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How bout today?

Well, yesterday was my first day ever training on the registers at CVS. Did you know that in it's basic Latin form [ profile] calenfenwen equals "LUCKY BITCH" because.....I am one.

Why? Same. Exact. System. As. Fleet Farm. Well, there were a few different things to know how to do and there were buttons missing from the register than FF's. For example, there is no button for hardware or pick up tickets for the yard.

I had my Logistics/Fullfillment class today. I don't care for it and I don't think I need it in my future career, but I do need it to graduate. Oh dilemma! I'm the only girl in the class, yet the teacher still doesn't get my name. *while looking at roster* "What did you say your name was again? Madeline?" "No, it's Natalie...."

I'm going to eat supper now but I'll be back to expand laterz. Ciao! :)

I forgot how weird people can be shopping.
I also forgot how cute little kids could be when with parents while shopping.
I also forgot how people can be coupon whores. (And extra buck whores too) but I find it awesome that people can buy $70+ worth of stuff and only pay $0.70 or something ridiculous.

I can't wait to get my employee extra care card. I'll totally take over CVS.

After school today I went over to my grandpa's house to mow his lawn. Ugh. Old men are persnickety. God forbid I don't cut the lawn diagonally by the right angle! Or if the mower is resting just a smidge high. I understand why all of the cousins (minus Rebecca since she's never done it) hate doing the lawn when he's around. Blerg. I'm also not going to lose my hearing while mowing the lawn so I don't need OSHA approved ear covers. I'll use my iPod thank you dearly.

I also forgot how much gas it takes to go to school and back. Jiminy Christmas! I had a half tank on Thursday now I'm on fumes!
...but I didn't think my life really warranted spamming in detail or even putting in the effort to make an entry.

Basically: Boring life, telling you that I'm not dead yet.

Tomorrow my Aunt from Kentucky is arriving. I'm super excited for that. I'm just about done cleaning my room for when she comes. She sleeps in my bed and I sleep on a spare mattress on the floor. That's how it usually rolls for guests. They get my bed and I either sleep on a couch somewhere or on the floor.

Also, I've really been enjoying Children of Earth. I have no idea how this is going to turn out, but it is definitely keeping me on my toes. BEST SERIES YET!

While I was working on Monday, I was also reading one of the Torchwood books and my boss Jake saw the book and when I finished leaned over and asked, "SO! Did Team Torchwood solve the mystery?" I found it really funny. It seems less funny in black and white though.

Lastly, Tuesday at work, I was feeling hungry so I bought a bag of 50¢ chips at the vending machine. I put in exact change and when my chips fell, I also heard some coins in the change area. Curious, I opened it and found 45¢. That's right, I paid 5¢ for my chips! I'M AWESOME!!!

It then became spooky because I thought I had half a bag of chips left but I couldn't find them. I didn't remember throwing them away and couldn't see the empty bag in the garbage closest to me. Spooky-do!
So I got the info regarding my final project and practical for my Flash class. AND the idea that I had last week totally works in the confines of the requirements! Score! PLUS I have until the 7th to get the project done! Totally doable. The practical is really really easy looking, making a portfolio. Simple. As. Pie. That's due the 14th "and can be finished during that class time in case of procrastination/forgetfulness."

Well, yesterday I went on a 6+ mile bike ride with Kayla and now my butt and lower back are super sore. Well, what can you do?

Awesome news: Kayla was the correct caller for the radio contest and is entered in a drawing for the Zootopia concert in NYC!! She has a 1 in 15 chance of getting the tickets and transportation! How awesome is that? Sadly I had to find out through facebook since I was in class at the time and missed her call. Whatevs.

Diana and I discussed Hawaii after class and in case you didn't know, Oahu is now "my island" according to Diana. ;) I'll take it!

Well, I have my first E-Marketing class tomorrow in 11 hours. The class has the potential to be sort of interesting or boring as hell. I don't know. Haven't really heard anything about the class. Here's to hoping there are computers in the classroom nevertheless!

So brother-in-law step-cousin (whom I met at my cousin's wedding and called me sister-in-law on my facebook. His mom married my ex-uncle a year or two ago and that was the first time we met.) is recording a record in New Orleans, and he put a sneak peak of one of the songs on his account. Sounds awesome. He's a pretty rad guy too!

weird I'm tagging family because of this since he is technically family. Distant Kentucky relation.

Alright, I'm going to attempt to stand up, walk upstairs, and go to bed. Busy day tomorrow!
1. Twilight story.
Woke up on Saturday because I heard someone walking through my room then close the door. Woke up and on the pillow next to me was a copy of Twilight with a post-it "To Natalie, From the Tooth Fairy." My dad went to Target and picked up stuff for the house and a copy of the BluRay for me. Really super nice of my dad, but I went to Target to exchange it for the 3 Disc DVD because we don't have BluRay. Dad only saw "Twilight" and grabbed it for me because he knew I liked it. YAY DAD! :D

2. Hanging with Kayla
We made Long Island Ice Teas, hot tubbed, went to Taco Bell, Amaretto Sours, shots of something sweet, Mario Kart drinking game while drinking Amaretto Sours, I ran out and took some of Kayla's whiskey and coke, shot of whiskey, and then we cut off since I had to drive home, but we danced a lot and watched Stardust while I sobered up. Also got my nails done. Super fun girls night.

3. ZOMG AMAZING!!!! I've been blabbering about this on every place I can think of. I finished framing my movie. Yeah, I started today at 136.7 seconds and finished at 214.2. Yeah, 77.5 seconds or over third of the video. That's amazing. Now tomorrow I'll add the sound to the video and attempt to convert it to mp4 or whatever it's supposed to be in.

4. Hair cut will be Wednesday.
This is the picture. I think it's super cute and so does Kayla's family.

They say I can pull it off and I trust Kayla's mom so much on stuff like that, probably more than my mom actually.

5. I need to get to other homework since I have a crap load to do. Apparently spring break is over.....sad.
...but I think I did this morning. I woke up and felt like crying because my head hurt so much. It's funny because I woke up about two hours before my alarm went off and I was like "haHA! I'm alert-ish and I can sleep in before going to work! I ended up calling sick into work because I could hardly function or make breakfast or anything.

Anyway, I took a bath with my karma bath melt (zomg, glitter monster exploded!) which was nice. Then, I spent most of that time chilling in the computer room with my hood up on my sweatshirt. It didn't really want to go away but it finally did. WORST HEADACHE EVER. I've been having a lot of headaches lately. Yesteday's was bad, but today's took the cake. Actually, I have a small one right now actually, but it seems like I have one almost all the time now. UGH!

What ARE the symptoms of a migraine anyway? I can't seem to remember the commercials or anything. When I told my parents I've been having frequent headaches and especially todays, they thought it might be a migraine, but they aren't really sure what's involved since no one in our family gets them. I know I can look up symptoms, but I'll probably get sidetracked with headaches in general then leave with the idea that I have cancer or something.

After my headache of death went away, I made cookies for the bunco party tonight. I'm in a league with my mom and a few ladies from church. It's funny because almost everybody brought dessert! I didn't win anything from bunco, but my mom won the booby prize: bottle of wine and chocolate bar that looks like a fish. I'm so happy that I can finally go to bunco again! Yay for my class schedule being awesome! (although I still can't go to book club on Mondays, never have and probably never will)


Lastly: there is still so much glitter everywhere. My name a location I've been, and there's glitter. I'm hesitant to use my other lush stuff with glitter since this had SO MUCH. I read the reviews and I didn't think there was that much glitter, but I was wrong. Plus side: really nice bath! bitch to clean
Posh Tosh, what a bitch!
Aka: I need a new computer soon.
I'm sorry I've abused you, but don't die on me please.

Anyway, my grandpa is over for dinner and he started talking about how he used to have this cassette tape of "some happy song" and we've figured out that it was "Don't Worry, Be Happy" so it's my job now to download it from iTunes and burn it on a CD. Which is why Posh Tosh is making a weird noise while burning the disk. It's never done that before.

It's awesome because I got $2 from my grandpa to do this even though I told him it cost $1. "For my trouble," he said. Whatever! Awesome! I then spulrged and bought other songs on iTunes that I've wanted for awhile for some reason. Most are crack and Top 40 songs.

Work last night was weird. Sarah was there, and I learned how she can be even more over protective of her 11 year old daughter than I thought possible (based on my first impression of her anyway). I like her as a person, but sometimes (especially when it's just us at the end of the night) she tries to get as much personal information about me. "Do you have a boyfriend?" "What do you think about this controversial subject?" "Celebrity crushes: go."

Also: there was a 40+ minute interval without any calls for Sarah and I. It was weird, but gave us more time to bond and whatever. Becky almost was debating giving one of us the option of going home, but she didn't because we would've been understaffed. Whatever. I wasn't going to take the cold spot anyway since it's like throwing away $20 because I wanted to go home early. I can suck it up when I have to.

OH! And [ profile] dramione_ldws GO! There are some good LOTR and Moulin Rouge! drabbles there (including one by yours truly!) so if you have the time go and read them. It's a free "just for fun" round so there isn't voting, but still check out the round!
Backstory, my mom forgot to make a cake/dessert for her coworker's birthday and asked if I would be able to make one and she can pick it up or whatever.

Me: *drinking pepsi waiting for mom to pick up the phone*
Mom: Hello?
Me: *coughs* oh hi! Do we have any more vanilla? We're out
Mom: you checked here here and here?
Me: Yes and no vanilla
Mom: Do we have almond extract?
Me: No
Mom: Then we don't have anything
Me: Yep
Mom: Go to the liquor cabinant and put some rum in there
Me: *coughs again* what?
Mom: Yes! Rum!
Me: Happy Birthday indeed

It's more hilarious to me because the recipe I'm using is from a little kid's cooking book for an "Xtra Special Cake" Ooooh yay!

I'm going to make the special cake now. LOL!
Well....The Golden Globes. What a show. Tony Shalhoub didn't win, meaning at my old high school there won't be a note of congratulations to him in the announcements like my freshman year there. BEST SCHOOL ANNOUNCEMENT EVER. SRLY.

I'm also impressed that the internet hasn't exploded due to Heath Ledger yet. Maybe.

I made the BEST banana bread ever today. It's the same recipe I've been using for years and I love it so much.

Brother went back to school today and he's probably getting ready for winter carnival sculptures since they can start when the clock strikes midnight.

Kayla is apparently having an awesome time in London and I'm trying not to be jealous since she worked really hard to get there and one day I'll have my chance. (and she's going to be getting me something!!) So I'm just excited really.

I really miss T:SSC. It needs to come back, February 13 is too far away. But at least shows are starting to come back...even though I didn't catch up on shows I thought I would during break. Whatever. I need to catch up on: Merlin, True Blood, Beautiful People, and a list of shows that J-Wall has for me that I have written down. And buffy/angel.

I'm also sadly running out of Lush stuff. I'm planning on making a new order once I get paid again, so yay for that.
 I take it back.  I love this stuff.  In November I got a stash of Lush and I bought volcano foot mask.  I tried it then and wasn't impressed at all.  I decided to give it another go and so far it's actually working and following it's product description.  I still don't like the smell, but it's on my feet and wrapped in cling wrap and my slippers.  I won't be smelling my feet anytime soon and I got it off of my hands asap.  But it's nice and tingly warm (and sometimes burning which feels fantastic)  Hopefully it will work when I wash it off!

I'm also getting really impatient that my new stash hasn't shipped yet.  If I don't hear anything by tomorrow night, I'll give cust serv a call.  They're probably incredibly backed up, but they already took the money out of my checking account.

Anyway, I woke up this morning and couldn't hear out of my ear...again.  It's a little better, but I still can't hear.  Whatever.

I'm going to try to get my brother to get my car's oil changed for me since I don't feel like going out.  Besides what would I even do while waiting for it to get done?  Besides#2, I would have to get dressed in normal clothes.  I'm currently wearing random shirt I don't wear in public paired with boho chic sparkly skirt....and I have volcano on my feet.  I don't want to ask him now since he just got back from doing the same thing for my parents.  Besides#3, they'll probably try to sucker me in and buying a super deluxe package deal that I don't need.

My room is a mess.  I attempted to clean it a few weeks ago, but it just got messier.  I haven't really done anything since.  oops.

But yesterday I found out some facts: I can still fit in the following things:
  • Junior Prom/Junior Girls dress (spring 2005) but barely, apparently my boobs have grown a lot since HS
  • 2004-2005 Show choir dress (it's really cheap looking)
  • Senior year Homecoming dress (fall 2005), still looks really pretty I still love the beading
I was going to try my 2005-06 show choir dress but I got cold from standing around in almost nothing putting on dresses.  (The heat in the house lowers at night so it was cold in the house)  Moral of the story, feels good that I'm still at my high school weight...sort of.

I should also get my voting done for [ profile] dramione_awards and consider some more about signing up for [ profile] dramione_ldws  even though I wasn't that good last round.  But it is an excuse to get some writing done (so I can practice for my crack!secret project I mentioned a few weeks ago.)  There, gave you a clue, it's something dramione related...and writing.  Two clues, I'm so generous.

One of these days I'll create a LJ layout for myself, but until then, I'll be taking other people's pretty layouts.
Let's see how long this one will last. At least I still made a profile layout today!! Yay tables. (still took me longer than it should've)

Oh LJ! How you make me feel like my hours at school are for naught, I still can't make a LJ layout.
and I still don't know how to use Photoshop. At least Dreamweaver is this semester.

DUDE! I need to get a desktop soon, that Adobe software pack soon, and try not to spend every penny I get on Lush. I made a list the other day, and it's like $200 worth of stuff, and it's not including the stuff I ordered a week ago (and still hasn't shipped yet! eek!) I know they must be extremely busy with their after Christmas sale, but I want my stuff!

Oh, I didn't tell you what I spent the time between the two posts doing: going through my grandpa's boxes and boxes and bags and envelopes of state quarters and putting them into books. Even though there's over $100 in quarters, there still isn't enough to complete a book. My fingers hurt now because the slots for the quarters are smaller than the quarters so it takes a lot of pushing to make them fit. Also my thumb has a metallic shine to it. lulz.

I'm also tired, but my brother's friends (well Simon too) are here and are loud. I don't know why I'm tired, but I've been eating a lot today too. Ugh.
I have a cramp in my leg. It been around for I'm guessing...three hours now? It's just worse now. Ugharoahg.

Oh and happy post Christmas shopping extravangza today! It was super awesome, especially some Champs store in I think Georgia that wanted nothing to do with me and a Foot Locker manager who was in the bathroom for 10+ minutes. Excellent times bbs!

Whatever, that's done. I actually get REAL hours next week, and that's probably only because I signed up for holiday hours. Nice.

I really loved Doctor Who yesterday. It was worth it (and I stayed relatively unspoiled!!!) Maui, loves it. (stupid thing I think is funny that no one else knows where it's from)

Presents: the same slippers my mom bought last year that I didn't like and returned for a new pair, cook book from my brother, gift cards for the movies, pants, Beedle the Bard, and AWESOME:: A copy of my grandpa's old joke collection bound in a nice book. The real deal, photocopies of jokes that my cousin found in two boxes under my grandpa's bed when we were cleaning it after he died. They're HILARIOUS!!! It also has two nice pictures of him. I love it. LOVE IT. My cousin and his wife put it together and it's my favorite thing I got this year.

Also, I did get back my white elephant gift. My cousin was sulking after the exchange because he wanted what I got (a 36 pack of AA batteries) and my uncle asked if I would trade, and I did....because I still don't know what I have that runs on AA batteries!!
It was lame though, there was a $10 limit, and my cousin and boyfriend spent $20 together on the collector edition of The Dark Knight, so obviously EVERYONE wanted that. Ugh. Batteries and The Dark Knight? There's no comparison!

Well, Peace out A-Town! I'm still not done knitting mom's present and her b-day is tomorrow. I'll post pics when I'm done.
Argh...I'm old.

Anyway, my mom and I started painting my room today!  Sweet!  It looks cool.  It also really needed to be done....lyke really bad.  I got two walls done so far and I can't wait for it to be 100% done!

This is for my brother.  I'm just putting it here so I remember to show it to him.
It's what the Spartans from 300 had to do.  It's super crazy and hardcore.

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My grandma died in her sleep last night. I didn't expect it. I only imagined my remaining grandparents to die once I was out of school and living my own life not still in school. I really didn't expect it that's what got me.

So I'm going home this afternoonish. It's weird.

Kayla came over and cheered me up. It was nice. We went to Taco Bell. Kayla forgot her coat.

I'm thinking about calling the Lutz family again. I called them while I was still crying and Mrs. Lutz talked to me about God's salvation and how lucky my grandma is that she's not in this world anymore. I want to call them again after I pack so that I can be away from this school setting and more in a home environment.
I can't believe that I'm passing astronomy. No wai! Although a D+ isn't exactly the greatest grade ever and I need to bring it up so I'll have a good GPA so I can study abroad. I can't believe that my whole fate of going to Scotland/England depends on me getting a good grade in astronomy. I'm not used to having to worry about failing, but this class is crazy hard....well for me it is. GAH!

Things I need to do:
constalaton activity (if it is ever not cloudy here before Monday night....otherwise I'll have to BS it)
Make up activity
Big Bang essay (EXTRA CREDIT!YAY!)
Popular astronomy topic essay

meanwhile I need to keep up on my other classes and make sure I can register for classes I need/want

my parents are going to the Packer game tomorrow and that's lame xcore. I would so go. Seriously. And no desperate housewives tomorrow, but at least I get some hott Captain Jack action in Torchwood, but I won't be able to watch it until like....12:00 as always.



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