled so I don't believe many people showed up since it's super rare to have a class starting on the hour at my school. All in all, I'm guessing 5 inches of snow. The storm slid to our south when the forecast said it would be on top of us (that's what she said) all night, so that's several hours of storm we didn't get! yay! No nine inches of snow! The roads may be back to normal tomorrow!

Lulz note, my brother's school friend is supposed to be flying out of the Green Bay airport to Texas tonight. I wonder if he got here or not because this storm was originally bad ass.

At times the snow was falling an inch an hour and it was actually really dangerous outside. I emailed Diana saying I wouldn't be in class but I didn't hear anything back yet. I'll probably go to school tomorrow to work on homework and stuff since I haven't done so yet. I'm kind of behind in SQL and I still suck ass at JavaScript, but I can do that at home. That's a Sunday project there, flippin JavaScript.

I'm tired before midnight, that's odd...or ood as I almost typed. Is there a start date for Top Gear and/or Torchwood and/or Doctor Who special yet? Just wondering.

Lastly, did anyone else think the Top Chef finale was pure crap? UGH COME ON! *Winner's name* Seriously? NO. I refuse. It's like season 2 all over again where Marcel got robbed. But at least Marcel was in the episode and made a lulz worthy comment: "you want to take a piece of fresh fish, freeze it, then shave it? Whatever not my problem." or something like that and I agree, stupid idea and technique. It's basically putting a fish stick in a blender. MMmmmmm Nummy.

Last thing I swear: I officially became one of the family to Kayla's dog since he 1. didn't attack me when I first entered the house, 2. accompanied me to the couch where he 3. Licked my entire face (and every crevice) then rubbed his body on it. It was great fun especially since I've never had a mammal pet so it was a weird situation.
So yesterday was horrible. It was not fun. When I went home for dinner at 7, I had to go back at 8 and at about 8:20 I realized I wanted to go home again. haha, too bad I had over three hours left. My dept was really really slow and it sucked. I'm so glad that Megan was there as long as she was. We were both going insane. She was trying to get a way so we could both just leave work around 10 and go to Los Banditos to eat chili and other yummy Mexican foods. She actually even called the restaurant at 10 ish to order food to pick up when her shift was over.

It goes without saying: I didn't get to leave and get yummy Mexican food.

There was a Jordan launch yesterday. It sucked. It wasn't classified as a high demand launch so they didn't offer a gc for picking up the extra hours and didn't schedule anyone extra. So it was a launch for a slightly popular item with the normal about of staff that we have on a Friday night. AKA not much. There were so many calls in queue and it didn't calm down until 11:40ish and still we were busy. Sucked. I didn't get to leave until 12:10 because of my long ass call I had at the end. Kind of hoping that they actually give me those extra ten minutes because sometimes they aren't nice at work force and don't...then again I'm usually only a minute or two minutes after my shift and they must not bother with that.


CORALINE: BEST 3D MOVIE I'VE EVER SEEN. Well, I haven't seen a lot of 3D movies so I can't really judge well on that. Kayla has and she said it was the best. Although, we were surprised this was only PG not PG-13 but maybe that's because we went into the movie going "eh, it's PG not scary or freeky or anything" you think I would know better from Blink. So yeah, a little creepy, a little bit of "adult" humor that I can't believe passed as PG humor. But I liked it A LOT and will probably buy it when it gets cheaper in the stores since I hate buying expensive movies. Generally if it's over $15 I won't buy it. (Exceptions: Labyrinth, and tv shows that are on sale)

I have to go to work tonight and that's one of the last places I want to be right now. Too bad I need money!

Lastly: This is an awesome Top Gear + Obama story and I love it. Why did I not see it before? Seriously awesome
I swear I'll tell you about how much I LOVE Coraline sometime soon, but not now as I am tired and tomorrow is going to be hell on earth. Dentist....work at 12, off at 7, work at 8, off at 12. Fun huh? Yeah no.

BUT, I had to mention this before I forget. I was in Flash and my teacher Diana was geeking out about my Top Gear project thing I made. Later during our work time (when I was making something The Office related) she mentioned that one of her previous students went to the salt flats in Utah this last summer and got a FRICKIN PICTURE WITH JEREMY!!!!!!! WHAT THE HELL!!!!!

She showed me the pictures. It was the girl and her friends the another stalkery picture of Jezza. The girl didn't know who they were but only took a picture because he had cameras following him around. No pictures of Richard or James though. :( A quick youtube search showed that it was the same car and clothes that was in last series episode! BZUH!!!!!!

Diana told me that she would try to get a copy of the picture because one of them is really easy to photoshop yourself into er what? I'm not being weird. Nope.

I just added my videos HERE at my YouTube account if you're interested. I only got three videos up and they're really simple adobe flash videos that will probably generate a lot of wank.

ETA: apparently they aren't working. Huh. I'll figure that out. I fail at youtube!
ETA2: The videos are slowly going live on youtube so I'm going to sleep. (I had to figure it out now because I wouldn't have been able to sleep well if I didn't figure it out.
SO, today in my Adobe Flash class, we had lecture for about...eh, a little over an hour, closer to two hours. Whatever, that's not the point. The point is that we had class time to work on our homework for the class (a 30 frame animation nothing special involved or whatever) Then Jon was talking about the animations he made with CAD in the automotive dept at school and Diana (our teacher) was impressed. She then asked Jon if he had BBC America (and my ears perked up) because "you would like this show that's on there."

Diana: yes!
Me: a0ghaiojfaoij1!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D

She then pulls up the Top Gear website and we were talking about (and quoting) the show. "Some say he isn't machine washable and that all his potted plants are named 'Steve,' all we know is that he's called The Stig!"

Then girl next to me goes, "Oh, Doctor Who!" in regards to a banner ad on the show.
Me: BZUH??? What kind of parallel world am I in...but high five for that!

So I stayed behind talking about: Doctor Who, Torchwood, Top Gear, Graham Norton, Catherine Tate, Kylie Minogue, watched Top Gear clip, watched Time Crash, talked about Buffy/Angel, a little Firefly, watched Catherine Tate/David Tennant skit, discussed thoughts on 11, then realized, "holy crap! We've been sitting here for two hours doing this!" and decided it was time to go.

Holy. Crap. Wha-a-a--a-at is going on? MAUI! LOVES IT.
I came home from class and mom was like "wow, this teacher must be a slave driver keeping you out this late!" lulz. Oh mom, I was geeking out.

Also (almost literally) ran into old high school friend Laura today at school. It was surprising and awkward since I haven't seen her for three years or have been good friends with her for...about five. Either way she gave me a hug and did the "OMG!" dance. Should be interesting.

Sorry this was long. haha lulz. not. I might cut this if it's too long after I post it to save your flists.



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