1. If you didn't see my Top Gear video, please take a look and let me know what you think. If you think something should be adjusted/changed/whatever, let me know because I have time to fix things since it's not due until Thursday night.
You know you love Top Gear, Richard, Oliver, and The Lion King!!! Plus it's my midterm and I'm freaking out I've been told that the beginning is hard to read and I'm curious if it's worth my time to fix it.

2. Just got this email from Diana, my flash teacher.
The Web Animation Design-Adv: new catalog (10-135-172) will be offered for Fall 2009 as follows:
· Course# 84524
· Date: Monday (8/24/2009-12/21/2009)
· Time 7:30am – 12:20pm
· Room: BI334

Aka, the second semester of Flash is MONDAY MORNING. Not just Monday morning, but EARLY Monday morning. Ugh. I can hear my parents teasing me already.

3. I'm officially fed up with programming. I don't want to do JavaScript or Database crap. I don't want to be a code monkey. I may lose some geek cred, but whatever. I shouldn't hate doing the homework all the time. I actually like Database better than JavaScript and that's saying something. I might come back to it, but as of now, NO. Not a fan.

4. I'm actually still in my pajamas. I have class soon. I'm awesome.
I need a pair of stompy boots, and these may be the boots I've been looking for:

Sweet yes?

I think so. I'll get them with my super employee discount of course....maybe a pair of Pumas that I've been watching. I noticed that a pair of boots I was looking at sold out while I wasn't paying attention. Oh well.

Work was boring as hell. Sarah and I hardly took any calls after 8:45 and we both worked until midnight. HELL. So we spent a lot of time looking at stuff on the website and mocking the stuff. (Then we went to zappos.com and found as many skank shoes as we could). Awesome.

I need to sleep now. My schedule is all wacked and I'm not tired in the slightest but I have to be up and about tomorrow/this morning.

Anyone know of a good place/application I can use to cut up an mp3 so I can take out the middle? I have a Mac btw. Maybe garageband can do it, I don't know what garageband can even do. I need it for my flash video since the song I chose it too long and I was going to cut out the over minute long instrumental interlude.
Dear Pussycat Dolls,

Please go away and/or die. Your songs are crap and you shouldn't rip off Jai Ho like that. Get an original idea. No, just go away, you don't have any friends. And you're all skank dragons.

ex oh,

The storm wasn't as bad as they said it was, but there was THUNDER SNOW which was flippin awesome to see. Lightning and thunder during a snow storm is too awesome. I didn't go to class since the roads looked like crap. Moms would be 5 minute drive home from work was more like 10+ and dad's 20 minute drive was more like 45. My class starts at 5:00 and apparently all classes that started after 5:30 were canceled so I don't believe many people showed up since it's super rare to have a class starting on the hour at my school. All in all, I'm guessing 5 inches of snow. The storm slid to our south when the forecast said it would be on top of us (that's what she said) all night, so that's several hours of storm we didn't get! yay! No nine inches of snow! The roads may be back to normal tomorrow!

Lulz note, my brother's school friend is supposed to be flying out of the Green Bay airport to Texas tonight. I wonder if he got here or not because this storm was originally bad ass.

At times the snow was falling an inch an hour and it was actually really dangerous outside. I emailed Diana saying I wouldn't be in class but I didn't hear anything back yet. I'll probably go to school tomorrow to work on homework and stuff since I haven't done so yet. I'm kind of behind in SQL and I still suck ass at JavaScript, but I can do that at home. That's a Sunday project there, flippin JavaScript.

I'm tired before midnight, that's odd...or ood as I almost typed. Is there a start date for Top Gear and/or Torchwood and/or Doctor Who special yet? Just wondering.

Lastly, did anyone else think the Top Chef finale was pure crap? UGH COME ON! *Winner's name* Seriously? NO. I refuse. It's like season 2 all over again where Marcel got robbed. But at least Marcel was in the episode and made a lulz worthy comment: "you want to take a piece of fresh fish, freeze it, then shave it? Whatever not my problem." or something like that and I agree, stupid idea and technique. It's basically putting a fish stick in a blender. MMmmmmm Nummy.

Last thing I swear: I officially became one of the family to Kayla's dog since he 1. didn't attack me when I first entered the house, 2. accompanied me to the couch where he 3. Licked my entire face (and every crevice) then rubbed his body on it. It was great fun especially since I've never had a mammal pet so it was a weird situation.
...but I think I did this morning. I woke up and felt like crying because my head hurt so much. It's funny because I woke up about two hours before my alarm went off and I was like "haHA! I'm alert-ish and I can sleep in before going to work! I ended up calling sick into work because I could hardly function or make breakfast or anything.

Anyway, I took a bath with my karma bath melt (zomg, glitter monster exploded!) which was nice. Then, I spent most of that time chilling in the computer room with my hood up on my sweatshirt. It didn't really want to go away but it finally did. WORST HEADACHE EVER. I've been having a lot of headaches lately. Yesteday's was bad, but today's took the cake. Actually, I have a small one right now actually, but it seems like I have one almost all the time now. UGH!

What ARE the symptoms of a migraine anyway? I can't seem to remember the commercials or anything. When I told my parents I've been having frequent headaches and especially todays, they thought it might be a migraine, but they aren't really sure what's involved since no one in our family gets them. I know I can look up symptoms, but I'll probably get sidetracked with headaches in general then leave with the idea that I have cancer or something.

After my headache of death went away, I made cookies for the bunco party tonight. I'm in a league with my mom and a few ladies from church. It's funny because almost everybody brought dessert! I didn't win anything from bunco, but my mom won the booby prize: bottle of wine and chocolate bar that looks like a fish. I'm so happy that I can finally go to bunco again! Yay for my class schedule being awesome! (although I still can't go to book club on Mondays, never have and probably never will)


Lastly: there is still so much glitter everywhere. My bed....my clothes....my hair...my skin...my bathroom....you name a location I've been, and there's glitter. I'm hesitant to use my other lush stuff with glitter since this had SO MUCH. I read the reviews and I didn't think there was that much glitter, but I was wrong. Plus side: really nice bath! bitch to clean

If so, I would like to know so I can get it because SO MUCH LOVE!!!!!!!

Didn't do a lot today.  But yesterday Simon and I were playing Quidditch on the gamecube and I was totally awesome.  It's a fun game.  Best quote was Brittany and it was something along the lines of "don't let Draco win!!!" because he was Griffindor and I was Slytherin and it was snitch chasing time.  (I won)  *grin*

I'm AWESOME at that game....because that's all I did second half of spring 2007 semster...play quidditch.  I'm trying to unlock all the quidditch cards, but my skills as a beater are holding me back.  I can beat the team record, but can't beat the school record.  There has been much yelling and swearing.  I've unlocked everything else at Hogwarts level and I'm a good beater during games, but I'm just not fast enough in the stupid trial.  I need to knock off 10 seconds of my fastest time.  SO FRUSTRATING!!!

Although it's fun beating everyone up playing the world cup.  I probably should be playing one skill level up to make it challenging, but I'd rather get quidditch cards at an easier level.

But we watched Dark Crystal and Labyrinth after we played some quidditch and Simon and I swear that Dark Crystal was a different movie when we were little (so much different now!!) and we kept quoting Labyrinth the whole time (and singing Dance Magic Dance a lot, especially the "You remind me of the babe"/"what babe" bit.  We did that aaaaaaaaaa lot and it was awesome.  Why does Bowie look sooo damn good in that movie?  

If you'll excuse me, I'm going to google some cheats on how to beat the stupid beater challenge...and be a big dork.



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