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A follow up to Stephenie Meyer's Twilight by [ profile] calenfenwen

Because sometimes 4.5 books isn't enough.

AN: I wrote this for my friend Megan at work who was reading the series for the first time. She wanted to know if there was another book after Breaking Dawn and she was sad to hear there wasn't. She jokingly told me to write it for her, and because I'm awesome, I decided to take her up on that offer.

I've been writing this during my free time at work so technically I got paid to write this. Kidding. This isn't supposed to be taken seriously and I haven't looked it over with a critical eye so if you spot something, I'll fix it. Also, I don't have a real plot outlined in my head. I started writing this after Megan started teasing me about being alone for an hour with practically no work to do and that I would have nothing to do. I have no idea what I'm doing.

Posted to the el jay per request.

The Sunset Lounge--Chunk #1 )
So if I would've signed up for [ profile] dramione_ldws, this would've been my entry. I'll have a real update once I actually do something.

It is my first time writing Draco/Hermione, and the first time in five/six years I wrote anything Harry Potter (so hopefully I improved a little!)

Challenge title: Change or be Changed
Pairings: mention of Ron/Hermione
Scenario: The final battle at Hogwarts. Draco witnessed what could be Hermione's final moments. What will he do? (previous relationship implied)

Word Count: 104
Rating: PG-13 for some swearing

That One Night )
Author: Natalie
Character/Pairing: Harry/Lucy Saxon
Rating: PG-13? I'm horrible at rating stuff.
Summary: A look at Lucy's mindset, mainly how she became to be who she is and her life with Harry.
Disclaimer: Does anyone here think I own Doctor Who? Anyone? Because...I don't. Shocker!

Note: Just a short ficlet I wrote while waiting for laundry to get done.

I don't want to study for exams, so I wrote this! Pure cuteness!
To [ profile] world_president for many things, including but not limiting to: introducing me into the wonderful Doctor Who universe(s) and nagging me on multiple occasions to write some sort of fan fiction again. My first fan fiction in like three or four years, so be nice.

Title: With someone you love
Rating: PG
Pairing: Jack/Ianto (implied)
Summary: You spend the holidays with the people you love, and Ianto Jones feels lonely.
375 Words
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