This morning, incredibly sluggish and tired and blah.

Went to work with all of the sick people who go to CVS. Towards the end I did a lot of really stupid things and wasn't feeling very well. Two hours of bad feelingness brought me back to how was feeling on Tuesday. Aka, going backwards.

I went hope complaining about how I'm still sick and feeling horrible and told my mom to make sure I was awake at 4:20 so I could make it to my 5:00 class on time. Well, my parents thought that going to a doctor was a better alternative to going to school.

Before you could walk into the doctor's office, you had to use hand sanitizer, and people who had a cough or flu symptoms had to wear a face mask....aka me. I was told the following things by my doctor: I don't have the flu, I have a very tough virus and he doesn't have anything to make me feel better. I don't have a fever (I told you that), and I need to rest, drink fluids, and wait this out.

However, he did ask that I get bloodwork done to see if I have mono. So we'll see how that goes. Mono would explain why I'm so tiiiiiiiiiiired all the time.

Also, dad and I listened to Young Americans and While My Guitar Gently Weeps while driving home. Made the trip most excellent since dad was singing along to both.

I also still think that my mom believes that my brother and his frat "brothahs" created Beyonce's "Single Ladies" dance first. (They did it for a skit for winter carnival) So whenever she sees the Single Ladies dance or hears the song she exclaims "That's Paul's dance/song!" Just thought you should know.
Like the rest of the world (or so it seems) I've been sick. I've been sleeping a lot. Today I got done with economics early, went home to eat, sat down on the couch to chill and accidentally took a nap and completely slept through my logistics class. Whoops.
I usually have Economics on Tuesday mornings, but my teacher teaches like seven sections of Economics and said that if we miss a class we can make it up by attending one of his other sections. That was the case today as I was too sick for school yesterday so I went today instead.

If you're really curious on how poorly I've been feeling, I've been recording my symptoms complaining on twitter. I'm @NattytheMatty fyi.

Last night was fun though! (As in not fun) I was chatting on IM with Laura, and I had to blow my nose (like I seem to do every ten seconds) but my ear did something funky and I lost all of my equilibrium and couldn't find my center of gravity anymore (OH SO FUN) so I took the two steps and crashed on my bed and stayed there trying to pop my ear to stop the world from spinning. (OMG GUYS, LYKE I'M HAVING SO MUCH FUN!!!1!!)

Also last night my nose started bleeding from blowing my nose so much. SINCE WHEN DOES THAT HAPPEN EVER???? Freak of nature guys!

Monday night my school decided to send out a mass email to everyone explaining what H1N1 symptoms are and how to avoid to get sick/H1N1 this semester. Guess who had ALL THE SYMPTOMS OF H1N1 and was freaking out???? MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! also: the email wanted to welcome us to a new semester at school. dudes, you're a little slow since we started in freaking AUGUST and you're telling us this over a month later?

All I know is that I can take more drugs in.....90 minutes, and I can't wait. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy drugs.

Lastly (AND MOST IMPORTANTLY!!!!!!) A very happy birthday to [ profile] martoufmarty! Whooooo!!!!!

So yay!

Aug. 11th, 2009 12:19 am
Tonight I did some hanging out with Brittany and Simon, two friends from high school. It was mucho fun. I'm also really lazy right now so yeah. When I first got over to B's house, S and B were already watching who wants to be a millionaire. Then this dating in the dark show came on, and it was ridiculous but we couldn't stop watching. We then spent the next half hour debating what to do in GB at 9:30 at night. Aka, what was still open.

We went to B&N because we're awesome. We usually go just to look at stuff and spend a lot of time in the religion section looking over things and making jokes about our Catholic/Jewish/Lutheran backgrounds. It's just how we roll. All of us ended up buying things though. B bought this book on HP philosophy (I think?) and a new planner, S bought some crossword puzzles, and I bought a 'how to cheat in flash' book that looks cool and has some really interesting project ideas inside.
I also fretted for seriously 10 minutes at the store because I realized that adobe brought out two different flash cs4 books and I didn't know what one I was supposed to get and freaking that I bought the wrong one. Turns out I did buy the right one, so bonus points.

We also made fun of all of the Twilight merchandise in the store. [ profile] anthean, if my local store is anything like yours, then wow. I'm sorry you have to face all of that every day. That is some ridiculous shit. I mean Twilight is fun and everything, but that is just beyond crazy.

Next we went to a cafe and got some alcohol in us and split a piece of delicious pie called tres leches I believe. I think a migraine is coming on so I'm planning on looking up a recipe when my head feels less like exploding. Yeah, my eyes hate my computer screen and find this room too bright and my music is too loud at the softest volume level. Also it's like lasers are pointing out of my eyes. I already took medication for it about 40 ish minutes ago but it's still bothering me hardcore.

Anyway, at the cafe we talked about our lives and it quickly turned around to dating. Well that was fun for me since I've never dated anyone before so I had little input for the conversation. Also, my drink had more coffee flavor than I anticipated. I knew it was in there, I didn't think it would be as strong though.
...but I think I did this morning. I woke up and felt like crying because my head hurt so much. It's funny because I woke up about two hours before my alarm went off and I was like "haHA! I'm alert-ish and I can sleep in before going to work! I ended up calling sick into work because I could hardly function or make breakfast or anything.

Anyway, I took a bath with my karma bath melt (zomg, glitter monster exploded!) which was nice. Then, I spent most of that time chilling in the computer room with my hood up on my sweatshirt. It didn't really want to go away but it finally did. WORST HEADACHE EVER. I've been having a lot of headaches lately. Yesteday's was bad, but today's took the cake. Actually, I have a small one right now actually, but it seems like I have one almost all the time now. UGH!

What ARE the symptoms of a migraine anyway? I can't seem to remember the commercials or anything. When I told my parents I've been having frequent headaches and especially todays, they thought it might be a migraine, but they aren't really sure what's involved since no one in our family gets them. I know I can look up symptoms, but I'll probably get sidetracked with headaches in general then leave with the idea that I have cancer or something.

After my headache of death went away, I made cookies for the bunco party tonight. I'm in a league with my mom and a few ladies from church. It's funny because almost everybody brought dessert! I didn't win anything from bunco, but my mom won the booby prize: bottle of wine and chocolate bar that looks like a fish. I'm so happy that I can finally go to bunco again! Yay for my class schedule being awesome! (although I still can't go to book club on Mondays, never have and probably never will)


Lastly: there is still so much glitter everywhere. My name a location I've been, and there's glitter. I'm hesitant to use my other lush stuff with glitter since this had SO MUCH. I read the reviews and I didn't think there was that much glitter, but I was wrong. Plus side: really nice bath! bitch to clean
I'm so bored, slightly confused, and headachy. I want to go home.

I hate mondays. So long and I'm really crabby at the end of the day.

Heroes starts again in a week so I should be happier then.

I work tomorrow morning/afternoon then I'm going to spend the rest of the time doing JavaScript homework because I'm a little masochistic. Then I'll finish watching The Last Templar with Spy Daddy/Jesus...Victor Garber. Yay! Did anyone else watch/plan to watch?

Yesterday I read The Sheik online. I liked it overall, but found Diana's change in heart kind of frightening. She changed from "I HATE YOU" to "I love you!" too quickly. Although Ahmed did sound like a very interesting (and pretty!) character.

Uh, class is starting again, peace out!
I'm not feeling awesome right about now. Ugh, what did I eat and/or what's wrong with me? UGH!

Anyway, still going to work because I'm dedicated...or need the money. You decide why I'm doing this. I'm bringing SQL homework with me and the guidelines for the [ profile] dramione_ldws challenge. Princess Bride yay! Not sure what I'll do with the prompt, but I'll think of something. AND 100 WORDS! Yikes!

I just hope I'm feeling better tomorrow, I got plans for a movie/pizza night with some girls from work.

Hopefully it will be slow so I can get things done and that I might be able to go home early. I would like that. Oh yes I would.
 I take it back.  I love this stuff.  In November I got a stash of Lush and I bought volcano foot mask.  I tried it then and wasn't impressed at all.  I decided to give it another go and so far it's actually working and following it's product description.  I still don't like the smell, but it's on my feet and wrapped in cling wrap and my slippers.  I won't be smelling my feet anytime soon and I got it off of my hands asap.  But it's nice and tingly warm (and sometimes burning which feels fantastic)  Hopefully it will work when I wash it off!

I'm also getting really impatient that my new stash hasn't shipped yet.  If I don't hear anything by tomorrow night, I'll give cust serv a call.  They're probably incredibly backed up, but they already took the money out of my checking account.

Anyway, I woke up this morning and couldn't hear out of my ear...again.  It's a little better, but I still can't hear.  Whatever.

I'm going to try to get my brother to get my car's oil changed for me since I don't feel like going out.  Besides what would I even do while waiting for it to get done?  Besides#2, I would have to get dressed in normal clothes.  I'm currently wearing random shirt I don't wear in public paired with boho chic sparkly skirt....and I have volcano on my feet.  I don't want to ask him now since he just got back from doing the same thing for my parents.  Besides#3, they'll probably try to sucker me in and buying a super deluxe package deal that I don't need.

My room is a mess.  I attempted to clean it a few weeks ago, but it just got messier.  I haven't really done anything since.  oops.

But yesterday I found out some facts: I can still fit in the following things:
  • Junior Prom/Junior Girls dress (spring 2005) but barely, apparently my boobs have grown a lot since HS
  • 2004-2005 Show choir dress (it's really cheap looking)
  • Senior year Homecoming dress (fall 2005), still looks really pretty I still love the beading
I was going to try my 2005-06 show choir dress but I got cold from standing around in almost nothing putting on dresses.  (The heat in the house lowers at night so it was cold in the house)  Moral of the story, feels good that I'm still at my high school weight...sort of.

I should also get my voting done for [ profile] dramione_awards and consider some more about signing up for [ profile] dramione_ldws  even though I wasn't that good last round.  But it is an excuse to get some writing done (so I can practice for my crack!secret project I mentioned a few weeks ago.)  There, gave you a clue, it's something dramione related...and writing.  Two clues, I'm so generous.

Not how I wanted to wake up, but whatever.

I woke up with my head feeling very heavy (not so much now) and it's hard to hear out of my ears. ughs. Then work called wondering if I could come in asap. I already have an 8 hour shift today but I'm aiming to go in around 12:30 ish. During my review, my boss Annie asked me to try to pick up more trades and hot spots because I wasn't doing that before....I would've if I could've.

I'll write about my awesome day that was yesterday and the wtf-ery that was work yesterday (and probably today too)

Of course my worst ear is the one that I put my headset on. *grumblecakes*

also my new lush stuff neeeds to turn up soon. Then I need to wait for them to restock so I can replace some of my stuff that's running low. Crazy addiction.



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