Meme from [ profile] marcal_92
You can learn a lot about someone by the music they listen to. So here is the game! Hit shuffle on your ipod or mp3 player and write down the first 25 songs. No cheating or skipping songs that are shameful. That is the fun!

You would think there would be more variety with 3515 songs.... )

I didn't do anything today...except laundry. I forgot about a friend's bday party too. It started at 8:00, it's now 11:30, and I'm not interested in figuring out what bar they migrated to. I'm gonna have to apologize my ass off tomorrow and/or Monday when I have class with her.
Although Chicago gave me a run for my money. Ugh. DED.

So Friday morning, the family left our driveway at 9:00 to head out to the LP of Michigan for a wedding. It was fun. So much family togetherness.

That and getting stuck in Chicago traffic! Because that was REALLY FUN!!!! Both Friday and today, we were stuck in Chicago traffic for over two hours. Downtown Chicago was ridiculous. Friday I spent a lot of my time pointing out expensive cars. "BMW.... Mercedes Benz.... another BMW ...." and don't forget "HOLY SHIT A LAMBO!!" Today I saw a vintage Rolls Royce near the Wisconsin-Illinois border. We were complaining that this Bug was going like... 55 in a 65 zone. Then when we passed it, we noticed the Royce in front of the Bug.


Getting there was an adventure and a huge rush after we got out of Chicagoland. (Chicagoland when driving is Gurnee, IL to Gary, IN) The wedding started at 6:00 and we got to the hotel at 5:05 since we lost an hour switching time zones. So fun getting ready, I had zero time doing my hair since I spent most of my time doing my makeup and getting my face degrossified from traveling all day.

ANYWAY. The wedding: It was cool and weird.

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Cutest guy:
Looked like Tom Felton. SERIOUSLY LOOKED LIKE TOM FELTON WHEN I FIRST GLANCED HIS WAY. I HAD TO DO A DOUBLE TAKE. I called him "Draco Malfoy Manip" in my head all night. Which made me laugh. I kind of wanted him to dance with me, but he had a girlfriend. First wedding in a looooooong time that some random guy didn't ask me to dance. I'm losing my touch!

Interesting point: We spent more time on the road than we did conscious at the wedding venue city. Whoo-hoo!

Also, listening to Sufjan Steven's song "Chicago" in Chicago is very gratifying. I would suggest doing it if ever traveling through Chicago.

Also Mark 2, I'm looking into studying at the AI in Chicago since I've heard from several people that the job market for my area is very tough and one girl I know couldn't get her required internship. I'm gonna try to get my Bachelor's degree and be super awesome.
calenfenwen: (Darling)
It has become my profound mission to begin to eat a loooooooot healthier than I have been these last couple of "college" years. And well beyond as well.

Meaning, I'm going to try to ease up on processed foods.


I mean to say that processed foods are yummy, but in moderation. Not every meal of every day practically.
I shall do more research on this when I am less le tired.

In the past 24 hours I watched and finished the six hour version of Pride and Prejudice. I love that so much. Pretty good use of my time.

Also, Elton John needs to stop making me cry. Such a beautiful song. I've been listening to this almost non stop all week (with a few other songs in between). The lyrics are so lovely and sad and beautiful.

So I got the info regarding my final project and practical for my Flash class. AND the idea that I had last week totally works in the confines of the requirements! Score! PLUS I have until the 7th to get the project done! Totally doable. The practical is really really easy looking, making a portfolio. Simple. As. Pie. That's due the 14th "and can be finished during that class time in case of procrastination/forgetfulness."

Well, yesterday I went on a 6+ mile bike ride with Kayla and now my butt and lower back are super sore. Well, what can you do?

Awesome news: Kayla was the correct caller for the radio contest and is entered in a drawing for the Zootopia concert in NYC!! She has a 1 in 15 chance of getting the tickets and transportation! How awesome is that? Sadly I had to find out through facebook since I was in class at the time and missed her call. Whatevs.

Diana and I discussed Hawaii after class and in case you didn't know, Oahu is now "my island" according to Diana. ;) I'll take it!

Well, I have my first E-Marketing class tomorrow in 11 hours. The class has the potential to be sort of interesting or boring as hell. I don't know. Haven't really heard anything about the class. Here's to hoping there are computers in the classroom nevertheless!

So brother-in-law step-cousin (whom I met at my cousin's wedding and called me sister-in-law on my facebook. His mom married my ex-uncle a year or two ago and that was the first time we met.) is recording a record in New Orleans, and he put a sneak peak of one of the songs on his account. Sounds awesome. He's a pretty rad guy too!

weird I'm tagging family because of this since he is technically family. Distant Kentucky relation.

Alright, I'm going to attempt to stand up, walk upstairs, and go to bed. Busy day tomorrow!
Today's Dreamweaver assignment sucked. So much work and I feel like I'm no where to being done. The site for reference. I won't be able to fix it until Thursday by the way...maybe Wednesday. Basically the button links don't work, the footer links won't stylize correctly, I messed something up on the clear divs (or something not sure) so the last section (summary) on the individual reviews won't clear (even though they did earlier so wtf), need to fix the rounded box transparency... also other stuff. And I'm not done with the actual assignment. UGH. LAME SAUCE. Meanwhile Robert is going to go through and grade (hopefully...please? At least post past grades!) my past assignments and see the pile of crap on my site.

If you see why my stuff isn't clearing, can you tell me why before I cry? I'll probably figure it out, but I have enough on my plate. (Also why my footer links won't change...that would be lovely as I have tried many things) I think I made a mistake when uploading my newest CSS page since I was in a rush to get to SQL since I was running late because I know for a fact it was working correctly before!

Also I realized that Jon can be really annoying. Actually I've known this for a long time. He can be really nice but really annoying. He's also not the greatest at the graphic related classes I've had with him (three so far) but he made some cool things with Maya in the past which makes me wonder how.

Then SQL just is made of pure suck. Why why why why. Even people who are better than me thinks it sucks galore. I did figure out one of the statements by myself though! Karen was subbing today and wondered if anyone had the answer (I did yay!) and wanted me to give her the commands (while I was eating something! lulz!) I love Karen. I probably would like the class better if she were teaching it.

Tomorrow I'm going to FINISH my JavaScript homework so I can have time to review for the Lab Practical on Wednesday (which is going to suck).

Plus for today? My student fees helped pay for some cookies so I got to have a cookie break during class. There will be another one on Wednesday which is exciting as I couldn't go to them last semester. Also, I have fallen in love with a music mix I made for a class (that I never turned in) a few months ago. For making it in two seconds, it's really good! I approve.

At least the semester is 1/3 done!

WHAT THE HELL???? It works fine on a mac but not a PC?  What?  What kind of fuckery is this?  If you have a PC please check my site to make sure I'm not crazy because two of the big problems are working of my MacBook and didn't on the PC at school.
Posh Tosh, what a bitch!
Aka: I need a new computer soon.
I'm sorry I've abused you, but don't die on me please.

Anyway, my grandpa is over for dinner and he started talking about how he used to have this cassette tape of "some happy song" and we've figured out that it was "Don't Worry, Be Happy" so it's my job now to download it from iTunes and burn it on a CD. Which is why Posh Tosh is making a weird noise while burning the disk. It's never done that before.

It's awesome because I got $2 from my grandpa to do this even though I told him it cost $1. "For my trouble," he said. Whatever! Awesome! I then spulrged and bought other songs on iTunes that I've wanted for awhile for some reason. Most are crack and Top 40 songs.

Work last night was weird. Sarah was there, and I learned how she can be even more over protective of her 11 year old daughter than I thought possible (based on my first impression of her anyway). I like her as a person, but sometimes (especially when it's just us at the end of the night) she tries to get as much personal information about me. "Do you have a boyfriend?" "What do you think about this controversial subject?" "Celebrity crushes: go."

Also: there was a 40+ minute interval without any calls for Sarah and I. It was weird, but gave us more time to bond and whatever. Becky almost was debating giving one of us the option of going home, but she didn't because we would've been understaffed. Whatever. I wasn't going to take the cold spot anyway since it's like throwing away $20 because I wanted to go home early. I can suck it up when I have to.

OH! And [ profile] dramione_ldws GO! There are some good LOTR and Moulin Rouge! drabbles there (including one by yours truly!) so if you have the time go and read them. It's a free "just for fun" round so there isn't voting, but still check out the round!
Well, it's -12 F outside (according to our thermometer anyway) and my class isn't canceled. Oh well. Whatever. I didn't think it would, but it's still hard to go to class due to the weather and that just about everyone else is closed for the day.

I did manage to watch half of Moulin Rouge! and last night I got a rough outline of my drabble. I'll write it tonight or tomorrow then edit it (yaaaaaay) then post it. Prepare to be wowed....or something. Maybe? I don't know.

Also apparently the producers of my secret song (for my drabble) have complained to youtube and now their videos of their songs no longer have sound. The videos are still up but have no music due to copyright. I love how they don't care that the official vid is up. Why are they trying to force me to download the song properly??!?

I'll just let the genius of McLars handle this shit.

Going to school soon. That's super exciting!!!!! yeah!!!
This is my friend Stephanie's pic (sorry the html is being a bitch), if you're awesome you will vote for her! :3 Thanks! (also a reminder for me to vote once a day) And if you're in the voting mood: Voting for Green Bay will be really cool since they donate cans to the local food pantry. Also once a day thing if you're interested.

Work was really slow. I spent most of my time reading Shattered Mirror by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes. I liked it...even though I spotted some mistakes in there. "Brothes" instead of Brother and "I" instead of "me" once. Still liked it, and hell it's better than what I could write so I can't judge. I'll read the next book tomorrow so I can give them back to Kayla when she returns from her amazing trip to London/Dublin...where ever she is now. One of the two cities anyway.

But I did have to call UPS Canada twice and regular UPS not at all. Pam was especially AWESOME and I was ready to call the customer back with the AMAZING news and I had to lmom (leave message on machine) it. As a customer service individual, I LOVE hearing two words: thank you (especially when I had to do a lot of work for them. Not being polite makes me less inclined to do more work for people. Write that down and suck it.

I also got conned by some Alabama woman. She said that she needed compensation for the unnecessary drive to the store she had to take. I offered her a gift card. She asked how much (ugh greedy mcgreederson) $10. Wasn't enough. Asked what she was expecting. $35!! Nevertheless, I had to relay the request to a sup, who granted it. Whatever. I later googled the two cities, and they aren't even 20 miles apart. Bitch. Unless she drives a tank, she didn't need $35.

I also emailed Lush cust serv, and they are behind schedule due to the amount of orders and bad weather conditions=not everyone getting to the factory to fix stuff. They also are going to upgrade my shipping so it still arrives in the timeframe promised. Yay lush! :3 I love them.

Also: found the song at the end of Ugly Betty. It's La Ritournelle by Sébastien Tellier if anyone is interested, because I know it was driving ME crazy at least!
[Error: unknown template qotd]Eh! bzuh!! eh eh! Ok alright, I'll do it! No way is this ranked at all. I'll probably want to make changes to this within days or hours or minutes after posting this, but whatever. I'll do it.
  • Ziggy Stardust -- David Bowie
  • White Album -- The Beatles
  • Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends -- Coldplay
  • Want Two -- Rufus Wainwright
  • Abbey Road -- The Beatles
  • Across The Universe -- movie soundtrack
  • Goodbye Yellow Brick Road -- Elton John
  • Illinoise -- Sufjan Stevens
  • Life In Cartoon Motion -- Mika
  • Les Misérables -- Original Cast Recording

This is cruel you know that???? Cruel! I hate this so much!!!
Why I did what I did: A wide varity needed, so I won't go insane if this is all I can listen to forever. I probably would give you different results tomorrow if I did it then.
Meme from [ profile] kalina_blue

Choose one - three of your favourite bands.
Give a your f-list a short introduction and present them with at least one song of each band.
The only restriction is: The bands have to be from your home country/state (to make things more difficult for Americans)

Yay people from Wisconsin...wait. Things relevant in popular culture generally aren't known for coming from Wisconsin, but whatever.
1. Garbage formed in Madison, WI

2. Sorry can't think of any other band. I probably do have a few, but my brain doesn't want to think of another. Maybe later. I'm sure [ profile] ____claire has a lot more anyway and will probably have a list of 100+ of people I should know of.

Anyway, I finished the painting, didn't do laundry, watched Ratatouille, and I have to get my homework done. heck yes. I also didn't call for a hot spot since I'm busy. I should find food again. We've also been getting a lot of phone calls from campaigns today. I'm just ignoring them. If it turns out to be someone important, they'll leave a message anyway. Oh how I love being in a swing state (that John McCain didn't give up already)!! Super fun!
I don't know if any of you remember this, but early November last year I went to a cafe in Eau Claire and saw an awesome band. At the time they were known as Graham Parsons and Edmund Artibee at the time (as it said on their demo CD that I bought). Earlier today, I was doing some coursework and one of their songs came up on iTunes. Well I got all excited and tried to find them on the internet to see if they have any more songs or if they are coming through this way anytime soon. Well, they officially came together and formed a band (Squeaky Clean Cretins)....and then bad news.

One of the band members, Dan Schmitt, died late 2007 in a car accident.

That makes me so sad! He was my age, and he was fantastic. Even though I only saw them once, I felt such a connection to their music and it breaks my heart to hear that someone so wonderfully talented was taken early.

Too may people are dying in this world today.



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