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So yep. I'm going to make some lasagna now, so if you'll excuse me.....exit stage right.

(I've also not been paying attention to twitter all day. IT IS SO WEIRD. I'm trying not to, but clearly I'm addicted. Damn you twitter.)
This made me laugh....so much.

I have to work again soon (bah!). It seems like all of the crazy people are coming out of the woodwork lately and deciding to shop then do crazy things in the store....because they're crazy!

Anyway, vote in my poll if you haven't yet. This is important science work we're doing. Think of all the good this will accomplish! I'll probably close it tomorrow during the day and post round two then.
3 arrested, 12 ejected from Green Bay Packers-Detroit Lions game at Lambeau Field

Let's get this right:
  1. Spend $55+ on a ticket for a Packer game at Lambeau field.

  2. Spend $20 on parking at the stadium

  3. Spend $25 on three beers

  4. Spend $15 on two brats

  5. Spend the night in the Brown County jail


Speaking of Packers, way to go! Great game! What they need to work on: Offensive line (PROTECT THE MOST VALUABLE PLAYER ON THE FIELD!!!!!), stop the hits on Rodgers (SERIOUSLY GUYS PROTECT HIM!!!), cut down on penalties (SERIOUSLY WTF!), and lastly: when you get the ball that close to the end zone, you gotta score a TOUCHDOWN not settle for a field goal. Because when I learned the math, 3<7. How about we get more points next time huh?

Don't even remind me about my Pick'ems this week. I started off FANTASTIC then it crashed and died in a fire.

Parents are driving home, made it to Louisville and my cousin Aaron treated them for dinner.

I really have nothing else to say, that article just made me LULZ in the best of ways. And I totally see it happening too.....because we're all drunken lunatics when it comes to football!

In other news, I stayed at the party for three hours. It was mostly attended by students, then people who worked there. I did meet a new friend named Max who is five years old. At first, he called me 'girl' as in "hey girl come over here!" but then because I am SO AMAZINGLY AWESOME, I was promoted to a 'green goblin.' He designed costumes for us on a whiteboard and showed me his office and two of his secret labs. Pretty cool kid! His mom was worried that I was annoyed, but I didn't mind. There weren't any other kids his age to play with.

I then went over to take care of Piranha and Penny Lane, two dogs I'm taking care of this weekend. Well, I took them outside to go potty, then immediately after bringing them inside, Penny Lane (the puppy) followed me into the spare bedroom and peed all over my bed. So that was fun! Not.
Although Chicago gave me a run for my money. Ugh. DED.

So Friday morning, the family left our driveway at 9:00 to head out to the LP of Michigan for a wedding. It was fun. So much family togetherness.

That and getting stuck in Chicago traffic! Because that was REALLY FUN!!!! Both Friday and today, we were stuck in Chicago traffic for over two hours. Downtown Chicago was ridiculous. Friday I spent a lot of my time pointing out expensive cars. "BMW.... Mercedes Benz.... another BMW ...." and don't forget "HOLY SHIT A LAMBO!!" Today I saw a vintage Rolls Royce near the Wisconsin-Illinois border. We were complaining that this Bug was going like... 55 in a 65 zone. Then when we passed it, we noticed the Royce in front of the Bug.


Getting there was an adventure and a huge rush after we got out of Chicagoland. (Chicagoland when driving is Gurnee, IL to Gary, IN) The wedding started at 6:00 and we got to the hotel at 5:05 since we lost an hour switching time zones. So fun getting ready, I had zero time doing my hair since I spent most of my time doing my makeup and getting my face degrossified from traveling all day.

ANYWAY. The wedding: It was cool and weird.

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Cutest guy:
Looked like Tom Felton. SERIOUSLY LOOKED LIKE TOM FELTON WHEN I FIRST GLANCED HIS WAY. I HAD TO DO A DOUBLE TAKE. I called him "Draco Malfoy Manip" in my head all night. Which made me laugh. I kind of wanted him to dance with me, but he had a girlfriend. First wedding in a looooooong time that some random guy didn't ask me to dance. I'm losing my touch!

Interesting point: We spent more time on the road than we did conscious at the wedding venue city. Whoo-hoo!

Also, listening to Sufjan Steven's song "Chicago" in Chicago is very gratifying. I would suggest doing it if ever traveling through Chicago.

Also Mark 2, I'm looking into studying at the AI in Chicago since I've heard from several people that the job market for my area is very tough and one girl I know couldn't get her required internship. I'm gonna try to get my Bachelor's degree and be super awesome.
I end up watching The Labyrinth and/or reading Labyrinth fics. (then stop being sad and be awesome instead!)

This just takes the cake.

That said, I'm going to watch this movie tomorrow. Yep.
Also, I think it's ironic that I started reading Labyrinth fiction less than a week ago. It's like I knew something before I really did. Huh. It's all because Dance Magic Dance came on while I was cleaning on Saturday and was dancing in my bathtub trying not to pass out from toxic fumes!
(yes, I was doing the dance too....and singing.....and quoting random lines from the movie.)

But what no one knew, was that the Goblin King fell in love with her and gave her certain powers.....
So Aaron Rodgers (aka Mr. April on my calendar) made TMZ.com


Must be a slow celeb day. However it does give me a chance to use my Aaron Rodgers icon out of season. BAM!


Currently waiting in class for my teacher to figure out why a bunch of code isn't working the way it should. Also my computer in class magically reverted back to the desktop I changed it to months ago. I later had to reset all the settings on the machine and never switched the desktop to the way I wanted. Well, as you know Macs are magical.
¡ʎɐʎ ¡ʇɥbıuoʇ ʇso1

.ǝǝs 11,ı .ǝıʌoɯ poob ɐ sɐʍ ʇı pıɐs ʞɹoʍ ʇɐ puǝıɹɟ ɐ ǝɔuıs ssǝɥɔnp ǝɥʇ buıɯɐǝɹʇs ɯ,ı :ʎ1ʇuǝɹɹnɔ

.ʎɐp 11ɐ sıɥʇ op oʇ pǝuıɯɹǝʇǝp ɯ,ı ʇnq (ʇı ʇɐ qoظ ɹǝʇʇǝq ɐ pıp ǝqnʇnoʎ ǝɔuıs ʎ11ɐıɔǝdsǝ) buıʎouuɐ ʇsnظ s,ʇı ʍou ʇnq buıuɹoɯ sıɥʇ ɹǝıuunɟ pǝɯǝǝs ʇı .(ǝuı1uo ʎɐp 11ɐ uǝǝq ǝʌɐɥ puɐ) ʍou ʇɥbıɹ sıɥʇ ǝʞı1 noʎ oʇ buıdʎʇ ɯ,ı puɐ ʞooqǝɔɐɟ uo spuǝıɹɟ ʎɯ ɟo ǝuo pǝ1ooɟ uǝʌǝ ı .pǝʇuıoddɐsıp ɯ,ı .ʎɐpoʇ sǝʞoظ ʎuunɟ ʎuɐ puıɟ ʎ11ɐǝɹ ʇ,upıp ı 'ǝ1boob puɐ ǝqnʇnoʎ sǝpısǝq

.ʇı ʇnoqɐ 1ǝǝɟ ʎ11ɐǝɹ ı ʍoɥ ǝǝs puɐ ɹǝʇsǝɯǝs ʇxǝu sǝssɐ1ɔ ǝɥʇ ɟo ǝɯos ǝʞɐʇ oʇ buıob ɯ,ı .ɯɐɹboɹd ǝɯosǝʍɐ uɐ ǝʞı1 spunos ʇı ʞuıɥʇ ı puɐ ǝʞɐʇ oʇ pǝǝu p1noʍ ı sǝssɐ1ɔ 31 ǝɹɐ ǝɹǝɥʇ .ʎbo1ouɥɔǝʇ ɐıpǝɯ 1ɐʇıbıp .ʇnoqɐ pǝʇıɔxǝ ɯ,ı ʇɐɥʇ ɯɐɹboɹd ǝ1oɥʍ ɐ punoɟ puɐ ǝʞɐʇ uɐɔ ı sǝssɐ1ɔ buıʇsǝɹǝʇuı ǝɯos oʇuı pǝʞoo1 os1ɐ

.buıʇıɔxǝ sɐ ʇou 'sǝʇɐ1d ǝsuǝɔı1 ʎɯ pǝʍǝuǝɹ os1ɐ .ɔıʇsɐʇuɐɟ s,ʇɐɥʇ os (buı11ǝs sɐʍ ǝɹoʇs 1ooɥɔs ǝɥʇ ʇɐɥʍ uɐɥʇ ɹǝdɐǝɥɔ 001$ ʇnoqɐ sɐʍ puɐ) ssɐ1ɔ pǝʇɐɹǝ1ǝɔɔɐ ʎɯ ɹoɟ ʞooq ǝɥʇ ʇɥbnoq :ʎɐʍʎuɐ

.ʍou os buıop ǝq oʇ ʇou 1nɟɹǝpuoʍ s,ʇı puɐ ʇdıɹɔsɐʌɐظ ɹoɟ 1ooɥɔs oʇ buıʌıɹp ǝq oʇ pǝsn ı uǝɥʍ ǝɯıʇ ɐ buıɹnp ʍou noʎ oʇ buıdʎʇ ɯ,ı ¡s1nɟɹǝpuoʍ o11ǝɥ

And because I'm nice...what I said:
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I think it's stupid too. I don't approve. Although, national media coverage? Nice. The slogan is already working!

They did a piece on it yesterday on the local news. They said that about 22% of WI tourism money comes from the area. Imagine that! About a fifth of the income coming from a fifth of the state! I know Milwaukee and Madison are huge, but come on!

At least you didn't have to ruin some preschooler's St. Patrick's Day and/or her childhood according to the ten minute rant I had to listen to today at work. Didn't want any form of compensation at all only wanted me to forward it to a supervisor. He didn't want to listen to a thing I had to say but whatever.

Here's a note from your Auntie Natalie in Customer Service. When you make a purchase at a store with a credit card, make sure you take your card back from the associate who swiped it for you and not let them steal it and take out $260 from an ATM because that would be stupid right? Granted the guy had a baby and shopping bags, but seriously dude, it's your credit card!

Not sure if I'm going to school tomorrow or not. I'm going out to lunch with my old high school friend Patrick. Should be awesome and legendary. Last time we spent about two/three hours chillin in Panera. Time before I had to duck and cover to avoid Pedro at Perkin's....which led to many "Como estas Natalie! I have foot snacks loaded in your car for you! Do you want to see Batman with meeeeee!!??!!!?!??? My comic book shirts are awesome!"

I broke down and bought the stompy boots and the pair of pumas. Yaaaaaaay!

Weather was RIDICULOUSLY AMAZING today. Almost 70 outside! Cheers could be heard all around as Natalie spent most of it at her cubicle then filling out NCAA brackets so I can win awesome stuff show off you don't need to know crap about the tournament to do well. So to all of the people spending hours on their bracket moaning if the fifth seed can beat the seventh.....SUCK IT. LULZ! :D


Mar. 12th, 2009 12:39 am


This is awesome, well more OMGWTFBBQBYOB/I'm so confused and sad and it makes me laugh but I'm a little dead inside but it's hilarious.

It's that hard to explain feeling actually.

How am I supposed to sleep now??????

I've been checking this nonstop for hooooooooours and Ten finally caught up with Dean Winchester. (I should probably start watching that huh?) BUT VOTE TEN!

And Barney. How is Barney losing to J-Stew?


Mar. 10th, 2009 06:02 pm
My screen caps are totally messing me up. Yesterday (early early this morning) I was making my Top Gear screen caps but I kind of did the whole page and not the selected window. Therefore, I'm getting totally messed up due to things like this:

Other news: I now have a greater desire of forming a union at work than I originally did. Also I got a lot of ICS calls today....weird. Maybe I did jinx myself! (TWO in a row....really?)

Also USPS crossover begins 3/16. I'm not happy.

Back to work! :)
SO! Posh Tosh is acting up, so I'm on the parent's PC looking over books and trying to find the cheapest option. Yep. However, something frightening occurred:

As you can see, Twilight is taking over the world. It makes an unpleasent topic (databases) full of lulz in a non lulz world that is databases. It's also weird that my first reaction to "Dumbledore" was "Dumbledore is gay!!"

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go find more books. School's bookstore is super lame and only gave the last 3/4 numbers of the ISBN which makes it difficult to find the right book without having to buy it from the bookstore. I don't want to buy stuff there!!!!!! Too expensive!!!

...stupid books.

ETA: .....it's cheaper to buy the books at school (assuming I get all used books anyway).  Daaaaaaaaaaaaaang.  Still really expensive though, more than my last paycheck.
ETA2: Just kidding, I found some cheaper books.  I still need to buy one, but I don't need it until April so I'll worry about that then.  Also, if you are planning to use half.com, there's a promo for $5 for new users: HOLIDAYBOOKS08 it expires at the end of the year though!!

ETA FTW: Sale at lush.com which is made of pure win.  When you buy ONE of their holiday items, they give you another for free!  Yes.....although a lot of their stuff is sold out/not on their website.  The day a Lush store is within 30 miles from my house will be trouble my friends....
I love online shopping!  So many deals!  Merry Christmas Natalie!!!

So I was on UWEC's page on facebook, and a recent note someone posted compared life at UWEC with life at Hogwarts.  I read through the comments and the were trying to put the different dorms into houses.  (Murray=Ravenclaw, Bridgman=Griffindor, Putman=Hufflepuff) and someone said that Oak Ridge (my dorm for next year) is Slytherin.

HA!  FOR THE WINZ!!  Actually, I'm thinking that I was crazy when i signed up for dorms.  Why did I pick Oakridge?  Whenever I tell anyone that I'm going to be in Oak Ridge, they're suprized that I signed up willingly.  Oh wellz.  I was crazy then....like woaaaaaah.

I have to get my laundry soon.  But there's a good laundry story today!  So it costs $1.75 a load, and I thought I barely had enough money on my card to cover two loads of laundry.  I WAS WRONG.  Yeah I was 50 cents too short so I had to run up to my room, grab $10, run over to the machine to put said $10 on my card, and then run back down to the laundry room hoping that no one stole my almost empty laundry detergent.  It's good stuff and really girly hee!

I also have to go down to the library at 2:00 for this group assignment thing...but I don't know where in the library we are meeting.  I can see myself being all lost and confused already.  Hurray!
After much thought (and a very sleepless night on my behalf), I have come to a series of realizations about my life:

First, what am I doing in college?  This is a serious waste of money.  I can't believe what I'm doing here.  And seriously, what is there to study?  Math, Literature, History, Philosophy?  Well I could find a better job without a liberal arts degree in gobbledygook!  That's why I propose that I drop out after this horrible semester and gather my $75 deposit for my room next year that I will not be using.  Forget you 303 Oakridge!  I have better things to!

This comes to my second point.  I'm fantastic.  There's no denying it.  You all have been telling me that for ages, so why limit my fantasticness here in Eau Clare/Green Bay, or Wisconsin for that matter.  And while we're on this track, I should just leave this country while I'm ahead.  I'm going to start my European cross country tour of awesome.  I'll take my frequent flyer miles that is enough to take me anywhere in the world, but can't take me home, and fly to some capital city in Europe (probably London).  With that said, I will backpack across Europe spreading my awesomeness and being submurged in the European culture which is about 100 times better than the ignorant American culture I'm accustomed to.

Some spots I'll hit for sure are London.....I mean come on.  Doctor Who.  I'm sure if I wait around London enough some 925 Time Lord from Gallifrey will pick me up in his TARDIS and we can have galactic time traveling adventures together.

If London doesn't work, I also want to go to other European highlights and eventually crossover into Asia...since the continents are connected.  You may never hear or speak to me again, but hey!  Other people are experiencing the joy of knowing me, and that has obviously been wasted on the general public of UWEC.  Just imagine, I don't have to jump over puke when walking to the bathroom!  This plight needs to end now, and since I don't see that happening, a European tour is the only thing that can happen.

I can hear it now, "how are you going to support yourself?"  That's easy!  Everyone will be amazed by my American accent and how awesome I am and just assume that I'm someone famously awesome of just filthy awesome.  They would believe that honor would be theirs if they would take care of me and welcome me into their homes like their long lost daughter.  Again, if that doesn't work, I have a plan B.

My plan B is to quickly abort my European tour of awesome and change it to my African tour of goodwill.  Think of the many plights I can conquer with my awesomeness!  The situation in Darfur, AIDS, poverity, people living in sin.  I can spend the rest of my life converting people to Christianity, help find a cure for AIDS (which will just be something like Jesus and puppys), and then I can mediate the crisis in Darfur.  I think that with my good graces, I will get a Noble Peace Prize and reverse the biast views of the world on how lame Americans are.

With that said, I would like to wish you all and April Fool's Day.

I haven't been sleeping well for the past...semester...so I decided to take a nighttime cold easeeee tonight...but then i realized that I have stuff to doooo yet b ut i haven't finisheed yet.  ddrugs takin ghold. is leep now.



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