Earlier this week, I made plans with my friend Laura that we were going to have hibachi today at Nakashima of Japan. AND IT WAS ZOMG AMAZING.

So full now, but it was so worth it. Laura works part time at the restaurant, so we got her discount on top of everything! It was an amazing experience and OM NOM NOM!!!!

For those unfamiliar with hibachi (om nom nom!) you should definitely check it out sometime. Totally worth the experience.

Our chef Allen was awesome. Matt gave him a little sass, so Allen flicked a shrimp tail in his water glass! LULZ!!!
lol sorry.
Found this and thought other people would be interested.

Only benefit about 7:30 AM class from what I can see..... front row parking. Can I get a HUZZAH?
That and also the fact that I have an excuse to buy food at the cafe. Delicious! Although my free sample of a new breakfast dish they are trying out was WAY BETTER than the $2.20 breakfast sandwich I bought. Go figure right?

Finally was assigned homework in Flash. Looks fun. Anything to get away from the boring examples from the book. ANYTHING

Found out that so far, if I were to transfer to AI Schaumburg right now I would get 44 credits and have to take 32-34 classes. (I don't remember, one of the two). I'm not sure how many of the classes I'm taking now (and might take later on) will transfer, but it's a good jumping point to see if I want to transfer. Just saying.

Also strangely hungry. Will remedy that! (And not eat chocolate covered bacon I'll promise you that. I can never promise about enormous servings of ice cream though. Cus I ♥♥♥♥ ice cream.)


Jul. 31st, 2009 12:04 pm
I'm making a cake today. Just try to stop me. 'Cus you can't. That's right.

Tonight is the "Goodbye Eastbay" party at a local bar. I think that's a little bit of poor judgement since a lot of the people who work(ed) there aren't 21 and can't come. Should be fun even though a lot of the people I usually talk to at work either can't go or aren't 21. I'm not sure how much I'll drink tonight. I just hope that Nick doesn't start flirting with me (he flirts with everyone) while if I get too tipsy because I giggle and get very excited when drinking.

Shouldn't be too bad since Tricia and Chelsea will be there and a bunch of other people said that they might show up.

Other weekend news, I'm housesitting for Kayla. Taking care of the cats. Should be interesting. I thought it would be super easy ('cus they're cats) but there are notes everywhere for me around the house. Their house definitely a lot more interesting than the house from a month ago.

Alright! So! Lunch then cake. Sounds good.

CVS told me today that I won't be starting until the second week of August. And when I say told me, I mean told my mom to tell me....and that they called yesterday when I was at work and she just remembered to tell me now.
So Sunday went out to eat with Kayla at an awesome restaurant in town called Victoria's. It's famously good Italian food and more food per plate than one person could possibly eat.

Anyway, we did a "fantastic dinner for two" which includes 1 bottle of wine, 1 appetizer, 2 soups/salads 2 entrees, and 2 desserts all for $40ish with tip. Awesome deal yes? I had so much food Sunday that I wasn't even hungry again until Monday night and had 1/4 of my tortellini from the night before and was full again. SERIOUSLY.

I just finished up most of the bruschetta (awesomely delicious!)

School side of things, I dropped JavaScript and I'm tremendously happier. It just took more time than I thought it would to get it and I still well don't. I also don't want to continue with the programming side of things so it's all marketing for me. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

Also the Econ class I took in Summer 2007 won't transfer because a C- isn't good enough. Blaaah, they just want me to spend more money.

I have 8 classes left to take but there are three that have my eye: Photoshop, After Effects, and Photoshop 2. I'm also wondering if there's a class on Maya or not....that would be interesting.

Work end of things: bad customer service calls today. Probably because I had really easy ones last week. Two calls about how their credit cards haven't been refunded after a loooooooong period of time. It's hard because in training they don't really train us in store matters so I sound like an idiot on the phone during these situations. Also doesn't help that I haven't been to a Foot Locker store in YEARS (if ever). don't tell corporate! Although I do find good stuff at EB but I wouldn't buy without my discount!

Good thing Princess Bride (and talking about Firefly with Jake) made things better.
I made another lush order.....SHUT UP. It's addicting! But I was a smart shopper. I got a lot of stuff I wanted, and then stuff to put into my stash. YAY! So excited! And it should be here before Valentine's Day, which is a huge plus. Their shipping takes fooooooorever but I'm too cheap to bump it up.

Today I used Loverly in the bath and it was...LOVERLY! Yay! I can still smell the flowers. YES.

Anyway, yesterday I learned that JavaScript is a bitch. I did figure out my homework though. It's going to take me a while to learn it though. Cool old guy Jack (who is in a lot of my classes) had a nice quote when I pointed out the lack of estrogen in the room. "Men and women think differently. It's like putting furniture in a room. Men can take a look around and say 'this chair can fit here, the couch here, table here,' while women have to actually move the furniture in and experiment with it before it fits." SO TRUE. Right now, I'm JavaScript's bitch, but I won't be your bitch...bitch.

Yesterday's Top Chef: Regional cuisine of Green Bay. LULZ! We don't have that! Although you can't think about NFL teams without thinking about the Packers. Come on, we're God's team for one, only team owned by a city, won the first two Super Bowls, Lombardi trophy is named after a Packer coach, WE'RE AWESOME DAMNIT! even though the 2008 season didn't show it well.) I need to find an icon or anything with Fabio or Spike with their Packer stuff.
Since they weren't saying what Fabio or Spike were cooking (until the end), I tried to figure out what would be in the box of "regional foods" and I came up with this list:

  • Cheese/Dairy

  • Cherries

  • Cranberries

  • Venison

  • Sausage or German inspired meats...smoked meats

  • Booyah our family has an AWESOME recipe and you can't go to a fundraiser/picnic deal in the summer/fall in Green Bay without someone selling booyah, but some of the recipes are dodgy.

  • Finka (I don't know how to spell it, but it's really gross stuff made of cow hearts, livers, and just gross. My grandma made it long ago and my uncle now makes it and I think it's disgusting)

  • Krout

  • Pizza dough (TNT Pizza Crust is based out of Green Bay)

Anyway, I thought I knew what was going on with lost for about five minutes yesterday then they had to throw in some more plot twists. Damn them.

Right, I need to go read the awesome drabbles at [livejournal.com profile] dramione_ldws and you should too because I wrote one of them! It's going to be tough to vote though.
ETA: I read through them all, and damn that was a hard decision! I liked A LOT of them and I think mine pales in comparison. Is it Saturday yet? I want to know the results!
Backstory, my mom forgot to make a cake/dessert for her coworker's birthday and asked if I would be able to make one and she can pick it up or whatever.

Me: *drinking pepsi waiting for mom to pick up the phone*
Mom: Hello?
Me: *coughs* oh hi! Do we have any more vanilla? We're out
Mom: you checked here here and here?
Me: Yes and no vanilla
Mom: Do we have almond extract?
Me: No
Mom: Then we don't have anything
Me: Yep
Mom: Go to the liquor cabinant and put some rum in there
Me: *coughs again* what?
Mom: Yes! Rum!
Me: Happy Birthday indeed

It's more hilarious to me because the recipe I'm using is from a little kid's cooking book for an "Xtra Special Cake" Ooooh yay!

I'm going to make the special cake now. LOL!
Well....The Golden Globes. What a show. Tony Shalhoub didn't win, meaning at my old high school there won't be a note of congratulations to him in the announcements like my freshman year there. BEST SCHOOL ANNOUNCEMENT EVER. SRLY.

I'm also impressed that the internet hasn't exploded due to Heath Ledger yet. Maybe.

I made the BEST banana bread ever today. It's the same recipe I've been using for years and I love it so much.

Brother went back to school today and he's probably getting ready for winter carnival sculptures since they can start when the clock strikes midnight.

Kayla is apparently having an awesome time in London and I'm trying not to be jealous since she worked really hard to get there and one day I'll have my chance. (and she's going to be getting me something!!) So I'm just excited really.

I really miss T:SSC. It needs to come back, February 13 is too far away. But at least shows are starting to come back...even though I didn't catch up on shows I thought I would during break. Whatever. I need to catch up on: Merlin, True Blood, Beautiful People, and a list of shows that J-Wall has for me that I have written down. And buffy/angel.

I'm also sadly running out of Lush stuff. I'm planning on making a new order once I get paid again, so yay for that.
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*knocks on wood!!!!*

Anyway, I did my last minute Christmas shopping and I'm quite proud of myself! I was going to get the Christmas Jones Soda pack, but they were sold out (or never carried them to begin with...whatever. I just grabbed a pack of Jones soda and some yummy luxury treats, some French cookies and some chocolate stick things. Not sure what they are anymore since I already wrapped them.

BUT OH GOODNESS. It took FOREVER (seriously) to get out of Target's parking lot since one girl in queue would not pull out even though she had soooo many opportunities. Finally she just made the easy left instead of right. Mere seconds later I made the same left turn that the girl found so difficult. Some people!

Best White Elephant/Yankee Swap/Whatever this game is called present ever. I also grabbed an extra case for myself....just because. So I could end up with two cases of Jones if I play my cards right. Mmmm Jones soda.... I haven't had one for a loooooong time and I'm loving the one I'm drinking now. So worth it!!!

Oh man, it's almost gone! My Jones joy has caused me to drink it with glee! Oh well, I still love it so much.
Barack the vote!  Obama-rama!  whatever!   Yay!  First: I had an amazing spot.  Second row center.
Best part?  I shook his hand!!!

haha yes!  The closest I've ever been to anyone important.  Julia told him he was amazing and he looked her right in the eye and thanked her then leaned over her to shake my hand.  He also has really soft hands.  I'm jealous that he's keeping his hands moisturized in the awful dry weather.

More pictures (18 total) are here at my facebook.  They aren't the greatest, but hey.  It's Barack Obama.

Funny thing, it seemed that a lot of the security people were watching me..or the area I was in.  I made direct eye contact with a few.  I think it was because of the annoying girl next to me who wouldn't stand still and kept talking (even during the speech) and luckily she didn't get her hand shook.  ha...she was annoying.  She then hung out in the coffee place we went to after where Julia was working until 10:00 then we left at 10:30.

Overall, not a bad day.  Even though I stood outside in the extreme cold for 45 minutes waiting to get inside.

OH, and Obama ate at one of my favorite local restaurants: Kroll's East.  It's amazing.  And a Rhapsody tradition!  Yum!  It's classic old school diner food.  Famous for their chili and butter burgers.  And well malts and shakes.  Well that's all I eat there.
....but that's not stopping me from using it!

haha, seriously, I'm amazed that I actually remember how to use photoshop at ALL.  I only took one graphic design class in high school, and it was basically "you have to follow exactly what I told you to do with these step by step instructions.  Why aren't you creative and do something different/the way I want it to be done" Yeah.  Didn't have fun with that.  Anyway, I'm actually better at photoshop than I was when I took that class.  Figure that.  I did something I did in class, but only did it 10000000 times better than I did in class (I didn't need Ruthann to help me this time around!)

So what did I make?  Well the Ianto thing I showed off yesterday, a snarky Vaughn thing, a Ianto wallpaper, some flower thing, and an icon of Tosh.  And yes, I was thinking about Casino Royale when making my Ianto wallpaper.  Shut up.

I made the flower thing after the fire alarm went off this morning. I was on the edge and couldn't sleep, so I made something peaceful, soft, and went back to bed after I was done.  (went to bed at 2:15, fire alarm went off at 8:30, stayed up until 10:30, woke up at 1:20...realizing that brunch closes in 10 minutes, so ate brownie instead.)  Now I'm here.
The Campbell Soup company began its annual NFL campaign in the fight against hunger for the less privileged. It's called "Click for Cans."

Green Bay Packers fans have handily won this national contest since its inception seven years ago. While we may have difficulty winning on the field these days, we can win this contest with your DAILY vote for the Packers.

All you have to do is go to this web site and click on the Packer helmet to cast your vote. At the end of the contest in early December, Campbell 's makes a significant donation of their Chunky soup to the food pantries in the city of the winning team. It costs you nothing other than just a few seconds to go to:


I still don't want to go to math today....wait, I never want to go. Boo.



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