A little girl was trying to describe this girl she knew to her mom. Her mom was just over and she just told me about it. "She has short hair like that one girl who has cool shoes and came to our house that one time. It's like her hair, but it's more like a boy's hair and less spiky."

Sweet! I turned into the girl with short spiky hair with cool shoes! I also remember the shoes I wore that day, and I agree, they are cool. Well done little girl!

Last day at Eastbay today. I took a some pictures (as I have been all week) ate free pizza twice (they bought it twice so they could get it to most people, but both times were during my shift), then after an annoying call, I logged out for the last time, turned in my headset and ID badge were turned in ($50 deposit will be in the mail soon!), and stole a chair.

I'm sitting on said chair right now, and I'm very happy. I finally have a proper computer chair! I know from a year plus experience that these chairs are good. I got it because fabric is falling off, but I was planning on replacing that anyway.

I also got a customer named Ianto today. It was awesome. He was annoyed because they spelled his name wrong, but I couldn't change it since the order got processed too far. (They spelled it Yanto)

So yeah, doin' pretty good! I'm really sleepy now, but I'm not ready to sleep quite yet. Way too early.
Me to customer in Kentucky: Well, we tried to call you last week on the 27th to tell you but....
Me: Well that's what I was going to say, I wasn't sure how bad the storm affected you in your area and that's why I told you we already tried to contact you about your item not being available. Your options are......blah blah blah

Seriously, I may be young and in college and can quote shows verbatim but I still know about something called NEWS. Ugh.

Also awesome: I needed to call back a customer about what I found out about from UPS (yay! Tiffany and Desmond are super cool and awesome!) and I had to leave a voice mail. (I have to do that a lot because our number looks like something you would avoid on caller id) Anyway, you know the computer prompts like "I'm sorry _____ is not available right now," and you can put your own name in the blank? Well this guy's name is Devon but on his voice mail it was "Big Cheese" no joke. You don't know what it took for me to deliver my message and call back number without laughing.

Then he called me back because to him only I could help him!! WHAT NO! I gave him all the information and the girl who transferred him to me already gave it to him and he just wanted to make sure she was right. UGH RIDICULOUS!!!

But sweet Texas guy called me Miss Natalie at the end of the call, as in "Thank you for your help Miss Natalie." Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, I'm a sucker for stuff like that.

THIS IS AWESOME!!! Barney's Video Resume...what up!? I love HIMYM so much!!
Backstory, my mom forgot to make a cake/dessert for her coworker's birthday and asked if I would be able to make one and she can pick it up or whatever.

Me: *drinking pepsi waiting for mom to pick up the phone*
Mom: Hello?
Me: *coughs* oh hi! Do we have any more vanilla? We're out
Mom: you checked here here and here?
Me: Yes and no vanilla
Mom: Do we have almond extract?
Me: No
Mom: Then we don't have anything
Me: Yep
Mom: Go to the liquor cabinant and put some rum in there
Me: *coughs again* what?
Mom: Yes! Rum!
Me: Happy Birthday indeed

It's more hilarious to me because the recipe I'm using is from a little kid's cooking book for an "Xtra Special Cake" Ooooh yay!

I'm going to make the special cake now. LOL!
*counts* so. 4 movies to go....less than 8 hours left in the day. Oops. Whatever. I passed tv that's all that matters. I'm surprised I watched 96 movies this year, I thought it would've been more, but it's tough to watch movies alone all the time.

Anyway, apparently no one bothered to invite me to a New Year's party, so I'm having one at my house...which is so far only attended by one other person. Yessssss. All of the people I invited either said "I can't go," or haven't bothered to respond yet.

One friend invited me out to lunch sometime as a substitute. I'll take it.

Mom dragged me to the mall today. Not a fan. I didn't see anything I liked and I just got a headache. Boooooo.

It was really busy this morning at work. Usually it's really slow, not so much today. Probably because not as many people were working today. What can you do? I also had two people YELL at me for something that wasn't my fault. #1. Company policy, I can't change it. And the other #2. It's not something I have the power to change. I'm not God and can control when UPS delivers packages.

Best quote. Me to a customer in VA: Your package hasn't shipped yet, but we're trying to locate a store for you. We're currently looking at a store in Maryland.
Customer: Nonononono, Maryland is too far away!
Me: .... uh we're shipping these shoes to you, you don't have to pick them up.
Cust: Oh good!

I also love it when you do a crap load of work for a customer and they don't even say thank you.
But old nice Texan guys are nice, "I appreciate your courtesy ma'am." awwwwwwwwe



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