I was SO CLOSE to finishing my college education without taking out a loan by both a college fund, not spending any money if I can help it, and my part time jobs over the years. That is until now.


Funny because I need a lot of money very quickly.

1. $250 due for deposit on Thailand study abroad trip I really want to go on but my parents are dead set against me going on
2. $120 for passport
3. $350 for credit card bill that includes the doctor who dvds I bought, christmas presents, and about three tanks of gas (and other misc things)
4. $1700 for tuition (something like that)
5. I'm guessing $150 on books.
6. Somewhere around $2000-3200 for Thailand.

This is going to be so fun! I currently have about $400 so I'm going to have some fun figuring out everything. #1 has to be done asap, #2 asap and I guess I'll just pay as much as I can on #3 since my next bill will be small and I'll be able to cover it. As for #4 and #5, I don't need those for a month. And #6, they haven't figured out the price yet and I'll have time to figure that out.

Game plan: Ask for help from friends and family. I'm sure people I know will be willing to help me. I'm also going to ask around for some odd jobs I can do for people. Also, I'm planning on sticking around at CVS longer than I thought. I'll prob just work the weekends, but better than nothing. I'll also get an internship during next semester that will be (hopefully) a paid one, so I can have TWO jobs. I really don't want to take out a loan, but I can do that if it comes absolutely necessary.

I need to take a shower, get my passport photo taken, turn in the forms, pay my deposit and sweat out the rest of my money. OH AND GO TO THE BANK FIRST! I have to deposit money into my account otherwise my checks will bounce! THAT IS IMPORTANT!!!

So if anyone else has any ideas on how I can pay for everything, let me know.

Also, my parents don't know that I'm putting a deposit down on my Thailand trip or applying for a passport. Whenever I bring it up, they just talk about how dangerous Thailand is and how I don't have money. And for the record, I really should have a passport and the trip money is refundable. Which means if I don't come up with the rest of the money, I'll get my deposit back.

We talked about it in my Flash class today. "Now that you've spent a semester on Flash's headdeskery code and now hate Actionscript, let's try something easier and faster and uses a lot less code. jQuery = win.

I just happened to have a plethora of Alice images on my external hard drive. I wonder how that happened? Oh yeah, I was bored during that hour I had to wait in my photoshop class and made random graphics while waiting to present.

In other news, I'm going to devote my life to Economics for the rest of the night. HOW AM I ALWAYS DISTRACTED THE LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL? I have a lot of shit to dooooooooo.....

Also, I spent ten minutes scraping ice off of my car today then it didn't want to start and I freaked out. I tried calling my dad, but he didn't answer his phone. I was about to go back inside to get help, but my car started. Whew! All of the battery powered things worked, just the engine didn't work. It was weird.

Lastly, I found out that a horrible horrible teacher is teaching one of my classes next semester. NO ONE LIKES HER. I got lucky thus far with my education and never had her as a teacher, but it shows that my last semester I couldn't outrun fate. I would jump to another section asap, but there is only one class. AOUFSL DARN IT!!! I was so close!!!! D:

Wow today.

Dec. 10th, 2009 09:29 pm
Today was full of crazy sauce.

1. Accidently overslept. I didn't have anywhere to be but I had a lot of stuff to get done.

I had my final project for Photoshop due today, and I had to make two new projects for it since I didn't have enough. Whatever, that's done and overwith. *whew!*

2. OMG, I HATE WINTER DRIVING!!! Usually it isn't bad, but OMG IT IS HORRIBLE!!! My car is a Southern Belle and doesn't take to winter well. After a few weeks of cold weather and snow, she's good, but until then....not so much. Actually, the heater is never good! lol! My commute to school usually takes 15-20 minutes depending on traffic, but today.......50 minutes. AORUSLFJSLF I spent a lot of my commute going 5 MPH or less since there was so much ice everywhere. A lot of spinning and fishtailing was done...by everyone not just me. Stressful driving....yay!

Plus it's ridiculously cold.

3. We had an hour delay with our presentations for photoshop. Apparently when my teacher says that we will present first thing, people took that to mean "We'll have an hour to work on our stuff before presenting." It was weird since my half of the room was all done with their stuff but not the other side. I just chilled on facebook/reading Alice fic waiting to present.

4. When we I present, my teacher asked after I was done if I put in text description anywhere in my portolio. I said I did but took it out since I thought it looked too tacky and was unnecessary. She gave me a weird look when I was walking back to my seat. WTF? It wasn't required!! I didn't like how it looked!! Whatever.

Alice has officially taken over my life. I just downloaded 10,000 screen caps. Yes, TEN THOUSAND. I'm already having fun.
Hey yo yellow-dello!

I'm absolutely swamped with projects to get done before the semester ends. Oh the joys of computer classes! I only have ONE final exam (that I'm not really studying for) the rest are all PROJECTS and not just projects, but monster projects. My list of things to get done by the end of the semester is quite daunting actually. I'm probably not going to sleep a lot between now and the 21st. Lucky me.

Anywho! Christmas cards! I want to get these cards sent out this week. I'm planning on buying something special to put inside the cards, but I need to know who wants one. I'm willing to send cards internationally (YOU GET A CARD, YOU GET A CARD! EVERYONE GETS A CARD!!!) so if you want a card......give me your addy!
I only got three people so far. Just comment at this post (comments are screened) if you want a card!

I also may have stayed up until 3 AM messing around with ringtones I got at Audiko. My text message alert is Eric Northman. "I texted you three times....why didn't you reply?" Because I'm a dork and Eric is awesome.

ALSO. DOES ANYONE KNOW OF ANY TOPHER/BENNETT FIC ANYWHERE? BUELLER? ...BULLER? ....ANYONE? ...ANYONE? They are so dorktastic and adorable together.

Finally, a list: Things I want for Christmas that I probably definitely won't get:
1. iPod connector for Nike+ shoe technology. I want to start running again and I already have Nike+ shoes.
2. Camcorder. Vloging looks cool. I don't want to feel limited to my craptastic quality that is the iSight camera.
3. DVDs I'll actually watch, ie my fandoms. Maybe I'll get Harry Potter....who knows.
4. Dollhouse to be picked up by SOMEONE. (NBC? Please?)
5. A trip somewhere not in the United States (or anywhere I've never been before. I need out of the midwest so bad.)
6. New stereo in the "Disable" since only the radio works. New brakes would be cool too.
7. Wristwarmers
8. Slippers that fit all five of my qualifications: (soft bottom, back, neutral print, low top, fuzzy inside)

EDIT: OH AND DUH! People in the UK. I have a question to ask of you. Is it possible for you to buy some gu puds for me? My friend went to London last year, fell in love with the Gu and can't find them stateside. Even my google-fu can't find any place who sells them around here. NOT EVEN CHICAGO. They will be the PERFECT pressie for her, but I need some help. I'm willing to pay for them and the shipping, and I can send you something that we have stateside that isn't in the UK.
1. Reply to this post, and I will pick five of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon squee. Whoo!

[livejournal.com profile] kalina_blue gave me these:

1. This is probably my favorite Dramione icon I have. It was made by by [livejournal.com profile] mystik_rose and I love it. I love the colors and the pose and GUH! :)
2. CHARLIE! Charlie is my favorite character on LOST. I love his weird hand gesture as Hurley is freaking out....because Charlie is dead and everything. This one was made by [livejournal.com profile] heartoutofstone.
3. Can't Talk. TV. I must say that a lot or something! But it's true. Don't bother me when I'm watching the idiot box. lol! Made by [livejournal.com profile] iconzicons
4. This one made by by [livejournal.com profile] ninja_faerie is Bella and Edward at the prom. They're finally happy and I love it.
5. ELIZABETH BENNET FTW. And not any Lizzy Bennet, but Jennifer Ehle's portrayal in the 1995 version (aka the best one). I love the glow in the icon and use of color. This one made by [livejournal.com profile] crymeariver_.

In other news, I'm seriously considering going on my school's study abroad trip to Thailand this upcoming May/June. I don't know how I'm going to afford it at the moment, but that's all in the fun of it all...isn't it?

I'm also getting notices on TweetDeck with some of my facebook peeps who are west of me, and watching the "ZOMG SNOW!!" posts move eastward. Here, there are flurries, but not enough to exclaim "ZOMG SNOW!" so I'll have to watch that.
Working on this. Yep.

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Also known as one of my six (OMG I'M ONLY HALF WAY DONE) covers I need to do.

Unfortunately for me, I just realized that the second half of covers.....I can't use the internet to get pictures. They have to be all my own. GRUMBLECAKES.

Game plan:
Find some pictures that could work for my theme and drag them onto the desktop.
Get one cover done and the ad then go to sleep and work on the other two covers in the morning.

I'm also really confused since I'm 99% sure that we need to make three variatons on each theme, but the way I'm reading the instructions says that we need to make two. Eh? I'll just make three just to be safe (and I'm not really satisfied with these covers thusfar. Maybe I'll like them in the morning....I don't know.)

I wish I could go back in time and kick my ass for procrastinating like this. Pulling a "Brad" isn't very fun.

Here's to hoping I have time to jazz up these covers tomorrow! Whooooo!!!
What I've been doing these last five days:

Eating snacks (mostly sour gummy worms)
Working on computery things
Watching Teeeeveeee
OMGOMGOMG Working a lot at CVS
Aaaaaand being slightly paranoid about living alone since Wednesday. Tonight I triple checked to make sure I locked the door. The house is over 60 years old, and I'm practically jumping at every weird noise, even if said weird noise comes from whatever music I'm playing.

I also (finally) caught up with all of the vlogbrother vids on youtube. Nerdfighers! Whoo-ha!

Also just noted that my Richard/Oliver video I made in March is more popular than I thought it was. I do have to say that if EVER I find out that Richard Hammond (or James May or Jeremy Clarkson) ever see this video, I may melt and die. It is a fact that is hardwired into my DNA. With less than 500 views, I doubt that they have seen it.

I'm not joking either. My embarrassment level would be at an epic high. I can't wait for Top Gear to start again. I miss it.

Moving on, I've been buying a lot of candy and snacks and vitamin water at work, and I noticed that I'm adding up some serious extrabucks on candy. There is this deal on halloween candy now, spend $20 on candy and get $5 extrabucks on a future purchase. Well, I've been buying candy, but not traditional "halloween" candy as in trick or treat candy. Nevertheless, they have been including that in my halloween candy count. Which means I have until the 31st to spend $11.15 on candy. I'll just stock up on candy for my NaNo writing needs I guess.

This has also become a rather long entry that started off as "I have nothing really to say" type of mindset. Now Imma be finishing off my leftover candy and working on some computery things. Haven't decided what one to do yet though.
If you're not aware, there is this guy JON in my class. Well, I've had several classes with him and he's been incredibly annoying in ALL OF THEM. He has even annoyed some teachers to the point where they won't help him if he doesn't have a legit concern. Concern as in relevant to the class material they taught and it wasn't incredibly so out there in right field.

Anyway, my friend Darcie and I were tweeting about him during lecture today. It was quite fun, especially the part when Darcie laughed really loud as something I wrote (but by that point we migrated to facebook chat)

Enjoy! (But honestly, I'm keeping this convo for myself so I can laugh again later)
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In other news, I would like to recommend this website for being awesome and posting links to opencourseware. Today I watched a programming lecture from MIT and it was AMAAAAAZING and I would recommend it to everyone. Whew! Long link but I wanted it to be noticed. I think I accomplished that.

I also noted that my "alma mater" Well, I went there for three semesters is signed up but haven't put up any material yet. Weird, I shall have to investigate and see if I can feel my soul dying from the university's content, or whether it was the campus or city itself that destroys souls. Yes, the Hellmouth is no longer in Sunnydale, CA but rather in fact in Eau Claire, WI. Look it up. Use the google!
I'm still not done with my homework.

Granted, I haven't found anyone who finished the section I was stuck on. I'll just turn in what I got and be done with it. Boausfkajslf

I'm also all hot, sweaty, and nervous feeling from the Packer's game. It was sooooo gooooood but sooooooo close. Barbre needs to shape up if he wants to keep his starting position. Seriously, letting that many hits on Rodgers? YOU NEED TO PROTECT THE QB!!!!

I keep hearing loud bangs outside. Strange because the game ended long ago so what's with the noise. I don't see anything from my window, but it's surburbia and I'm probably hearing noises from miles away. Still weird and wtf?

Back to football, did you know that for my [livejournal.com profile] nflfans pick 'ems, I'm 10-2? (Titans and Cards being my only losses) Tomorrow I'll be a Pats (gjaosjf why?) and Charger's fan (FOR THE NIGHT ONLY) and try to see if I can win pick 'ems! (prob not, but still)

ETA: This sums up the game pretty well. (And only needs two gifs!)
I can't stop watching these. So because I can't stop, I decided to share my favorites! (BECAUSE I'M NICE AND I WANT OTHER PEOPLE TO SHARE IN THE LULZ!)

The same people also made the 2008 Presidential Debates into a song/dance and also have important historical figures with backup from "the band from the future." I love these videos! I even downloaded a few of the songs that accompany them.

In other news, I thought my Photoshop class started at 5:30. At 4:50 I realized I was wrong and that my class starts at 5:00. SO I RAN OUT OF THE HOUSE AND PUT THE PETAL TO THE METAL!! Dude. I made it to class only a few minutes late and actually only about 20 seconds behind my teacher.

[livejournal.com profile] calenfenwen = FOR THE WIN.

ETA: LULZ forever at Wolf Blitzer's facial expression on the first video! Awesome screen cap!
lol sorry.
Found this and thought other people would be interested.

Only benefit about 7:30 AM class from what I can see..... front row parking. Can I get a HUZZAH?
That and also the fact that I have an excuse to buy food at the cafe. Delicious! Although my free sample of a new breakfast dish they are trying out was WAY BETTER than the $2.20 breakfast sandwich I bought. Go figure right?

Finally was assigned homework in Flash. Looks fun. Anything to get away from the boring examples from the book. ANYTHING

Found out that so far, if I were to transfer to AI Schaumburg right now I would get 44 credits and have to take 32-34 classes. (I don't remember, one of the two). I'm not sure how many of the classes I'm taking now (and might take later on) will transfer, but it's a good jumping point to see if I want to transfer. Just saying.

Also strangely hungry. Will remedy that! (And not eat chocolate covered bacon I'll promise you that. I can never promise about enormous servings of ice cream though. Cus I ♥♥♥♥ ice cream.)
calenfenwen: (Darling)
How bout today?

Well, yesterday was my first day ever training on the registers at CVS. Did you know that in it's basic Latin form [livejournal.com profile] calenfenwen equals "LUCKY BITCH" because.....I am one.

Why? Same. Exact. System. As. Fleet Farm. Well, there were a few different things to know how to do and there were buttons missing from the register than FF's. For example, there is no button for hardware or pick up tickets for the yard.

I had my Logistics/Fullfillment class today. I don't care for it and I don't think I need it in my future career, but I do need it to graduate. Oh dilemma! I'm the only girl in the class, yet the teacher still doesn't get my name. *while looking at roster* "What did you say your name was again? Madeline?" "No, it's Natalie...."

I'm going to eat supper now but I'll be back to expand laterz. Ciao! :)

I forgot how weird people can be shopping.
I also forgot how cute little kids could be when with parents while shopping.
I also forgot how people can be coupon whores. (And extra buck whores too) but I find it awesome that people can buy $70+ worth of stuff and only pay $0.70 or something ridiculous.

I can't wait to get my employee extra care card. I'll totally take over CVS.

After school today I went over to my grandpa's house to mow his lawn. Ugh. Old men are persnickety. God forbid I don't cut the lawn diagonally by the right angle! Or if the mower is resting just a smidge high. I understand why all of the cousins (minus Rebecca since she's never done it) hate doing the lawn when he's around. Blerg. I'm also not going to lose my hearing while mowing the lawn so I don't need OSHA approved ear covers. I'll use my iPod thank you dearly.

I also forgot how much gas it takes to go to school and back. Jiminy Christmas! I had a half tank on Thursday now I'm on fumes!
I'm going to be so freaking tired tomorrow.

Why? It's currently....10:40 PM and my alarm is set to go off at....5:22 AM tomorrow so I can be out the door at 6:55 to make it to my 7:30 class early to get a seat in the back and away from a certain somebody I know will be taking the class. It's going to be the fourth class I'll have with him and I'm dreading it. 1. Well he will be there and 2. Apparently the teacher sucks. I've heard nothing good about her.

Anyway, not remotely tired.

Nevertheless, I'll try to go to bed soon. If I can stop watching Do You Wanna Date My Avatar long enough or rereading the AWESOME Dramione fic I just found and bookmarked.

I also need to find my chucks. I don't know where they ended up. I wanted to wear them yesterday, but they were MIA. Not in my closet, not in my semi-sorted pile of shoes, and not in my occasionally worn shoe pile that my mom made downstairs. Where are you? Blah.

1. Wake up when alarm goes off first time (hahahahahaha times infinity)
2. Get to class on time (eh, I could see it go either way. I have no clue how traffic is that time of day since I'm always sleeping)
3. Get home and scrub floor like I promised (oh grumblecakes)
4. Wash dishes and all evidence of the entire pan of brownies I ate this weekend. Whoops!
5. Work on deloscc.com and homework
6. Get rid of pile of crap that is hidden behind comfy chair in bedroom. Seriously Nat, that's been there for a month.

Anyway: I posted some pictures on my facebook this afternoon if anyone is interested. They are random things from the summer and they include pics of Will. *wink*

Summer bachelors, like summer breezes, are never as cool as they pretend to be.
I'm not sure if the facebook links work or not, but I did finish my website for the project which includes a photo gallery. I believe the site should stick around for another week(ish) since the semester is over and they clear off the server at that point.


If you're curious, my website design final project is here: http://www.nmattson1.nwtcbit.com/website-design/final-project/

(My Dollhouse Flash portfolio is here: http://www.nmattson1.nwtcbit.com/adobe-flash/practical/practical.html although I really want to clean it up a little bit.)

With that said, does anyone want to know anything more specific about New York? I think I did a good job with my tweets/website but who knows. You do! Hit me up with a question, comment or whatever! I thought you guys would be jumping all over me for info! But if no one wants to know stuff, that's cool too.

I'll just carry on to....HIMYM season finale tonight!!! Can't wait!!

(Also, during the flight into Newark, there is a great view of the Manhattan skyline and I couldn't help but wonder if Richard Castle was out there solving a murder. Seriously....first thought. I might need help.)
BUT! Good news everybody!

I'm done with my Adobe Flash final project! Check it ouuuuuuuuuut!


It's not due for 27 hours, so if you spot something that needs fixing, let me know! I have time to fix it! Woooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Now I'll either make my Flash practical (web portfolio of the semester's assignments), clean up my website, or start my website design final. Decisions, decisions.

Also, this version of Careless Whisper is better than Wham's and Seether's. (Plus Rufus and Ben's exchange in the beginning is cute) TRUE FACT. LOOK IT UP.

That's it really, carry on with your internetting.

Having this project done feels so amazing since last week I didn't think I would have it done on time.

Try not to laugh. I dare you.

I made my first Lush UK order today since it's a lot cheaper than the North American store. Apparently they are discontinuing Sonic Death Monkey (nooooooooooooo!!!!) and Sweet Japanese Girl (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO) among other things so I stocked up in case they don't go retro. Apparently English Countryside is on that list too and I couldn't find it online which is frightening. Sad face!

(Dreamwash, A. Sugar Scrub, Dark Angels, Karma soap, Chox Away, Greased Lightning, and Godmother were also ordered)

Overall, prices cheaper than NA, shipping cheaper than NA, and I've been told that it's faster. But I also heard that UK doesn't give out as many samples as NA does. I requested some, but who knows. Also the naked packaging can be hit and miss, so hopefully it will be safe and protected.

To do yet today:
Rip sound off Clue DVD
Go to school work on Flash stuff
Get LOST tonight, baby you can be my black Kate Moss tonight
So I got the info regarding my final project and practical for my Flash class. AND the idea that I had last week totally works in the confines of the requirements! Score! PLUS I have until the 7th to get the project done! Totally doable. The practical is really really easy looking, making a portfolio. Simple. As. Pie. That's due the 14th "and can be finished during that class time in case of procrastination/forgetfulness."

Well, yesterday I went on a 6+ mile bike ride with Kayla and now my butt and lower back are super sore. Well, what can you do?

Awesome news: Kayla was the correct caller for the radio contest and is entered in a drawing for the Zootopia concert in NYC!! She has a 1 in 15 chance of getting the tickets and transportation! How awesome is that? Sadly I had to find out through facebook since I was in class at the time and missed her call. Whatevs.

Diana and I discussed Hawaii after class and in case you didn't know, Oahu is now "my island" according to Diana. ;) I'll take it!

Well, I have my first E-Marketing class tomorrow in 11 hours. The class has the potential to be sort of interesting or boring as hell. I don't know. Haven't really heard anything about the class. Here's to hoping there are computers in the classroom nevertheless!

So brother-in-law step-cousin (whom I met at my cousin's wedding and called me sister-in-law on my facebook. His mom married my ex-uncle a year or two ago and that was the first time we met.) is recording a record in New Orleans, and he put a sneak peak of one of the songs on his account. Sounds awesome. He's a pretty rad guy too!

weird I'm tagging family because of this since he is technically family. Distant Kentucky relation.

Alright, I'm going to attempt to stand up, walk upstairs, and go to bed. Busy day tomorrow!
Sorry for being a LJ slacker. I haven't been doing anything interesting and I decided to spare you the details.

Today in Website Design, Darcie told me that one of the classes I need to take yet she's taking this semester and it sucks. It doesn't say on the class information and no one told her (or me) this but apparently having knowledge of photoshop would be extremely helpful. I know Illustrator and Flash but not Photoshop. I mean I use it for stuff but I don't know it very well.

Point being, I need to take that before I can take Web Graphic Design. Bastards.
Also, most of the marketing classes are cancelled and Darcie has been taking other replacement classes. Weird huh? She thinks my plan to take some other classes is really smart. She just wants to be done with school and I can't blame her.

I worked a little on the art for a Flash project that could very well be my final project but I don't know what the requirements of the project are. If it doesn't fit, I'll just do it myself later. I need to draw nine (maybe more) people, six (or more) locations, and other misc stuff.

Here's a hint of what I'm working on (if the above wasn't a big enough hint):
"Oh, life could be a dream
If I could take you up in paradise up above.
If you would tell me I'm the only one that you love
Life could be a dream, sweetheart

Although most people probably wouldn't get it even if I told them exactly what it was about. [livejournal.com profile] ____claire could figure it out. Most likely.

This too:

So Aaron Rodgers (aka Mr. April on my calendar) made TMZ.com


Must be a slow celeb day. However it does give me a chance to use my Aaron Rodgers icon out of season. BAM!


Currently waiting in class for my teacher to figure out why a bunch of code isn't working the way it should. Also my computer in class magically reverted back to the desktop I changed it to months ago. I later had to reset all the settings on the machine and never switched the desktop to the way I wanted. Well, as you know Macs are magical.
¡ʎɐʎ ¡ʇɥbıuoʇ ʇso1

.ǝǝs 11,ı .ǝıʌoɯ poob ɐ sɐʍ ʇı pıɐs ʞɹoʍ ʇɐ puǝıɹɟ ɐ ǝɔuıs ssǝɥɔnp ǝɥʇ buıɯɐǝɹʇs ɯ,ı :ʎ1ʇuǝɹɹnɔ

.ʎɐp 11ɐ sıɥʇ op oʇ pǝuıɯɹǝʇǝp ɯ,ı ʇnq (ʇı ʇɐ qoظ ɹǝʇʇǝq ɐ pıp ǝqnʇnoʎ ǝɔuıs ʎ11ɐıɔǝdsǝ) buıʎouuɐ ʇsnظ s,ʇı ʍou ʇnq buıuɹoɯ sıɥʇ ɹǝıuunɟ pǝɯǝǝs ʇı .(ǝuı1uo ʎɐp 11ɐ uǝǝq ǝʌɐɥ puɐ) ʍou ʇɥbıɹ sıɥʇ ǝʞı1 noʎ oʇ buıdʎʇ ɯ,ı puɐ ʞooqǝɔɐɟ uo spuǝıɹɟ ʎɯ ɟo ǝuo pǝ1ooɟ uǝʌǝ ı .pǝʇuıoddɐsıp ɯ,ı .ʎɐpoʇ sǝʞoظ ʎuunɟ ʎuɐ puıɟ ʎ11ɐǝɹ ʇ,upıp ı 'ǝ1boob puɐ ǝqnʇnoʎ sǝpısǝq

.ʇı ʇnoqɐ 1ǝǝɟ ʎ11ɐǝɹ ı ʍoɥ ǝǝs puɐ ɹǝʇsǝɯǝs ʇxǝu sǝssɐ1ɔ ǝɥʇ ɟo ǝɯos ǝʞɐʇ oʇ buıob ɯ,ı .ɯɐɹboɹd ǝɯosǝʍɐ uɐ ǝʞı1 spunos ʇı ʞuıɥʇ ı puɐ ǝʞɐʇ oʇ pǝǝu p1noʍ ı sǝssɐ1ɔ 31 ǝɹɐ ǝɹǝɥʇ .ʎbo1ouɥɔǝʇ ɐıpǝɯ 1ɐʇıbıp .ʇnoqɐ pǝʇıɔxǝ ɯ,ı ʇɐɥʇ ɯɐɹboɹd ǝ1oɥʍ ɐ punoɟ puɐ ǝʞɐʇ uɐɔ ı sǝssɐ1ɔ buıʇsǝɹǝʇuı ǝɯos oʇuı pǝʞoo1 os1ɐ

.buıʇıɔxǝ sɐ ʇou 'sǝʇɐ1d ǝsuǝɔı1 ʎɯ pǝʍǝuǝɹ os1ɐ .ɔıʇsɐʇuɐɟ s,ʇɐɥʇ os (buı11ǝs sɐʍ ǝɹoʇs 1ooɥɔs ǝɥʇ ʇɐɥʍ uɐɥʇ ɹǝdɐǝɥɔ 001$ ʇnoqɐ sɐʍ puɐ) ssɐ1ɔ pǝʇɐɹǝ1ǝɔɔɐ ʎɯ ɹoɟ ʞooq ǝɥʇ ʇɥbnoq :ʎɐʍʎuɐ

.ʍou os buıop ǝq oʇ ʇou 1nɟɹǝpuoʍ s,ʇı puɐ ʇdıɹɔsɐʌɐظ ɹoɟ 1ooɥɔs oʇ buıʌıɹp ǝq oʇ pǝsn ı uǝɥʍ ǝɯıʇ ɐ buıɹnp ʍou noʎ oʇ buıdʎʇ ɯ,ı ¡s1nɟɹǝpuoʍ o11ǝɥ

And because I'm nice...what I said:
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