Lea Michele singing....sped up. I LOVE GLEE!!!

Vids under the cut for spoilerphobes...vid is still funny if you don't watch Glee )

I don't like thinking how long I'll have to wait for the next episode. April is so far away. Yes, four months seems like infinity to me right now. BECAUSE IT IS.

In other news, I should either be working on A.) Economics homework and final paper or B.) Marketing homework and final project, but obviously I'm not. I also got an email from my Marketing teacher. Since the class was canceled because of the storm, we have to make it up. WTF?! I've had classes canceled due to weather at my school before and this is the first time we have to "make it up" WHAT GIVES? I don't feel like having one more class in between now in the 21st. (Only if it gives me more time on my final that is)


Oct. 26th, 2009 10:10 pm
I just need to show off my newest favoritest icon.

Yep. I love this show.

(It's by by [livejournal.com profile] mediocrechick for those wanting to know.)

In other news, OMGWTFBBQBYOB, NaNoWriMo is starting pretty soon. SUNDAY, BLOODY SUNDAY.

Unfortunately, I'll be spending a lot of that time yelling at the tv since that is also the day of the legendary Packer/Viqueen showdown mark 2.0. Which is gonna be a good use of three hours nevertheless. I need to finish outlining. I remember back in May or something ridiculous I was outlining......I haven't touched it since. Oops.

In class today my teacher Elliot was making a spreadsheet to show what a database looks like, and I may have tweeted him something funny in that time and his iPhone went all crazy with notices because of it. Oops? About 10 minutes later he got another one, but it wasn't from me. The person meant to tweet a local radio DJ in the UK. Apparently he gets about a dozen of these tweets a week which I find hilarious.

Lastly, my skin needs to chill out. I wouldn't care as much, but they are huge and are coming without warning. Angry skin is angry.



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