If so, I would like to know so I can get it because SO MUCH LOVE!!!!!!!

Didn't do a lot today.  But yesterday Simon and I were playing Quidditch on the gamecube and I was totally awesome.  It's a fun game.  Best quote was Brittany and it was something along the lines of "don't let Draco win!!!" because he was Griffindor and I was Slytherin and it was snitch chasing time.  (I won)  *grin*

I'm AWESOME at that game....because that's all I did second half of spring 2007 quidditch.  I'm trying to unlock all the quidditch cards, but my skills as a beater are holding me back.  I can beat the team record, but can't beat the school record.  There has been much yelling and swearing.  I've unlocked everything else at Hogwarts level and I'm a good beater during games, but I'm just not fast enough in the stupid trial.  I need to knock off 10 seconds of my fastest time.  SO FRUSTRATING!!!

Although it's fun beating everyone up playing the world cup.  I probably should be playing one skill level up to make it challenging, but I'd rather get quidditch cards at an easier level.

But we watched Dark Crystal and Labyrinth after we played some quidditch and Simon and I swear that Dark Crystal was a different movie when we were little (so much different now!!) and we kept quoting Labyrinth the whole time (and singing Dance Magic Dance a lot, especially the "You remind me of the babe"/"what babe" bit.  We did that aaaaaaaaaa lot and it was awesome.  Why does Bowie look sooo damn good in that movie?  

If you'll excuse me, I'm going to google some cheats on how to beat the stupid beater challenge...and be a big dork.

Don't mind me, I'm just brewing up some grade A crack over here. I have no idea where this is going to lead, but it could be potentially mind blowing, or a waste of one or two afternoons, several hours, whatever. I have time.

I think every five minutes I stop and go "am I really outlining this? do I have the patience to do this? what if people like it and I never finish (like a NaNo!) and I become the next 'Pansy's Volcano' of sorts?" then I stop freaking out and go on with my stuff since chances that I do anything with this aren't that great, and nothing as smutty epic as Pansy's Volcano.

hahahhahahahaha!!! I can't believe I'm doing this! I'm insane!!

I also realized that I put a lot of useless posts behind a F-Lock. I'm going to post some public entries and see how that goes. I'll probably not notice a difference.
I have heard that many Ron/Hermione shippers have been looking around the journals of people who belong to such communities as [ profile] harryhermione and [ profile] delusionalfans

You may have noticed that my journal is Friends Only, so I have prepared a little statement for all of you to read so you will won't go back to your lairs empty handed.

Loads of SPOILERS behind this cut )

Natalie’s commentary of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince


Natalie’s order of favorite books in the series



In the book, the first two chapters of the book are not Harry.  Harry is the reason I read the books really, and to have two chapters of not Harry in the beginning is not what I like.  I can deal with one, but two…. ohhhh… now you are in trouble.


But I’m going to tell you my thoughts on chapter two, because I liked that one.  Evil!Snape!  Narcissa fearing for Draco, and an Unbreakable vow.  And btw, Wormtail is so Snape’s bitch.  This chapter made me hate Bellatrix even more, but I have fallen in love with the brief glace at Narcissa’s character.  And the way Narcissa and Snape reacted… hmm… it makes me wonder…


Now we are reconnected with Harry, which makes me so much happier!  We get a glace at Harry’s organizational skills and design scheme for his room.  All I can say is, ‘Wow.’  This boy needs help.  “The room was strewn with various possessions and a good smattering of rubbish.  Owl feathers, apple cores, and sweet wrappers littered the floor…” (page 38)  Someone really needs to contact TLC.  Heck!  A lot of the rooms that they redo are already ridiculously better than my home.


When you look at the newspaper articles that says “Harry Potter: The Chosen One?” did anyone else think of Star Wars?  Does George Lucas know about this?  I mean, this has Anakin totally written all over it.  What’s next?  “Where is Padmé?  Is she safe?  Is she alright? … Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!”


Jo sticks a fork in our side with the fact that Sirius is in fact dead.  Thanks for the will and Kreacher though.


So Buckbeak also has a new name, ‘Witherwings’, which reminds me of Aragorn from LOTR.  He is nicknamed ‘Wingfoot’ in The Two Towers.  I know it’s a stretch, but hey!  It’s what I thought when I read it!...Yeah.


They apparate to Horace Slughorn’s place of residence, and once again, Harry prefers brooms.


Also, Dumbledore likes raspberry jam, which is another cool fact about him.  ; D


Horace Slughorn sounds like an awesome guy.  In two minutes, he can destroy a house and fool people aren’t too bright…like young Harry!  *ahem*


They leave to the Weasley’s and have a heartfelt moment between Harry and Dumbledore…in a broom closet.  Sounds like a location that is in every poorly written romantic fan fic ever.  It makes you wonder why Jo didn’t put the term ‘Quidditch toned muscles’ in.  Must be the next book huh.


“Life is too short” Harry says.  Well, Harry, Harry, Harry, you can release some of that angst that you had last year!  I think you are watching way too much Oprah and Dr. Phil.


For this next chapter, I had to look up the word ‘phlegm’ because I’m not smart in the ways of vocabulary…like everyone who was in my language class knows.  Well, phlegm (flem) n.  Sluggishness of temperament


What is with Tonks?  It’s like… woah.  Where did you go Tonks?  I miss your neon hair.  Ah well…


So Mr. Weasley has been promoted to an awesome job.  It’s not Minister though.  (Ron joked about it in a previous book, and when Ron jokes, it normally comes true.)


What do you like me to call you when we’re alone together?”    Mollywobbles.” (page 86)  Best.  Thing.  Ever.


And Harry sees Crookshanks and happily realizes that Hermione is there.  Crookshanks loves Harry.


Fleur!  I love Fleur!  It is so sad how no one really likes her.. except Bill.  Speaking of Bill and Fleur, I expected them to get married in this book.  Married/engaged … same thing almost!  Score for Natalie!


Poor Harry!  Gets beaten up about defending Fleur.  Awwe!


And the Prophecy scene?  What was that?  I was so expecting this whole scene and everything!  But it was only a page!  ONE PAGE!  Hermione didn’t cry or anything.  I bet she did later, but it would’ve been better if she cried there.  However, Hermione said, “Oh Harry!” about a million times, which made me happy.


Harry’s the quidditch captain.  Big surprise.  But equal status of prefects?  That’s crazy!  Makes me wish I was good at sports so I cans use an awesome bathroom.  Maybe not, but you know… it’s an awesome bathroom.


Awwe!  Hermione is so excited that Harry is captain!  Is it because she gets to share a bathroom now?


Fred and George live in a flat above the store and invent things that are useful to the Ministry… Jo, you were so reading fan fiction.


Well, in Diagon Alley, Malfoy is being himself, and his mother is *gasp!* worse than mine.


U-NO-POO… hee!  Fred and George seem to always to amuse me!  They have a special place in my heart.  The whole shop scene is great.


Love potions?  The thing that everyone has been on for the whole book.  They are never really mentioned before this book, and suddenly, BANG!  They are everywhere!


Evil!Draco and Stupid!Harry!  How did I not see this scene coming  Seriously…hiding in a train compartment with a lot of Slytherins inside, and you only have an invisibility cloak.


Apparently, Ginny is hot this year.  She is good at quidditch, everyone loves her, even the Slytherins love her, and you know that they are hard to please, teachers love her, and Harry got used to her over the summer.  And with her long hair dancing behind her… does anyone else see a Mary Sue here?


Hark!  It’s Neville!  Where have you been?  You are hardly mentioned, and have hardly any lines.


Lavender Brown thinks Ron is funny.  This is so canon huh… wait, no, this is from fan fiction too!


Hermione’s reaction when she learned what Harry told Slughorn is love!


The Half-Blood Prince… hmm…  How fun.  Good potions.  Good prizes!


“You don’t have to call me ‘sir’ professor”  Rebel-with-a-cause!Harry!  All you have to do now is start a band!


Harry, you need to wake up now.  Of course Hermione thought you words were worth memorizing. She has loved you for like three years!


Omigoodess.  Sex God Harry!  All the girls love Harry!  But everyone knows Hermione loves him though.  She thinks that he “has never been more fanciable.” Harry, did the room get really hot when Hermione told you that?  Awwe!


“I’m tall!”  Ron, you can die.  I used to like you… a lot.  Now, I want to hit you so hard!  *smack!*


Hagrid, if you don’t try to kill your students every year, more people would take your classes.


Um… how did Katie Bell take her NEWTS?


Lucky Potion.  You are so tricky Harry.


Well, Lavender Brown!  You are such a slut!  I would say scarlet woman, but I’m keeping that for my dear Hermione.  I like Lavender more in fan fiction than in this book however, she puts out to get a guy, clings to Ron, and Ron uses her because he is an awesome guy.


Um…Hermione?  I know this may be a blow to you, but remember last year?  You spent all of last year trying to tell Harry how much you love him.  Now every girl including super!Ginny loves him more than ever, and Harry returns the feelings to Ginny.  You now feel like it is a lost cause.  So you figure you board the HMS OBHWF since it is a time of war and  everything.  Harry with Ginny, then Ron screws up and makes out with Lavender.


It is interesting that this is followed by a discussion of love potions?


Also, where did Hermione go?  It’s like you are someone else!


Awwe!  Harry realized that Hermione’s need was greater than Ron’s.


Luna!  Ron says funny things, but he can be mean sometimes?  My love for you has just grown so much!


Um yeah…Hermione?  Going out with creepy guys isn’t the best idea.  Even if you want to piss someone off, the creepy guy could still try to rape you.  Listen to Harry, he is actually right this time and everyone knows that doesn’t happen a lot.


Evil!Draco!  Kiddies, see this is what happens when you sell your soul to the Ultimate evil at 16… You will end up crying in Moaning Myrtles bathroom.


You’ll what?  Stutter at me?”  God.  I love sarcastic Harry.


Fred and George, you naughty boys!  Using magic to get muggle girls in bed!


I love how Harry verbally outsmarted the Minister.  Heck yes!  Dumbledore’s man through and through.  Also, Percy is an ass again.


The Fat Lady got drunk.  hee!  Greatness!


Speaking of alcohol, what is with everyone giving Harry alcohol in this book.  Someone really needs to call AA.


Harry!  Listen to Hermione!


Now, the next chunk of the book can be best described as: Quidditch! Supper!Ginny!  and Apperation!


Did anyone else giggle at this line?  I need to see what Malfoy does inside you.”?


Wait… what?  I am so confused!  Hermione has never heard of a Horcrux?


Dear Jo,

If you would never use the word ‘slut’ in your books again, that would be super.



Dumbledore is being more confusing than ever.


I am trying to care about Ron, but it isn’t working too well.  Meh!  He’s poisoned.


Lavender is very PMS-y


Yes!  Injured!Harry!  He has to be really injured in every book.  It’s an unwritten rule.  Madam Pomfrey has missed him.  Plus, bedside Hermione is love.


Ron loved Luna’s commentary.


Lucky potion!  So this scene is super weird, but everything works out because he is Harry Potter!


Voldemort splitting his soul?  Well, that’s ………just….wow.


Oh, and I forgot to mention this, but young Tom Riddle is love!  Not just love, but another sex god!  I am so looking forward for this movie just for that fact!  *preteen girlish giggle*


Wha?  Harry thought Tonks loved…Sirius?  They were cousins!  Has no one informed me that Hogwarts is in Tennessee not England?


Luna is growing on Ron.  She is crazy, but in a good way.  Well, she gave Ron a present, and he ‘held on to it.’


*gasp!*  Ginny!  Shame!  Hermione knows about quidditch!  She has been watching Harry for years!


And….look in the sky!  It’s super-Quidditch!Ron!  Didn’t this happen last year?


Harry, Ron wouldn’t mind if you kissed Ginny.  He wants you to be together forever, and you can live at the Burrow and be safe, and happy.  Hermione also thinks that this is a good idea.  Somehow she has to stay close to Harry!  Seriously, OBHWF can just die….. now.


Um…. The hippogriff tattoo represents Harry and Hermione’s flight on Buckbeak…right?


Woah!  Snape was Voldemort’s follower who heard part of the prophecy and told Voldemort?  Nice twist.




Hmmmm… Horcruxes… talk to Ron and Hermione before you go look for one.  Don’t bother to find Ginny or anything.  It’s already been a few weeks, so she is already looking for a new man.


Wizarding world zombies are kick ass.  Very creepy, but still kick ass.


The part where Dumbledore had to drink the potion was just creepy.  Ohhh…


Snape is the Half-Blood Prince, Draco was up to something, Death Eaters in Hogwarts, Dead Dumbledore, and Evil!Snape.  Oh how the times have changed!


Poor Bill!  I want to see how wolfish he is going to be.  What is up with him!  It’s so sad!  *tear!*  I am sooooooo happy that Fleur is still going to marry him.  All the things she said to Mrs. Weasley is awesome.  I’m glad they are beginning to like each other.  Fleur is going to be such a beautiful bride!  I can’t wait for the wedding!


So, Tonks loves Lupin.  How cute!  Tonks is the only person I could see Lupin with…canon wise.  But, I was almost expecting for Lupin’s response to be “Well, the thing is, I’m gay.”  But whatever makes them happy.  I was kinda expecting this to happen.  It’s in a lot of fan fiction…… Jo?


Hermione Hugs Harry!

(I didn’t want anyone to miss that)


Harry angst!  I have missed you!


Well, the funeral was such an interesting experience to read.  No comments here.


Worst.  Break-up.  Ever.  You are 16.  Chances are that you would not have years in your relationship, especially when you look at Ginny’s track record.  And by the way Harry, Hermione is a smart girl!


Harry darling! You are not alone.  You got Ron and Hermione.  The power to defeat Voldemort… shall I dare to say?... could it be love?  And you aren’t taking Ginny along with you, but you have Hermione!


So the HMS Harmony will continue to sail for there are these things to remember:

A.) Harry and Ginny dated for… three weeks, and they broke up.  She isn’t his soul mate, but a girl who made him very happy for a little while


B.)  Ron and Hermione are NOT together.  I have a feeling that the way their relationship stands in this book will be the same in the next book.


C.)  When Harry heard that Ginny and Dean broke up, he took action.  Ron however broke up with Lavender and, did nothing… He did compliment Luna, and stare longingly at Fleur.  No action on Ron’s part now.


I will not abandon the HMS Harmony!  I will go down with the ship!  We may be a bit smaller and weakened, but we got moments in the canon that has been raped.  Yes, you heard me, canon has been raped, then murdered.  This book seemed to be so separated between the first five.


In case you want to know, the order of my favorite books in the series is as follows:

1.)    Prisoner of Azkaban

2.)    Order of the Phoenix

3.)   Goblet of Fire

4.)    Sorcerer’s Stone/Philosopher’s Stone

5.)    Chamber of Secrets

6.)    Half-Blood Prince

I have to note that now after a few hours of digesting what I have read, and many hours of thought on the book, it wasn't as bad as I first thought it was.  I know that I may have missed some important things, and inserted some unimportant things in these notes, but I didn't feel like rereading the book and taking notes that way.  Also, some things may be switched around in order because I based a lot of my findings on my memory, and some on the book.

This is what I felt like when I finished the book: but now I am more like Padme....sad but beautiful

Also, I think this is awesome:

I think I'm done now.



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