Mar. 12th, 2009 12:39 am

This is awesome, well more OMGWTFBBQBYOB/I'm so confused and sad and it makes me laugh but I'm a little dead inside but it's hilarious.

It's that hard to explain feeling actually.

Spiiiiiiike. And Barney too. Doitdoitdoitdoitdoit.

I just remembered that I have a quiz in JavaScript today and I haven't studied for it.....because I've been spending my free time making art for Flash and looking at Fandom March Madness. I stayed up until 2:30 looking at polls. True story. (Then woke up at 12:20 and results were already posted....poor Ten)

Apparently I have a fandom tag. I must investigate what I have used this for in the past.

How am I supposed to sleep now??????

I've been checking this nonstop for hooooooooours and Ten finally caught up with Dean Winchester. (I should probably start watching that huh?) BUT VOTE TEN!

And Barney. How is Barney losing to J-Stew?
Just wanted to share what I was working on right now. Brilliant no?

Sad to say I'm getting a little tired making little Olivers and might move on to something else like backgrounds or something. I did make a cheap looking Top Gear logo earlier too. I didn't want to spend a lot of time making the gear look exactly right (since it's not going to be on screen long enough) so I'll spare you that.


This video is going to be crack. I'm so excited! :D

LJ went down while I was trying to post this and it remembered everything! YAY! GOOD LJ!

ETA: just finished the KICK ASS giraffe. I like him. I spent over about an hour (ish) working on this beast of a giraffe.

lately my LJ seems to consist entirely of LoudTwitter posts which is lame. Unfortunately I don't have anything interesting to say so you're stuck with those. I originally said that here which makes no sense.

Well I just realized I have a JavaScript assignment due in about 24 hours. Maybe I should work on that tomorrow....maybe.

Watched X3 today (rocks fall.....everyone dies) then dad "assisted" me in doing my taxes. Not as much back as I would've liked, but it's better than paying into the system. It's also annoying that I can't claim my tuition costs on my refund since I'm listed as a dependent therefore dad gets to claim all the money I spend on my education. Ridiculous! Makes no sense! Also, not allowed any sort of stimulus check. LAME SAUCE. I can revive the economy with my irrational spending habits!

Dad came home from work early with a bad I'm coughing. I don't want to cough.

That's about it cus my life is really boring now. I can't wait for spring break.

Lastly, PIMPS:
 I take it back.  I love this stuff.  In November I got a stash of Lush and I bought volcano foot mask.  I tried it then and wasn't impressed at all.  I decided to give it another go and so far it's actually working and following it's product description.  I still don't like the smell, but it's on my feet and wrapped in cling wrap and my slippers.  I won't be smelling my feet anytime soon and I got it off of my hands asap.  But it's nice and tingly warm (and sometimes burning which feels fantastic)  Hopefully it will work when I wash it off!

I'm also getting really impatient that my new stash hasn't shipped yet.  If I don't hear anything by tomorrow night, I'll give cust serv a call.  They're probably incredibly backed up, but they already took the money out of my checking account.

Anyway, I woke up this morning and couldn't hear out of my ear...again.  It's a little better, but I still can't hear.  Whatever.

I'm going to try to get my brother to get my car's oil changed for me since I don't feel like going out.  Besides what would I even do while waiting for it to get done?  Besides#2, I would have to get dressed in normal clothes.  I'm currently wearing random shirt I don't wear in public paired with boho chic sparkly skirt....and I have volcano on my feet.  I don't want to ask him now since he just got back from doing the same thing for my parents.  Besides#3, they'll probably try to sucker me in and buying a super deluxe package deal that I don't need.

My room is a mess.  I attempted to clean it a few weeks ago, but it just got messier.  I haven't really done anything since.  oops.

But yesterday I found out some facts: I can still fit in the following things:
  • Junior Prom/Junior Girls dress (spring 2005) but barely, apparently my boobs have grown a lot since HS
  • 2004-2005 Show choir dress (it's really cheap looking)
  • Senior year Homecoming dress (fall 2005), still looks really pretty I still love the beading
I was going to try my 2005-06 show choir dress but I got cold from standing around in almost nothing putting on dresses.  (The heat in the house lowers at night so it was cold in the house)  Moral of the story, feels good that I'm still at my high school weight...sort of.

I should also get my voting done for [ profile] dramione_awards and consider some more about signing up for [ profile] dramione_ldws  even though I wasn't that good last round.  But it is an excuse to get some writing done (so I can practice for my crack!secret project I mentioned a few weeks ago.)  There, gave you a clue, it's something dramione related...and writing.  Two clues, I'm so generous.

I'm also on facebook or insane journal (same name).

If you have somewhere else, let me know so we don't lose each other because that would suck.

Let's hope I'm jumping the gun alright?

One of these days I'll create a LJ layout for myself, but until then, I'll be taking other people's pretty layouts.
Let's see how long this one will last. At least I still made a profile layout today!! Yay tables. (still took me longer than it should've)

Oh LJ! How you make me feel like my hours at school are for naught, I still can't make a LJ layout.
and I still don't know how to use Photoshop. At least Dreamweaver is this semester.

DUDE! I need to get a desktop soon, that Adobe software pack soon, and try not to spend every penny I get on Lush. I made a list the other day, and it's like $200 worth of stuff, and it's not including the stuff I ordered a week ago (and still hasn't shipped yet! eek!) I know they must be extremely busy with their after Christmas sale, but I want my stuff!

Oh, I didn't tell you what I spent the time between the two posts doing: going through my grandpa's boxes and boxes and bags and envelopes of state quarters and putting them into books. Even though there's over $100 in quarters, there still isn't enough to complete a book. My fingers hurt now because the slots for the quarters are smaller than the quarters so it takes a lot of pushing to make them fit. Also my thumb has a metallic shine to it. lulz.

I'm also tired, but my brother's friends (well Simon too) are here and are loud. I don't know why I'm tired, but I've been eating a lot today too. Ugh.
HOLY CRAP!! Thank you [ profile] okelay for the super marvelous stuff you sent! That was more than I expected that anyone would do for me for Christmas (especially the cards I sent this year, what the crap yo?) Anyway, thanks so much!

And for everyone else, I promise to put more time into the cards next year, I honestly ran out of time and wanted to get them out before Christmas.

Anyway, I spent most of the day doing nothing then the last oh, two hours or so messing with html trying to get stuff looking I actually know how to do the crap I'm going to school for.  And NO, I did not make the layout, I'm not that good yet.  But I did mess with the css to make it mine.  I did make that Vaughn header that I will be changing once I find something I like better.  That header was my "I don't know how to use photoshop!!!!!!!" experiment when I had a free trial (and when posh tosh was a decent computer that could run the program) a few years back.  Makes me want to watch Alias again, and when I say "Alias" I mean Season 2.  That was a good crack show.

SO!  Better get going before my mom notices I didn't do anything on my "honey do" list today.

I should probably mention this since it's been almost a year since I did.

Um...I'm going up north for vacation for a week (starting tomorrow) and won't be back until the 14th (saved you some basic math there).  I won't have internetz because....I'm going to the north woods.  And really, I probably wouldn't be on the internetz even if I had it.

But, because I'll be away for a week, if there's anything that goes on in fandom that you think I should know about.....let me know.  I'll be going through my f-list at probably skip 200 million, but still.  I'll be reading JOURNALS when I get back though!

So that's about it.  Post here if you think I'll find something interesting (fic, vid, news, whatever)

(Oh, I managed to "fix" my mistake in my David Tennant cross stitch!  No worries! .....until I make another mistake that is)

I should go back now since this time tomorrow we'll be on the road.



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