3 arrested, 12 ejected from Green Bay Packers-Detroit Lions game at Lambeau Field

Let's get this right:
  1. Spend $55+ on a ticket for a Packer game at Lambeau field.

  2. Spend $20 on parking at the stadium

  3. Spend $25 on three beers

  4. Spend $15 on two brats

  5. Spend the night in the Brown County jail


Speaking of Packers, way to go! Great game! What they need to work on: Offensive line (PROTECT THE MOST VALUABLE PLAYER ON THE FIELD!!!!!), stop the hits on Rodgers (SERIOUSLY GUYS PROTECT HIM!!!), cut down on penalties (SERIOUSLY WTF!), and lastly: when you get the ball that close to the end zone, you gotta score a TOUCHDOWN not settle for a field goal. Because when I learned the math, 3<7. How about we get more points next time huh?

Don't even remind me about my Pick'ems this week. I started off FANTASTIC then it crashed and died in a fire.

Parents are driving home, made it to Louisville and my cousin Aaron treated them for dinner.

I really have nothing else to say, that article just made me LULZ in the best of ways. And I totally see it happening too.....because we're all drunken lunatics when it comes to football!

The Favre lovefest was a little too much. Unbiased my ass. Two huge injuries on GB side and a real close loss. We're 2-2.


Anyway, earlier today I finished up the website I was working on. Aka, I finally got (most) of the content and I got direction on how they wanted it to look like and I found some time to sit down and get it done. Please take a look around and let me know what you think, I'm not getting any feedback so......please?


weird....it's raining. Who saw that coming? aka, not me. Nice surprise.

Lastly on the drive to school today, there was an ad for Eastbay.....for jobs. As in the center about an hour from here is hiring since they can't get/hold onto quality people. aosfuaowijf aos jf


(and yes, I changed my music when I heard it rain)
"Did I really see that?"

Now going to eat breakfast, then head off for class. (Dislike! Too early! I wanna sleep moar!)
I'm still not done with my homework.

Granted, I haven't found anyone who finished the section I was stuck on. I'll just turn in what I got and be done with it. Boausfkajslf

I'm also all hot, sweaty, and nervous feeling from the Packer's game. It was sooooo gooooood but sooooooo close. Barbre needs to shape up if he wants to keep his starting position. Seriously, letting that many hits on Rodgers? YOU NEED TO PROTECT THE QB!!!!

I keep hearing loud bangs outside. Strange because the game ended long ago so what's with the noise. I don't see anything from my window, but it's surburbia and I'm probably hearing noises from miles away. Still weird and wtf?

Back to football, did you know that for my [livejournal.com profile] nflfans pick 'ems, I'm 10-2? (Titans and Cards being my only losses) Tomorrow I'll be a Pats (gjaosjf why?) and Charger's fan (FOR THE NIGHT ONLY) and try to see if I can win pick 'ems! (prob not, but still)

ETA: This sums up the game pretty well. (And only needs two gifs!)
1. He's a jerk face who's ambition is the money and glory not for the love of the game
2. While watching a bit of last night's game, he didn't do anything amazing and doesn't appear to be "THE SAVIOUR OF THE VIKINGS!!!!" or any of that nonsense. Based on last night's game, he's a glorfied ball holder. My dad and I were joking about it last night. "OH HAI ADRIAN!! I KEPT THE BALL WARM FOR YOU!!! HAVE A GOOD VA-CA-TION DOWN FIELD ALRIGHT?? BA-BYE!! :D:D:D:D:D"

Then he had to do this:

That is SO NOT RAVEN!! You don't do that. NO!!! NO!!!! That guy's career might be over with a move like that. Seriously, who does that? That kind of block? Seriously?

Things I can't wait for:
1. Every defensive lineman in the league knocking him down. DOWN.

In other non football news, today after class I was in the parking lot waiting for the traffic to clear so I could get on the street and therefore on my way home. So I'm second in line and I'm watching people drive in the parking lot. And who should it be? None other than Justin, the boyfriend of Julia who I haaaaaaaaate. He's a cool guy but unfortunately listens to everything Julia says and has no opinions of his own. Therefore, since she haaaaaaaates me more than I hate her, he hates me even though he has never EVER heard my side of the story. I've come to terms that I will never be friends with him again.

I know you might be thinking "Oh Natalie, just wait for them to break up and you can be friends again!!" Not that simple. He broke up with her about 3-4 times and each time Julia broke him down again and they started dating again. It's unfortunate that he has a much better personality when he's not dating Julia, but what can you do?

BONUS! I saw Justin's dad a few months back and he asked me why I wasn't around anymore. "Because Julia hates me." With those four words, he understood completely. He hates her too. J's dad said he would try to talk some sense into Justin, but obviously that hasn't worked out. Julia BLOCKED ME (what the hell!) from facebook minutes after our argument and apparently Justin made a new facebook profile and only friended "Julia approved" friends.

Lastly! This whole waking up early thing is killing me.
So as you all have probably noticed, I live in Green Bay, WI. Which as some of you know is home to the Green Bay Packers, a professional football team (American) in the National Football League.

Well: The city is a little bat shit today. Why? Because Brett Favre (beloved Quarterback of the team for yeeeeeears and years and was amazing and awesome) betrayed us all and signed on to be the quarterback to our arch nemesis and rival: the Minnesota Vikings.


Basically, he destroyed my childhood. Before 2007, people my age couldn't remember a season without Brett Favre at the helm. The Vikings? Ughajtuojsalfkj. No.

See this is the Brett I grew up on. He was the hero to kids my age. In elementary school, there were "Go Pack Go!" Days were all of the classrooms had contests to see who had the most Packer spirit. It was usually on Fridays or Mondays before a big game. All of the boys wanted to be Brett and we all admired him since he was so Great.

He's just a jerk for betraying us like that. He just wants the fame, glory, money, and records that another season will bring. He also wants another Super Bowl victory, but I don't see that coming. He'll be 40 in October and practically all defensive linemen in the league what to pound his ass so hard.

He will through more interceptions than touchdowns
The Vikings will have to rely on Adrian Peterson AKA "Purple Jesus" to do most all the scoring for them
Brett won't be the starter for all 16 games.
Won't win NFC North
Might go to playoffs on a wildcard.
So Aaron Rodgers (aka Mr. April on my calendar) made TMZ.com


Must be a slow celeb day. However it does give me a chance to use my Aaron Rodgers icon out of season. BAM!


Currently waiting in class for my teacher to figure out why a bunch of code isn't working the way it should. Also my computer in class magically reverted back to the desktop I changed it to months ago. I later had to reset all the settings on the machine and never switched the desktop to the way I wanted. Well, as you know Macs are magical.
I don't really care who wins the super bowl because the Packers aren't in it.   I don't hate any of the teams playing with a burning passion...flames at the side of my face  I'm indifferent towards both teams.  But if the Cards win, it would be cool since no one saw this coming at all.  Still, could care less.

I just watched Conan O'Brien try to be a NFL kicker and it was super cool.  Yeeeeeeeeeeeah.

Anyway, movie meme that I probably did before but I don't feel like checking how up to date it is.

I've seen 91 of 239 film. I have  )
I made another lush order.....SHUT UP. It's addicting! But I was a smart shopper. I got a lot of stuff I wanted, and then stuff to put into my stash. YAY! So excited! And it should be here before Valentine's Day, which is a huge plus. Their shipping takes fooooooorever but I'm too cheap to bump it up.

Today I used Loverly in the bath and it was...LOVERLY! Yay! I can still smell the flowers. YES.

Anyway, yesterday I learned that JavaScript is a bitch. I did figure out my homework though. It's going to take me a while to learn it though. Cool old guy Jack (who is in a lot of my classes) had a nice quote when I pointed out the lack of estrogen in the room. "Men and women think differently. It's like putting furniture in a room. Men can take a look around and say 'this chair can fit here, the couch here, table here,' while women have to actually move the furniture in and experiment with it before it fits." SO TRUE. Right now, I'm JavaScript's bitch, but I won't be your bitch...bitch.

Yesterday's Top Chef: Regional cuisine of Green Bay. LULZ! We don't have that! Although you can't think about NFL teams without thinking about the Packers. Come on, we're God's team for one, only team owned by a city, won the first two Super Bowls, Lombardi trophy is named after a Packer coach, WE'RE AWESOME DAMNIT! even though the 2008 season didn't show it well.) I need to find an icon or anything with Fabio or Spike with their Packer stuff.
Since they weren't saying what Fabio or Spike were cooking (until the end), I tried to figure out what would be in the box of "regional foods" and I came up with this list:

  • Cheese/Dairy

  • Cherries

  • Cranberries

  • Venison

  • Sausage or German inspired meats...smoked meats

  • Booyah our family has an AWESOME recipe and you can't go to a fundraiser/picnic deal in the summer/fall in Green Bay without someone selling booyah, but some of the recipes are dodgy.

  • Finka (I don't know how to spell it, but it's really gross stuff made of cow hearts, livers, and just gross. My grandma made it long ago and my uncle now makes it and I think it's disgusting)

  • Krout

  • Pizza dough (TNT Pizza Crust is based out of Green Bay)

Anyway, I thought I knew what was going on with lost for about five minutes yesterday then they had to throw in some more plot twists. Damn them.

Right, I need to go read the awesome drabbles at [livejournal.com profile] dramione_ldws and you should too because I wrote one of them! It's going to be tough to vote though.
ETA: I read through them all, and damn that was a hard decision! I liked A LOT of them and I think mine pales in comparison. Is it Saturday yet? I want to know the results!
SO! School is going well. Monday was Dreamweaver and SQL, Tuesday I had off and spent the whole day watching Inauguration coverage (the 7+ minutes when the Obamas were walking outside the limo during the parade were some of the longest of my liiife), then I did some hanging out with Kayla; Texas Roadhouse, Mario Kart on the Wii, hot tubbing, eating shortbread cookies, all that jazz. It was all good fun, I missed Kayla! I don't know what I'll do with myself when she and Thom leave! (Thom her fiance is going to start his Masters and Kayla will go with him to a so far unknown location.) I do have strict orders to visit them! Today was JavaScript and my teacher is hilarious, which is good.

Uh....DUDE! Preview for next week's Top Chef is MADE OF WIN. Why you may ask? Oh, because it's season 5 chefs versus all stars from previous seasons! THEN it's FOOTBALL THEMED!!!!! YAYAYAYAY FOOTBALL! Then Fabio was wearing a Packer towel as a cape during (what looked like the quickfire) and was later wearing a pin on his chef jacket during Judge's Table. AND I believe it was season 4 Andrew who was wearing a helmet. I didn't see the logo, but it was yellow!

Top Chef + Football is win! (as seen in season 4 in Chicago)

So part of my Adobe Flash homework for tomorrow is to review a good and a bad site that uses flash. Here's what I got. The Good The Bad and Ugly I HATE THAT LAST SITE!!! SO BAAAD.

Bad Runner up #1 Bad Runner up #2...just wtf

Ahhh posh tosh is so warm from all of the flahness and I'm overheating from my blanket and sweatshirt. Ahhhh!

Also: did not watch LOST yet....ARGHHH. I want to so bad!

I'm totally watching football instead of the Emmys by the way.

I'm so excited for this game.


It will be interesting to see how Rodgers will play against Romo this game. He did well last year when Favre got injured, almost bringing the Pack back to win the game. SO EXCITED EVEN THOUGH I'LL HAVE TO BLOCK OUT EVERYTHING JOHN MADDEN SAYS BEFORE I GO CRAZY FROM TEH DUM!
That was a strange strange strange game. 48-25. There was 40+ points scored by both teams in the 4th quarter. Early in the 4th quarter it was 27-25. Three Lions possessions ended in a intersection that led to a touchdown. I love football. To deny a humans love for football is to deny humanity.


Next week we play the Cowboys at home. Should be a very interesting game as well.

During the game, dad pointed out a player and said "You know he's really close to your age right? He's 23." Maybe I took that out of context since mom has been telling me I should date Aaron Rodgers (as if I have a choice in that matter!)




(Packer/Cowboys game.  Brett Favre got hit hard...right on his throwing hand's nerve.  He can't feel his hand due to the pinched nerve and is possibly out for the game and Aaron Rodgers is now playing instead.  We're down 17-27 at half, which isn't bad, but we can't stop the Cowboy's offense.)

My NaNo can wait (at 44K), the NFC Championship (so to speak) is at steak!
Why does my heart cry?

The Bears still suck.  Their whole entire success as a franchise is based on luck.
I can't believe that I'm passing astronomy. No wai! Although a D+ isn't exactly the greatest grade ever and I need to bring it up so I'll have a good GPA so I can study abroad. I can't believe that my whole fate of going to Scotland/England depends on me getting a good grade in astronomy. I'm not used to having to worry about failing, but this class is crazy hard....well for me it is. GAH!

Things I need to do:
constalaton activity (if it is ever not cloudy here before Monday night....otherwise I'll have to BS it)
Make up activity
Big Bang essay (EXTRA CREDIT!YAY!)
Popular astronomy topic essay

meanwhile I need to keep up on my other classes and make sure I can register for classes I need/want

my parents are going to the Packer game tomorrow and that's lame xcore. I would so go. Seriously. And no desperate housewives tomorrow, but at least I get some hott Captain Jack action in Torchwood, but I won't be able to watch it until like....12:00 as always.
The Campbell Soup company began its annual NFL campaign in the fight against hunger for the less privileged. It's called "Click for Cans."

Green Bay Packers fans have handily won this national contest since its inception seven years ago. While we may have difficulty winning on the field these days, we can win this contest with your DAILY vote for the Packers.

All you have to do is go to this web site and click on the Packer helmet to cast your vote. At the end of the contest in early December, Campbell 's makes a significant donation of their Chunky soup to the food pantries in the city of the winning team. It costs you nothing other than just a few seconds to go to:


I still don't want to go to math today....wait, I never want to go. Boo.



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