And when I say "Interesting" I mean boring.

Wednesday I spend ALL DAY with Kayla. We did a lot of stuff together and it was superfuntimes. Highlights include making chocolate truffles in her garage (because they were melting in the house), hot tubbing, prepping for Thanksgiving dinner, aimless driving, lots of eating, some drinking, playing with the puppies and cats.....YEP SO FUN!!!

Thanksgiving, I worked. A LOT. Well, I woke up, helped with the thanksgiving stuff, watched half of the Packers/Lions game, ate dinner then went to work from 2-10 and wanted to die. Well not die, but anything to go home. The FAQs of the night were "OMG. You're still open???" and "Do you have [insert Thanksgiving food item here]?" and "Do you have Zhu Zhu pets???"

Zhu Zhu pets. QUICK!! Do ANY of you know what that is before googling the answer? Because no one at the store knew what those were. We don't have them since we looked in the toy section and in the holiday gift section in the store and no Zhu Zhu pets.

I DID NOTHING BLACK FRIDAY. I did however wake up at 3:30 AM, but that was because there was blood all over my face. Tis the season of bloody noses, fa la la la la, la la la la!!! Then I went back to sleep....until noon. Yaaaaaaay.

Today I woke up early to go to Appleton/Oshkosh to do some cheap shopping with Kayla and her family.
1. JanSport factory store. It is an amazing place. You get to buy all of the reject stuff for cheap as free. The shirts/sweatpants/hoodies have printing mistakes, so they can't sell them. I got three hoodies (Saint Louis University, UL Lafayette, and for [ profile] anthean, UC Davis.) I found the Davis hoodie when I was saying that I don't know half of the schools in the store and definitely no one who goes there. THEN BAM! UC Davis hoodie, so I kinda had to buy it since it is cool looking, warm, and cheap. ($10!!)

2. Oshkosh outlet mall!! Went to Bath and Body Works outlet and got $80 worth of stuff for $30 because I am made of win. Also Ylang-Ylang is a sexy sexy smell. Some of the stuff I bought is for my mom for birthday or Christmas. Haven't decided yet. Also went to cooking supply store and got my brother two hot sauces for Christmas. I got the hottest one I could find then another one that I just liked the packaging of.

Also today, I (just) made this icon of Cody Deveraux from the Tonight Show. These sketches always make me laugh. I want to meet the actor who plays Cody so I can thank him. Seriously.

calenfenwen: (Laugh)
Oh sure Amazon I may have doubts about you, but that doesn't mean I have the willpower to pass up on your deal of the day.....ALL FOUR SEASONS OF DOCTOR WHO FOR 50% OFF REGULAR PRICE. That's right, instead of spending around $300+ for all four seasons, I'm only paying $140.

Doctor Who DVDs, you are going to look so pretty on my DVD shelf. Soon I'll feel less guilty about having all four seasons on burned DVDs in avi format. But hey, you got to do what you have to do to survive and I'm sorry but $90 a season was asking a bit too much for me.

Which reminds me, I have a credit card bill to pay for that I just got in the mail. Oh humbug. I'll pay it this weekend after I pick up my paycheck tomorrow.

I should really work on buying DVDs of the things I like. I really need to buy that Rambaldi Cube of AWESOME that is the complete series of ALIAS. That in Firefly and Serenity (I'm horrible....I know)

Reminder: I'll be closing the sexy poll tonight. And that is TRUFAX even to you Voodoo Mama Juju.

I also may have been reading an Obidala fic all day instead of working on my resume and/or portfolio. Yep. I know. Where did the day go? (In my defense, I woke up at 12:30 much to my embarrassment. Yes, 12:30 as in the afternoon. WUT? YES.)
but Natalie! That is the lyrics to Varsity not On, Wisconsin!.....shut up I know.

Today is the 100 year anniversary of "On Wisconsin" the fight song of the Wisconsin Badgers and the state song (with different lyrics). I may have spent an hour watching random Wisconsin Marching Band videos on youtube. I'm going to have to go to Camp Randall sometime and catch a game there. That'll be fun definitely.

Anyway, I'm going to close Round Two of the poll in the next hour or so. Vote if you haven't! Round Three will be up around that time too.

I've been watching Around The World in 80 Days thing that the BBC is doing for Children in Need. That looks insanely fun and I kind of want to try it. HOW HARD COULD IT BE???? (Actually very hard since some teams barely made it to their handoff point on time)
If you're not aware, there is this guy JON in my class. Well, I've had several classes with him and he's been incredibly annoying in ALL OF THEM. He has even annoyed some teachers to the point where they won't help him if he doesn't have a legit concern. Concern as in relevant to the class material they taught and it wasn't incredibly so out there in right field.

Anyway, my friend Darcie and I were tweeting about him during lecture today. It was quite fun, especially the part when Darcie laughed really loud as something I wrote (but by that point we migrated to facebook chat)

Enjoy! (But honestly, I'm keeping this convo for myself so I can laugh again later)
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In other news, I would like to recommend this website for being awesome and posting links to opencourseware. Today I watched a programming lecture from MIT and it was AMAAAAAZING and I would recommend it to everyone. Whew! Long link but I wanted it to be noticed. I think I accomplished that.

I also noted that my "alma mater" Well, I went there for three semesters is signed up but haven't put up any material yet. Weird, I shall have to investigate and see if I can feel my soul dying from the university's content, or whether it was the campus or city itself that destroys souls. Yes, the Hellmouth is no longer in Sunnydale, CA but rather in fact in Eau Claire, WI. Look it up. Use the google!
This morning, incredibly sluggish and tired and blah.

Went to work with all of the sick people who go to CVS. Towards the end I did a lot of really stupid things and wasn't feeling very well. Two hours of bad feelingness brought me back to how was feeling on Tuesday. Aka, going backwards.

I went hope complaining about how I'm still sick and feeling horrible and told my mom to make sure I was awake at 4:20 so I could make it to my 5:00 class on time. Well, my parents thought that going to a doctor was a better alternative to going to school.

Before you could walk into the doctor's office, you had to use hand sanitizer, and people who had a cough or flu symptoms had to wear a face mask....aka me. I was told the following things by my doctor: I don't have the flu, I have a very tough virus and he doesn't have anything to make me feel better. I don't have a fever (I told you that), and I need to rest, drink fluids, and wait this out.

However, he did ask that I get bloodwork done to see if I have mono. So we'll see how that goes. Mono would explain why I'm so tiiiiiiiiiiired all the time.

Also, dad and I listened to Young Americans and While My Guitar Gently Weeps while driving home. Made the trip most excellent since dad was singing along to both.

I also still think that my mom believes that my brother and his frat "brothahs" created Beyonce's "Single Ladies" dance first. (They did it for a skit for winter carnival) So whenever she sees the Single Ladies dance or hears the song she exclaims "That's Paul's dance/song!" Just thought you should know.
I'm still not done with my homework.

Granted, I haven't found anyone who finished the section I was stuck on. I'll just turn in what I got and be done with it. Boausfkajslf

I'm also all hot, sweaty, and nervous feeling from the Packer's game. It was sooooo gooooood but sooooooo close. Barbre needs to shape up if he wants to keep his starting position. Seriously, letting that many hits on Rodgers? YOU NEED TO PROTECT THE QB!!!!

I keep hearing loud bangs outside. Strange because the game ended long ago so what's with the noise. I don't see anything from my window, but it's surburbia and I'm probably hearing noises from miles away. Still weird and wtf?

Back to football, did you know that for my [ profile] nflfans pick 'ems, I'm 10-2? (Titans and Cards being my only losses) Tomorrow I'll be a Pats (gjaosjf why?) and Charger's fan (FOR THE NIGHT ONLY) and try to see if I can win pick 'ems! (prob not, but still)

ETA: This sums up the game pretty well. (And only needs two gifs!)
1. He's a jerk face who's ambition is the money and glory not for the love of the game
2. While watching a bit of last night's game, he didn't do anything amazing and doesn't appear to be "THE SAVIOUR OF THE VIKINGS!!!!" or any of that nonsense. Based on last night's game, he's a glorfied ball holder. My dad and I were joking about it last night. "OH HAI ADRIAN!! I KEPT THE BALL WARM FOR YOU!!! HAVE A GOOD VA-CA-TION DOWN FIELD ALRIGHT?? BA-BYE!! :D:D:D:D:D"

Then he had to do this:

That is SO NOT RAVEN!! You don't do that. NO!!! NO!!!! That guy's career might be over with a move like that. Seriously, who does that? That kind of block? Seriously?

Things I can't wait for:
1. Every defensive lineman in the league knocking him down. DOWN.

In other non football news, today after class I was in the parking lot waiting for the traffic to clear so I could get on the street and therefore on my way home. So I'm second in line and I'm watching people drive in the parking lot. And who should it be? None other than Justin, the boyfriend of Julia who I haaaaaaaaate. He's a cool guy but unfortunately listens to everything Julia says and has no opinions of his own. Therefore, since she haaaaaaaates me more than I hate her, he hates me even though he has never EVER heard my side of the story. I've come to terms that I will never be friends with him again.

I know you might be thinking "Oh Natalie, just wait for them to break up and you can be friends again!!" Not that simple. He broke up with her about 3-4 times and each time Julia broke him down again and they started dating again. It's unfortunate that he has a much better personality when he's not dating Julia, but what can you do?

BONUS! I saw Justin's dad a few months back and he asked me why I wasn't around anymore. "Because Julia hates me." With those four words, he understood completely. He hates her too. J's dad said he would try to talk some sense into Justin, but obviously that hasn't worked out. Julia BLOCKED ME (what the hell!) from facebook minutes after our argument and apparently Justin made a new facebook profile and only friended "Julia approved" friends.

Lastly! This whole waking up early thing is killing me.
I'm going to be so freaking tired tomorrow.

Why? It's currently....10:40 PM and my alarm is set to go off at....5:22 AM tomorrow so I can be out the door at 6:55 to make it to my 7:30 class early to get a seat in the back and away from a certain somebody I know will be taking the class. It's going to be the fourth class I'll have with him and I'm dreading it. 1. Well he will be there and 2. Apparently the teacher sucks. I've heard nothing good about her.

Anyway, not remotely tired.

Nevertheless, I'll try to go to bed soon. If I can stop watching Do You Wanna Date My Avatar long enough or rereading the AWESOME Dramione fic I just found and bookmarked.

I also need to find my chucks. I don't know where they ended up. I wanted to wear them yesterday, but they were MIA. Not in my closet, not in my semi-sorted pile of shoes, and not in my occasionally worn shoe pile that my mom made downstairs. Where are you? Blah.

1. Wake up when alarm goes off first time (hahahahahaha times infinity)
2. Get to class on time (eh, I could see it go either way. I have no clue how traffic is that time of day since I'm always sleeping)
3. Get home and scrub floor like I promised (oh grumblecakes)
4. Wash dishes and all evidence of the entire pan of brownies I ate this weekend. Whoops!
5. Work on and homework
6. Get rid of pile of crap that is hidden behind comfy chair in bedroom. Seriously Nat, that's been there for a month.

Anyway: I posted some pictures on my facebook this afternoon if anyone is interested. They are random things from the summer and they include pics of Will. *wink*

Summer bachelors, like summer breezes, are never as cool as they pretend to be.
I was away from home basically all day today. I only went home to take a shower and change clothes.

Anyway! Exciting news! I met Dean Butler today (aka Buffy's dad and Almanzo on Little House) It was pretty cool.

If you feel ambitious, feel free to tell me a time at my first icon making meme because that will be cool.

I don't know how to use photoshop very well....lolz. It's still fun though.
*ahem* Hello.

Ginger woke me up early this morning by licking every inch of exposed skin she could reach. She doesn't really listen to me anymore. I've turned into the fun Aunt that no one takes seriously and so all of the children bend rules. "We always have ice cream for breakfast!!"

I just got back from visiting with Ginger...for the last time. She gave me some matching scratches to add to my collection including one that is as long as my forearm and parts of it are still red and angry. I also got some nice bruises on my legs from her jumping on me too.

See? Fun Aunt no one takes seriously!

Therefore, I'm at the very end of my sneezing fit. I &heart; driving while sneezing. It has the added bonus of being both exciting and dangerous!

Next on tap:
- Laundry (I have basically no clean clothes!)
- Dinner with Patrick and his family (and other old people)
- Ditch old folks and head off for fireworks downtown and try to find people we know who stayed in town for the weekend. (Not many...)
So Ginger (the dog I'm dogsitting for) is starting to take advantage of me since I'm not her normal owner.

A) She now decides to join me when I'm in bed, whether it be sleeping or just reading. The longer she is in the bed with me, the more she decides she can take over the already small bed. I woke up at 3AM because I was pushed to the edge of the bed about to fall off.

B) When I took her out this morning, she shook herself free from my hand before I could hook her to her rope. Therefore, she dashed off out of the backyard. Heidi, the mom who told me about Ginger, said that Ginger does that to her so you just have to wait for Ginger to come back since she only responds to Pete, the husband.

Well, I let her run around for a few minutes while I got everything else ready for the day, but Ginger still didn't come back yet. I followed the way she went out of the yard and she was running through another yard. I tried to run after her, but she wouldn't listen to me or ANYTHING. A kind neighbor lady saw my plight and gave me some dog treats to tempt Ginger back.

Those didn't work. She at first was a little interested, but when I tried to grab her collar, she dashed away again.

SOOOOOO, I had to run after her for 20+ minutes trying to grab her or lure her closer to the house. Eventually I got her basically across the street, so I tried an experiment. I started running at full speed to the house, and to my extreme joy, Ginger followed me, and by the time I got the door open, she dashed right in.

WHEW!!!! I'm so relived. Then Ginger the dork saw I had treats in my hand and was playing the angel to get them. I gave her one since she was sitting and looking all pretty, then put the other in her food bowl that she ignored earlier.

Now, I have to shower and get ready since I have a thing to get to soon.
This is why we're not allowed to have nice things

Merlin was beat in the ratings by Simpsons and Family Guy RERUNS. Ugh.....Why?

I work in about an hour. Six til Midnight. Isn't that fun? Yeeeah. Not that excited for it really. Work Force gave me a crack schedule this week.

I also preordered Children of Earth on Amazon last weekend. Just because I could. I think it was only $20 for it, which is a sweet deal (and because I bought a lot of junk, I get free two day shipping! How cool is that?) I'm so excited for Torchwood to start up again. It's been almost a year since I've seen Jack, Ianto, or Gwen on tv (well my computer...and yes Eve Myles was on Merlin yesterday but it wasn't Gwen) I'll feel better for not going to Torchsong.

I better go find something to eat so I won't be munching on vending machine crap while at work. Also my left index finger hurts a lot. It's the lower joint that's killing me. I don't know what I did to it either.

Yeeeeeeah baby!

I was bored this afternoon. Good use of 2 hours don't you think?

I'm going to figure out something to eat with the chicken I have defrosting. No ideas yet, but it's chicken so you can't really go wrong there.
1. Wings lost game 7. And I missed it. I had to put my phone on "pause" during the last minute of the game because I couldn't breathe because I had no clue what was going on. Ridiculous I say!

2. The system at work was down today for the first two hours I was there. We had these forms to fill out with the date, time, 26 digit order number, contact name, phone number, and reason they were calling. I love it when we have to fill out the hand written forms! Then when the system was finally back online, we had to go through two hours of calls and find out answers for the customers, call them back, and keep an eye on the queue.

I got some guy from Detroit and I wanted to be like "hey! Why are you doing this when there is hockey to watch!" but couldn't because that wouldn't be professional or something. Yeah.

Anyway, iMac comes tomorrow! Can't wait! I cleared off my desk and I'm trying so hard not to put stuff on the cleared desk. Whenever there is a cleared off surface in my room, I immediately pile junk on top. iMac goes there tomorrow. Do not touch!

I also just ate an entire bag of popcorn while watching Ella Enchanted.....why did I watch that movie? Clearly, I'm bored.

Ugh. There's a bug stuck in my light. I'm going to wait for it to die because it looks really creepy and I don't really have a place to put it either. I'm not going outside again.

*is such a city girl*

EDIT2: Bug is swimming in a pool or windex. Seriously, my light is leaking windex. Please just die so I can sleep Mr. Creepy bug. Seriously your reflection in the light looks like you're wearing shoes. Why are you wearing shoes?

Also just realized that I have a pool of glass cleaner inches away from a hot light bulb. Damn, I'm smart! Here's to hoping the pool will go away next time I turn on the light!

Note says "To Kennedy's teacher: Please excuse Kennedy's absence. She's with me. Barack Obama."

My day was alright until 7:00...then it turned super sour. I'm so angry at myself!

I need to stop wearing the ass hat sometimes. Such an idiot child!
So I'm going to buy an iPod touch in a few hours or so, and I've just been thinking about different quotes I could get engraved on the back. I don't want my name but I did come up with some other quotes. Wanna help me narrow it down?

Alright! Here are the contenders (in random order):

In the end the love you take
is equal to the love you make

If music be the food of love,
play on.

They will see us waving from
such great heights

My Timey-Wimey Detector.
Goes ding when there's stuff.

But we wanted to fly
So we set sail for the sky.

I'm just a little paranoid because I know I'll be looking at it everyday for years and no pressure.

I'll also post something "real" later. I promise.
Sorry for being a LJ slacker. I haven't been doing anything interesting and I decided to spare you the details.

Today in Website Design, Darcie told me that one of the classes I need to take yet she's taking this semester and it sucks. It doesn't say on the class information and no one told her (or me) this but apparently having knowledge of photoshop would be extremely helpful. I know Illustrator and Flash but not Photoshop. I mean I use it for stuff but I don't know it very well.

Point being, I need to take that before I can take Web Graphic Design. Bastards.
Also, most of the marketing classes are cancelled and Darcie has been taking other replacement classes. Weird huh? She thinks my plan to take some other classes is really smart. She just wants to be done with school and I can't blame her.

I worked a little on the art for a Flash project that could very well be my final project but I don't know what the requirements of the project are. If it doesn't fit, I'll just do it myself later. I need to draw nine (maybe more) people, six (or more) locations, and other misc stuff.

Here's a hint of what I'm working on (if the above wasn't a big enough hint):
"Oh, life could be a dream
If I could take you up in paradise up above.
If you would tell me I'm the only one that you love
Life could be a dream, sweetheart

Although most people probably wouldn't get it even if I told them exactly what it was about. [ profile] ____claire could figure it out. Most likely.

This too:

1. If you didn't see my Top Gear video, please take a look and let me know what you think. If you think something should be adjusted/changed/whatever, let me know because I have time to fix things since it's not due until Thursday night.
You know you love Top Gear, Richard, Oliver, and The Lion King!!! Plus it's my midterm and I'm freaking out I've been told that the beginning is hard to read and I'm curious if it's worth my time to fix it.

2. Just got this email from Diana, my flash teacher.
The Web Animation Design-Adv: new catalog (10-135-172) will be offered for Fall 2009 as follows:
· Course# 84524
· Date: Monday (8/24/2009-12/21/2009)
· Time 7:30am – 12:20pm
· Room: BI334

Aka, the second semester of Flash is MONDAY MORNING. Not just Monday morning, but EARLY Monday morning. Ugh. I can hear my parents teasing me already.

3. I'm officially fed up with programming. I don't want to do JavaScript or Database crap. I don't want to be a code monkey. I may lose some geek cred, but whatever. I shouldn't hate doing the homework all the time. I actually like Database better than JavaScript and that's saying something. I might come back to it, but as of now, NO. Not a fan.

4. I'm actually still in my pajamas. I have class soon. I'm awesome.
Don't you like how the people look young except for the 50+ guy?

I really don't have anything else to say. At 54.1 seconds in my video so that's awesome.
I'm thirsty but forgot my water bottle at home. Also drove with the windows down since it's above 50 and it's so beautiful outside. I can see GRASS in many patches in my yard. Exciting? Oh yes.
lately my LJ seems to consist entirely of LoudTwitter posts which is lame. Unfortunately I don't have anything interesting to say so you're stuck with those. I originally said that here which makes no sense.

Well I just realized I have a JavaScript assignment due in about 24 hours. Maybe I should work on that tomorrow....maybe.

Watched X3 today (rocks fall.....everyone dies) then dad "assisted" me in doing my taxes. Not as much back as I would've liked, but it's better than paying into the system. It's also annoying that I can't claim my tuition costs on my refund since I'm listed as a dependent therefore dad gets to claim all the money I spend on my education. Ridiculous! Makes no sense! Also, not allowed any sort of stimulus check. LAME SAUCE. I can revive the economy with my irrational spending habits!

Dad came home from work early with a bad I'm coughing. I don't want to cough.

That's about it cus my life is really boring now. I can't wait for spring break.

Lastly, PIMPS:



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