Hey yo yellow-dello!

I'm absolutely swamped with projects to get done before the semester ends. Oh the joys of computer classes! I only have ONE final exam (that I'm not really studying for) the rest are all PROJECTS and not just projects, but monster projects. My list of things to get done by the end of the semester is quite daunting actually. I'm probably not going to sleep a lot between now and the 21st. Lucky me.

Anywho! Christmas cards! I want to get these cards sent out this week. I'm planning on buying something special to put inside the cards, but I need to know who wants one. I'm willing to send cards internationally (YOU GET A CARD, YOU GET A CARD! EVERYONE GETS A CARD!!!) so if you want a card......give me your addy!
I only got three people so far. Just comment at this post (comments are screened) if you want a card!

I also may have stayed up until 3 AM messing around with ringtones I got at Audiko. My text message alert is Eric Northman. "I texted you three times....why didn't you reply?" Because I'm a dork and Eric is awesome.

ALSO. DOES ANYONE KNOW OF ANY TOPHER/BENNETT FIC ANYWHERE? BUELLER? ...BULLER? ....ANYONE? ...ANYONE? They are so dorktastic and adorable together.

Finally, a list: Things I want for Christmas that I probably definitely won't get:
1. iPod connector for Nike+ shoe technology. I want to start running again and I already have Nike+ shoes.
2. Camcorder. Vloging looks cool. I don't want to feel limited to my craptastic quality that is the iSight camera.
3. DVDs I'll actually watch, ie my fandoms. Maybe I'll get Harry Potter....who knows.
4. Dollhouse to be picked up by SOMEONE. (NBC? Please?)
5. A trip somewhere not in the United States (or anywhere I've never been before. I need out of the midwest so bad.)
6. New stereo in the "Disable" since only the radio works. New brakes would be cool too.
7. Wristwarmers
8. Slippers that fit all five of my qualifications: (soft bottom, back, neutral print, low top, fuzzy inside)

EDIT: OH AND DUH! People in the UK. I have a question to ask of you. Is it possible for you to buy some gu puds for me? My friend went to London last year, fell in love with the Gu and can't find them stateside. Even my google-fu can't find any place who sells them around here. NOT EVEN CHICAGO. They will be the PERFECT pressie for her, but I need some help. I'm willing to pay for them and the shipping, and I can send you something that we have stateside that isn't in the UK.
but Natalie! That is the lyrics to Varsity not On, Wisconsin!.....shut up I know.

Today is the 100 year anniversary of "On Wisconsin" the fight song of the Wisconsin Badgers and the state song (with different lyrics). I may have spent an hour watching random Wisconsin Marching Band videos on youtube. I'm going to have to go to Camp Randall sometime and catch a game there. That'll be fun definitely.

Anyway, I'm going to close Round Two of the poll in the next hour or so. Vote if you haven't! Round Three will be up around that time too.

I've been watching Around The World in 80 Days thing that the BBC is doing for Children in Need. That looks insanely fun and I kind of want to try it. HOW HARD COULD IT BE???? (Actually very hard since some teams barely made it to their handoff point on time)
What I've been doing these last five days:

Eating snacks (mostly sour gummy worms)
Working on computery things
Watching Teeeeveeee
OMGOMGOMG Working a lot at CVS
Aaaaaand being slightly paranoid about living alone since Wednesday. Tonight I triple checked to make sure I locked the door. The house is over 60 years old, and I'm practically jumping at every weird noise, even if said weird noise comes from whatever music I'm playing.

I also (finally) caught up with all of the vlogbrother vids on youtube. Nerdfighers! Whoo-ha!

Also just noted that my Richard/Oliver video I made in March is more popular than I thought it was. I do have to say that if EVER I find out that Richard Hammond (or James May or Jeremy Clarkson) ever see this video, I may melt and die. It is a fact that is hardwired into my DNA. With less than 500 views, I doubt that they have seen it.

I'm not joking either. My embarrassment level would be at an epic high. I can't wait for Top Gear to start again. I miss it.

Moving on, I've been buying a lot of candy and snacks and vitamin water at work, and I noticed that I'm adding up some serious extrabucks on candy. There is this deal on halloween candy now, spend $20 on candy and get $5 extrabucks on a future purchase. Well, I've been buying candy, but not traditional "halloween" candy as in trick or treat candy. Nevertheless, they have been including that in my halloween candy count. Which means I have until the 31st to spend $11.15 on candy. I'll just stock up on candy for my NaNo writing needs I guess.

This has also become a rather long entry that started off as "I have nothing really to say" type of mindset. Now Imma be finishing off my leftover candy and working on some computery things. Haven't decided what one to do yet though.
If you're not aware, there is this guy JON in my class. Well, I've had several classes with him and he's been incredibly annoying in ALL OF THEM. He has even annoyed some teachers to the point where they won't help him if he doesn't have a legit concern. Concern as in relevant to the class material they taught and it wasn't incredibly so out there in right field.

Anyway, my friend Darcie and I were tweeting about him during lecture today. It was quite fun, especially the part when Darcie laughed really loud as something I wrote (but by that point we migrated to facebook chat)

Enjoy! (But honestly, I'm keeping this convo for myself so I can laugh again later)
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In other news, I would like to recommend this website for being awesome and posting links to opencourseware. Today I watched a programming lecture from MIT and it was AMAAAAAZING and I would recommend it to everyone. Whew! Long link but I wanted it to be noticed. I think I accomplished that.

I also noted that my "alma mater" Well, I went there for three semesters is signed up but haven't put up any material yet. Weird, I shall have to investigate and see if I can feel my soul dying from the university's content, or whether it was the campus or city itself that destroys souls. Yes, the Hellmouth is no longer in Sunnydale, CA but rather in fact in Eau Claire, WI. Look it up. Use the google!

In other news, I stayed at the party for three hours. It was mostly attended by students, then people who worked there. I did meet a new friend named Max who is five years old. At first, he called me 'girl' as in "hey girl come over here!" but then because I am SO AMAZINGLY AWESOME, I was promoted to a 'green goblin.' He designed costumes for us on a whiteboard and showed me his office and two of his secret labs. Pretty cool kid! His mom was worried that I was annoyed, but I didn't mind. There weren't any other kids his age to play with.

I then went over to take care of Piranha and Penny Lane, two dogs I'm taking care of this weekend. Well, I took them outside to go potty, then immediately after bringing them inside, Penny Lane (the puppy) followed me into the spare bedroom and peed all over my bed. So that was fun! Not.
"Did I really see that?"

Now going to eat breakfast, then head off for class. (Dislike! Too early! I wanna sleep moar!)
"My favorite musicals of all time. The Producers, Phantom of the Opera, Nightmare before Christmas, Xanadu, Anastasia, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, All Dogs Go To Heaven 2, Jungle Book, and finally this new one coming out soon. The rock opera known as Repo the Genetic Opera. Look up the trailer when you get the chance."

Wow. All Dogs Go To Heaven 2

Has this person actually seen a musical or are they thinking that watching a movie on DVD counts as a musical?

I should probably go to sleep before I scare myself for life.

Forgot to mention this:

(I know bad quality is bad but still.....OSUOASFJSLIJL!!!!!!</small)

My brain just exploded from cute.
I don't know how persnickity some of you might be about Project Runway spoilers (or if you guys even watch it).

Anyway, I found an interesting video that is kinda spoilery for the show. You don't have to watch Project Runway to get the video under the cut....so yeah. It just has to do with a certain model and me questioning her decision to do something on the show. I'M TRYING TO BE VAGUE AND NOT SPOIL ANYONE WHO MIGHT CARE BUT IT'S HARD ALRIGHT?

Vid under cut:

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I can't stop watching these. So because I can't stop, I decided to share my favorites! (BECAUSE I'M NICE AND I WANT OTHER PEOPLE TO SHARE IN THE LULZ!)

The same people also made the 2008 Presidential Debates into a song/dance and also have important historical figures with backup from "the band from the future." I love these videos! I even downloaded a few of the songs that accompany them.

In other news, I thought my Photoshop class started at 5:30. At 4:50 I realized I was wrong and that my class starts at 5:00. SO I RAN OUT OF THE HOUSE AND PUT THE PETAL TO THE METAL!! Dude. I made it to class only a few minutes late and actually only about 20 seconds behind my teacher.

[livejournal.com profile] calenfenwen = FOR THE WIN.

ETA: LULZ forever at Wolf Blitzer's facial expression on the first video! Awesome screen cap!
lol sorry.
Found this and thought other people would be interested.

Only benefit about 7:30 AM class from what I can see..... front row parking. Can I get a HUZZAH?
That and also the fact that I have an excuse to buy food at the cafe. Delicious! Although my free sample of a new breakfast dish they are trying out was WAY BETTER than the $2.20 breakfast sandwich I bought. Go figure right?

Finally was assigned homework in Flash. Looks fun. Anything to get away from the boring examples from the book. ANYTHING

Found out that so far, if I were to transfer to AI Schaumburg right now I would get 44 credits and have to take 32-34 classes. (I don't remember, one of the two). I'm not sure how many of the classes I'm taking now (and might take later on) will transfer, but it's a good jumping point to see if I want to transfer. Just saying.

Also strangely hungry. Will remedy that! (And not eat chocolate covered bacon I'll promise you that. I can never promise about enormous servings of ice cream though. Cus I ♥♥♥♥ ice cream.)
'Cus this guy is following me on twitter and is made of pure crazy: http://twitter.com/oouchi73



Now, I'm going to get ready to head out since I have a lot of stuff to do today.  Superfuntimesyeah!!!!!

Yeeeeeeah baby!

I was bored this afternoon. Good use of 2 hours don't you think?

I'm going to figure out something to eat with the chicken I have defrosting. No ideas yet, but it's chicken so you can't really go wrong there.
Ryan Braun will not pretend to fall in love for your amusement

Oh man. I would've signed up to be a contestant, watched the show, whatever it took. I LOVE Ryan Braun. Tricia at work and I talked about this for a good 15 minutes.


I did to the above actually. Mom was like "You like Braun and [Corey] Hart!!!" because I took many many pictures of them when I was at the Brewer game a few weeks ago. Fun times.

But yes, much to the dismay of this Brewer fan. At least I don't have to fall in love with a beach blonde slut who has daddy issues and decides that national television is the best medium to share her feelings with.

On second thought, nice call Ryan! *toasts*

Natalie's fictional boyfriends include: Ryan Braun, Corey Hart, Aaron Rodgers, Alexander Artemev, Christian from UPS Canada (everytime for work I call UPS Canada I get Christian so it's become a running joke with coworkers), yeeeeeeeah. My life is exciting.

I end up watching The Labyrinth and/or reading Labyrinth fics. (then stop being sad and be awesome instead!)

This just takes the cake.

That said, I'm going to watch this movie tomorrow. Yep.
Also, I think it's ironic that I started reading Labyrinth fiction less than a week ago. It's like I knew something before I really did. Huh. It's all because Dance Magic Dance came on while I was cleaning on Saturday and was dancing in my bathtub trying not to pass out from toxic fumes!
(yes, I was doing the dance too....and singing.....and quoting random lines from the movie.)

But what no one knew, was that the Goblin King fell in love with her and gave her certain powers.....

Try not to laugh. I dare you.

I made my first Lush UK order today since it's a lot cheaper than the North American store. Apparently they are discontinuing Sonic Death Monkey (nooooooooooooo!!!!) and Sweet Japanese Girl (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO) among other things so I stocked up in case they don't go retro. Apparently English Countryside is on that list too and I couldn't find it online which is frightening. Sad face!

(Dreamwash, A. Sugar Scrub, Dark Angels, Karma soap, Chox Away, Greased Lightning, and Godmother were also ordered)

Overall, prices cheaper than NA, shipping cheaper than NA, and I've been told that it's faster. But I also heard that UK doesn't give out as many samples as NA does. I requested some, but who knows. Also the naked packaging can be hit and miss, so hopefully it will be safe and protected.

To do yet today:
Rip sound off Clue DVD
Go to school work on Flash stuff
Get LOST tonight, baby you can be my black Kate Moss tonight
I love google street view.

Breaking the Law


The next series starts in June right? Please? I'll be a good girl!

Laundry day today. Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeah.

There is this commercial for a "Twilight Saga New Moon" special that's on E! that has been driving me insane. I don't even watch E! that much, it's just on MANY channels. But it's like 'The twilight love triangle.....what happened after the prom?" and I think it's incredibly stupid.

I tested my WPM and I'm still awesome (not as awesome as Donna Noble though) ranging from 75-80 WPM. Not bad.
[Error: unknown template qotd]

"I know it's not your fault BUT...."
followed by a huge angry yelling tirade directed at you.

Anyway, a year ago was my first day at work so that's exciting. I also need to buy something for my dad's birthday. Not sure what though. I think I'll head over to Target and look around there. At least buy a card there.

A few weeks ago he won a party from a local restaurant/bar because they drew his business card out of the fish bowl. He's having a party tonight and I'm invited to go...not sure since I wouldn't really know anyone since they're all my dad's friends. Maybe...I don't know.

I'm not going to school today like I said I was. Twitpic just ate the photo I was going to share with you. Basically it's what I'm doing for my final project.

I love this movie.
Sorry for being a LJ slacker. I haven't been doing anything interesting and I decided to spare you the details.

Today in Website Design, Darcie told me that one of the classes I need to take yet she's taking this semester and it sucks. It doesn't say on the class information and no one told her (or me) this but apparently having knowledge of photoshop would be extremely helpful. I know Illustrator and Flash but not Photoshop. I mean I use it for stuff but I don't know it very well.

Point being, I need to take that before I can take Web Graphic Design. Bastards.
Also, most of the marketing classes are cancelled and Darcie has been taking other replacement classes. Weird huh? She thinks my plan to take some other classes is really smart. She just wants to be done with school and I can't blame her.

I worked a little on the art for a Flash project that could very well be my final project but I don't know what the requirements of the project are. If it doesn't fit, I'll just do it myself later. I need to draw nine (maybe more) people, six (or more) locations, and other misc stuff.

Here's a hint of what I'm working on (if the above wasn't a big enough hint):
"Oh, life could be a dream
If I could take you up in paradise up above.
If you would tell me I'm the only one that you love
Life could be a dream, sweetheart

Although most people probably wouldn't get it even if I told them exactly what it was about. [livejournal.com profile] ____claire could figure it out. Most likely.

This too:

So Aaron Rodgers (aka Mr. April on my calendar) made TMZ.com


Must be a slow celeb day. However it does give me a chance to use my Aaron Rodgers icon out of season. BAM!


Currently waiting in class for my teacher to figure out why a bunch of code isn't working the way it should. Also my computer in class magically reverted back to the desktop I changed it to months ago. I later had to reset all the settings on the machine and never switched the desktop to the way I wanted. Well, as you know Macs are magical.



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