The Favre lovefest was a little too much. Unbiased my ass. Two huge injuries on GB side and a real close loss. We're 2-2.


Anyway, earlier today I finished up the website I was working on. Aka, I finally got (most) of the content and I got direction on how they wanted it to look like and I found some time to sit down and get it done. Please take a look around and let me know what you think, I'm not getting any feedback so......please?


weird....it's raining. Who saw that coming? aka, not me. Nice surprise.

Lastly on the drive to school today, there was an ad for Eastbay.....for jobs. As in the center about an hour from here is hiring since they can't get/hold onto quality people. aosfuaowijf aos jf


(and yes, I changed my music when I heard it rain)
So I went out drinking with a lot of coworkers from Eastbay.

There is something very gratifying about having your boss buy you a drink, swear at another worker, then pull you out to dance. I LOVE ANNIE!!!!!

I'm going to miss people so bad. I need to find them on facebook too. But I'll have to do that when I'm more sober. I'm going to go over to Kayla's now watch movie quickly, then drop it off at hollywood video so they won't get a late fee.

Yes yes my lovelies! Do my icon meme too! I want to make more icons, but I'll have to do them tomorrow. I did two so far. I'll post the results sometime tomorrow and maybe choose a different episode at that time if people liked the results.

I think I did good for a first time icon maker who doesn't know how to use photoshop very well.


Jul. 31st, 2009 12:04 pm
I'm making a cake today. Just try to stop me. 'Cus you can't. That's right.

Tonight is the "Goodbye Eastbay" party at a local bar. I think that's a little bit of poor judgement since a lot of the people who work(ed) there aren't 21 and can't come. Should be fun even though a lot of the people I usually talk to at work either can't go or aren't 21. I'm not sure how much I'll drink tonight. I just hope that Nick doesn't start flirting with me (he flirts with everyone) while if I get too tipsy because I giggle and get very excited when drinking.

Shouldn't be too bad since Tricia and Chelsea will be there and a bunch of other people said that they might show up.

Other weekend news, I'm housesitting for Kayla. Taking care of the cats. Should be interesting. I thought it would be super easy ('cus they're cats) but there are notes everywhere for me around the house. Their house definitely a lot more interesting than the house from a month ago.

Alright! So! Lunch then cake. Sounds good.

CVS told me today that I won't be starting until the second week of August. And when I say told me, I mean told my mom to tell me....and that they called yesterday when I was at work and she just remembered to tell me now.
A little girl was trying to describe this girl she knew to her mom. Her mom was just over and she just told me about it. "She has short hair like that one girl who has cool shoes and came to our house that one time. It's like her hair, but it's more like a boy's hair and less spiky."

Sweet! I turned into the girl with short spiky hair with cool shoes! I also remember the shoes I wore that day, and I agree, they are cool. Well done little girl!

Last day at Eastbay today. I took a some pictures (as I have been all week) ate free pizza twice (they bought it twice so they could get it to most people, but both times were during my shift), then after an annoying call, I logged out for the last time, turned in my headset and ID badge were turned in ($50 deposit will be in the mail soon!), and stole a chair.

I'm sitting on said chair right now, and I'm very happy. I finally have a proper computer chair! I know from a year plus experience that these chairs are good. I got it because fabric is falling off, but I was planning on replacing that anyway.

I also got a customer named Ianto today. It was awesome. He was annoyed because they spelled his name wrong, but I couldn't change it since the order got processed too far. (They spelled it Yanto)

So yeah, doin' pretty good! I'm really sleepy now, but I'm not ready to sleep quite yet. Way too early.

I got off the phone with Chris the manager at my local CVS (and who also looks like Sarah Jessica Parker) and she told me that......

pending my personal history background check, I'll be employed there and my first day of orientation would probably be Friday morning.

DUDE. Last day at Eastbay: Thursday. First day at CVS: Friday.

I CAN HAS A JOB NAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is a nice piece on Children of Earth on facebook. VERY SPOILERY if you haven't watched it. I actually laughed out loud.

Job interview in less than two hours. Maybe I should think about getting ready. Eating would be a good start. So would getting out of pajamas.

Also found out that Eastbay will be closing at 4:00 next Friday which is why I wasn't scheduled for my normal 6-12 shift. I only got scheduled for Tuesday 4-12, but I managed to snag 12 more hours through people posting hours on the trade board. 20 hour work week! Awesome!

There is an employee sponsored party at a bar at 4:00 on Friday to say good bye. It's at a sports bar (really? We can't get away from the sports theme?) and I plan on drinking. I'm not familiar with the place, but from the flier that is around work, it sounds like they only have one special: Beer. I would prefer not!beer but what can I do?
...but I didn't think my life really warranted spamming in detail or even putting in the effort to make an entry.

Basically: Boring life, telling you that I'm not dead yet.

Tomorrow my Aunt from Kentucky is arriving. I'm super excited for that. I'm just about done cleaning my room for when she comes. She sleeps in my bed and I sleep on a spare mattress on the floor. That's how it usually rolls for guests. They get my bed and I either sleep on a couch somewhere or on the floor.

Also, I've really been enjoying Children of Earth. I have no idea how this is going to turn out, but it is definitely keeping me on my toes. BEST SERIES YET!

While I was working on Monday, I was also reading one of the Torchwood books and my boss Jake saw the book and when I finished leaned over and asked, "SO! Did Team Torchwood solve the mystery?" I found it really funny. It seems less funny in black and white though.

Lastly, Tuesday at work, I was feeling hungry so I bought a bag of 50¢ chips at the vending machine. I put in exact change and when my chips fell, I also heard some coins in the change area. Curious, I opened it and found 45¢. That's right, I paid 5¢ for my chips! I'M AWESOME!!!

It then became spooky because I thought I had half a bag of chips left but I couldn't find them. I didn't remember throwing them away and couldn't see the empty bag in the garbage closest to me. Spooky-do!
This turned out a lot longer than I thought so I'm cutting it. Why are they closing my center again? )

Work note #2: The first round of agents are all graduated and taking calls in the other centers. Therefore, a lot more idiots taking calls and doing stupid things, and a lot less hours than normal. They even decided not to even open the GB call center for the 4th since calls are down and the 4th is already a slow day. I was looking forward to taking basically only Canadian calls all day and getting paid time and a half for it. Oh well. (Oh Canada)

And if you couldn't tell by my tweets: Got my Robin Hood DVDs and three of my Torchwood books in the mail today! I also ordered the remainder of the books since I'm on a huge Torchwood kick at the moment and think the books are super awesome. I'm only two chapters in Twilight Streets, but I'm enjoying it. I'm going to try to save the books for work reading only, but I think I'll be unemployed before I finish reading them all.

I'm also using this icon because it's call center love.

END! If you read all of this, you win a gold star.
Got my employee order today. Well over $200 worth of stuff and about $125 was mine. I bought two pairs of Nike Shox. They are the same shoes, I just ordered two of them so that when my first pair gets worn out, I'll have a second pair of shoes. Now for those not in the know, shox run over $100 a piece. I got two for $125.

So I just tried them on now, and boy are they ever worth $100! They are amazing! I feel so light and springy! I see why people like them so much. I think I'll survive having last years model of Shox. They are also Nike Plus technology so if I want, I can get the accessories and learn exactly how well I run and junk. It's actually an impressive bit of technology, but it goes to waste on someone like me who hardly ever runs.

Well, if I'm ever to become a companion of the Doctor, I better start learning to appreciate running now!!

Lastly, so hot. So very hot. Today was over 90° outside which was pure hell. Ughsajoajsfk....Plus humidity? JSAOFIJAWOIJFA!!!!! We have the air conditioning running and I would still call it "uncomfortably warm" in my room. But like the guy on the radio said, "people should stop complaining that it's so hot! It's our one week of summer, it will be winter soon before you know it."

Note to self: Finish Packers Pro Shop application in morning when more alert and can remember old boss's names and what base pay was at said jobs. I was filling it out before going to work today, then after I was too lazy and couldn't be bothered to do it. (see above: Tiiiiiiired and hoooooooooot)
1. Wings lost game 7. And I missed it. I had to put my phone on "pause" during the last minute of the game because I couldn't breathe because I had no clue what was going on. Ridiculous I say!

2. The system at work was down today for the first two hours I was there. We had these forms to fill out with the date, time, 26 digit order number, contact name, phone number, and reason they were calling. I love it when we have to fill out the hand written forms! Then when the system was finally back online, we had to go through two hours of calls and find out answers for the customers, call them back, and keep an eye on the queue.

I got some guy from Detroit and I wanted to be like "hey! Why are you doing this when there is hockey to watch!" but couldn't because that wouldn't be professional or something. Yeah.

Anyway, iMac comes tomorrow! Can't wait! I cleared off my desk and I'm trying so hard not to put stuff on the cleared desk. Whenever there is a cleared off surface in my room, I immediately pile junk on top. iMac goes there tomorrow. Do not touch!

I also just ate an entire bag of popcorn while watching Ella Enchanted.....why did I watch that movie? Clearly, I'm bored.

Ugh. There's a bug stuck in my light. I'm going to wait for it to die because it looks really creepy and I don't really have a place to put it either. I'm not going outside again.

*is such a city girl*

EDIT2: Bug is swimming in a pool or windex. Seriously, my light is leaking windex. Please just die so I can sleep Mr. Creepy bug. Seriously your reflection in the light looks like you're wearing shoes. Why are you wearing shoes?

Also just realized that I have a pool of glass cleaner inches away from a hot light bulb. Damn, I'm smart! Here's to hoping the pool will go away next time I turn on the light!
So my nine hour day turned into a 13.5 hour day thanks to holiday pay. And holy crap, nine hours is a long time. I haven't worked a nine hour shift for a long long long time. I hardly get eight hours anymore. But it's holiday pay baby!!

But yeah, it was relatively slow today but Eastbay was busy because they have/had a promotion for 30% off your order of $99 or more just for today. Ugh busy.

I did however read Irene Gut Opedyke's memoir. Really good. My second or third time reading it. I feel so empowered reading it. She was an awesome human being.

I need to find a new book to read at work tomorrow since I read the entire thing today. I wonder what I can find? Oh how I wish I could read fic at work. That would be awesome. Although I don't want to explain to my boss why I'm reading fic at work. That would be a little weird. "ZOMG. Labyrinth fic? Really? Pack your things and go." lol. I really want to watch Labyrinth again....Loves it.

So tired.

so tired.

Surprisingly, my job can be really stressful and exhausting. I wouldn't have guessed how tired I would be when I first started. (Eastbay is the real killer. MSC not so much. ICS SO HARD.) I was stuck on Eastbay calls for over an hour. Pity me.

Right. I'm going to keep reading fic and listening to the amazing full length concert of Carmina Burana if you don't mind. Just so you know I'm not dead. Not dead yet.
[Error: unknown template qotd]

"I know it's not your fault BUT...."
followed by a huge angry yelling tirade directed at you.

Anyway, a year ago was my first day at work so that's exciting. I also need to buy something for my dad's birthday. Not sure what though. I think I'll head over to Target and look around there. At least buy a card there.

A few weeks ago he won a party from a local restaurant/bar because they drew his business card out of the fish bowl. He's having a party tonight and I'm invited to go...not sure since I wouldn't really know anyone since they're all my dad's friends. Maybe...I don't know.

I'm not going to school today like I said I was. Twitpic just ate the photo I was going to share with you. Basically it's what I'm doing for my final project.

I love this movie.


Apr. 4th, 2009 01:04 am
So remember Pedro from work? I don't think I've talked about him for a long time since he quit in November....whatever. He liked me at the time and wanted to take me out to see "Bat Man" and kept giving me fruit snacks all the time. Everytime we worked the same shift he would give me a package from the vending machine (and once he dropped them off when he was only there for five minutes or something weird)

Found out today that Niecy (old boss for my dept whom I never met) had a restraining order against him so he couldn't come to our rows of cubicles while she was there.

I knew my creep-o-meter wasn't wrong!

I also got a postcard thing from corporate congratulating me on one year of employment with them. It hasn't been a year yet. Not until the 21st that is. Eh whatever. Apparently on your fifth year with the company, you get a nifty diploma looking thing and a dinner with your boss out in the real world (and on clock!) I probably won't be around in four years though. Wouldn't be the end of the world though.

So Sunday went out to eat with Kayla at an awesome restaurant in town called Victoria's. It's famously good Italian food and more food per plate than one person could possibly eat.

Anyway, we did a "fantastic dinner for two" which includes 1 bottle of wine, 1 appetizer, 2 soups/salads 2 entrees, and 2 desserts all for $40ish with tip. Awesome deal yes? I had so much food Sunday that I wasn't even hungry again until Monday night and had 1/4 of my tortellini from the night before and was full again. SERIOUSLY.

I just finished up most of the bruschetta (awesomely delicious!)

School side of things, I dropped JavaScript and I'm tremendously happier. It just took more time than I thought it would to get it and I still well don't. I also don't want to continue with the programming side of things so it's all marketing for me. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

Also the Econ class I took in Summer 2007 won't transfer because a C- isn't good enough. Blaaah, they just want me to spend more money.

I have 8 classes left to take but there are three that have my eye: Photoshop, After Effects, and Photoshop 2. I'm also wondering if there's a class on Maya or not....that would be interesting.

Work end of things: bad customer service calls today. Probably because I had really easy ones last week. Two calls about how their credit cards haven't been refunded after a loooooooong period of time. It's hard because in training they don't really train us in store matters so I sound like an idiot on the phone during these situations. Also doesn't help that I haven't been to a Foot Locker store in YEARS (if ever). don't tell corporate! Although I do find good stuff at EB but I wouldn't buy without my discount!

Good thing Princess Bride (and talking about Firefly with Jake) made things better.
I think it's stupid too. I don't approve. Although, national media coverage? Nice. The slogan is already working!

They did a piece on it yesterday on the local news. They said that about 22% of WI tourism money comes from the area. Imagine that! About a fifth of the income coming from a fifth of the state! I know Milwaukee and Madison are huge, but come on!

At least you didn't have to ruin some preschooler's St. Patrick's Day and/or her childhood according to the ten minute rant I had to listen to today at work. Didn't want any form of compensation at all only wanted me to forward it to a supervisor. He didn't want to listen to a thing I had to say but whatever.

Here's a note from your Auntie Natalie in Customer Service. When you make a purchase at a store with a credit card, make sure you take your card back from the associate who swiped it for you and not let them steal it and take out $260 from an ATM because that would be stupid right? Granted the guy had a baby and shopping bags, but seriously dude, it's your credit card!

Not sure if I'm going to school tomorrow or not. I'm going out to lunch with my old high school friend Patrick. Should be awesome and legendary. Last time we spent about two/three hours chillin in Panera. Time before I had to duck and cover to avoid Pedro at Perkin's....which led to many "Como estas Natalie! I have foot snacks loaded in your car for you! Do you want to see Batman with meeeeee!!??!!!?!??? My comic book shirts are awesome!"

I broke down and bought the stompy boots and the pair of pumas. Yaaaaaaay!

Weather was RIDICULOUSLY AMAZING today. Almost 70 outside! Cheers could be heard all around as Natalie spent most of it at her cubicle then filling out NCAA brackets so I can win awesome stuff show off you don't need to know crap about the tournament to do well. So to all of the people spending hours on their bracket moaning if the fifth seed can beat the seventh.....SUCK IT. LULZ! :D
I need a pair of stompy boots, and these may be the boots I've been looking for:

Sweet yes?

I think so. I'll get them with my super employee discount of course....maybe a pair of Pumas that I've been watching. I noticed that a pair of boots I was looking at sold out while I wasn't paying attention. Oh well.

Work was boring as hell. Sarah and I hardly took any calls after 8:45 and we both worked until midnight. HELL. So we spent a lot of time looking at stuff on the website and mocking the stuff. (Then we went to zappos.com and found as many skank shoes as we could). Awesome.

I need to sleep now. My schedule is all wacked and I'm not tired in the slightest but I have to be up and about tomorrow/this morning.

Anyone know of a good place/application I can use to cut up an mp3 so I can take out the middle? I have a Mac btw. Maybe garageband can do it, I don't know what garageband can even do. I need it for my flash video since the song I chose it too long and I was going to cut out the over minute long instrumental interlude.


Mar. 10th, 2009 06:02 pm
My screen caps are totally messing me up. Yesterday (early early this morning) I was making my Top Gear screen caps but I kind of did the whole page and not the selected window. Therefore, I'm getting totally messed up due to things like this:

Other news: I now have a greater desire of forming a union at work than I originally did. Also I got a lot of ICS calls today....weird. Maybe I did jinx myself! (TWO in a row....really?)

Also USPS crossover begins 3/16. I'm not happy.

Back to work! :)
So I can't find my classes. Yikes. I did find a "spare" set of glasses from like six years ago and my eyes have changed since then. Super good news? I have to go to work soonish and unless I find my real glasses I'll have to wear these....and probably get a headache....and may have to call work force and ask to leave early because of it.

Second: Apparently Late Night went an extra SIX minutes yesterday and I was recording it because I would've missed the first half hour because I was at work. So I need to go to hulu or something and watch the last six minutes sometime.

Also the Shawn/Juliet shipper in me went "Ahhhhhhhhh no way" and I'm not telling you why. I love Psych.

Finally, yesterday Jake gave me the first book of the Sookie Stackhouse series and I read about 50 pages of it at work. WOW! This is a fun quick read! I like how I'm still in the first chunk of the book and most of the episodes have gone by. Although no Lafayette in the book? Bitch please.

*hunts for missing glasses*
So my teacher for Flash friended me on facebook. Huh. I accepted it because well yeah. She's a huge dork/geek too (ex today she dressed up as the Doctor and didn't care that I was going to be the only one who got the joke). Brown suit, red tie, converse and everything. It was awesome.

Also: There is only one more episode of Late Night with Conan O'Brien. I don't know what I'll do with myself for the 3(?) month absence. Like I've watched this show every weekday for 1+ years and very frequently before that. I don't know how my life will function without a little COB in my life.

Today in class we are starting scripting for Flash and that was so welcome after the fact that I spent over 24 hours scripting previously. Eh....eh! I didn't finish the homework assignment (boo!) but it was difficult to get help when Diana was helping Jon understand the concept of copy and pasting stuff onto new layers....while he was going above and beyond his already over ambitious project that was last weeks assignment because he wasn't happy with it.

I HAD TO TEACH HIM COPY AND PASTE LAST WEEK. SERIOUSLY. Then he couldn't remember how and asked the teacher. He's a nice guy but this is the third class with him and I wish he would get better study habits or get a tutor or something because this is beyond ridiculous. And remembering his work from the Illustrator class, it wasn't all that great.

Even though I don't have class tomorrow, I still have to go to school so I can get my homework done. I wish I had my new computer....I wonder if I can get my dad to transfer some money from my college fund....I'm almost graduated anyway.

Random thing: the other day at work I needed to look up a Foot Locker store in Queens, NY but we (Kat and I) were having trouble finding the one that the customer was talking about, so we just typed in Queens and one of the results was in Cardiff as in Wales. I only bring this up because it was funny to me at the time and today I was watching Last of the Time Lords and when The Doctor, Jack, and Martha are in the plaza talking about how "zomg! the Master is Saxon!" in the background is a Foot Locker. Even though it's supposed to be London it's really filmed in Cardiff so I giggled more today about the whole Foot Locker thing....which no one will find funny.

Is it kind of sad that I'm trying to be as dorky as possible during Flash? Every project sans the first has been fandom related and it seems like Diana and I are trying to almost one up each other week by week. Super fun! Although now that I'm friends with Diana I probably shouldn't be updating facebook during her class...maybe.
So yesterday was horrible. It was not fun. When I went home for dinner at 7, I had to go back at 8 and at about 8:20 I realized I wanted to go home again. haha, too bad I had over three hours left. My dept was really really slow and it sucked. I'm so glad that Megan was there as long as she was. We were both going insane. She was trying to get a way so we could both just leave work around 10 and go to Los Banditos to eat chili and other yummy Mexican foods. She actually even called the restaurant at 10 ish to order food to pick up when her shift was over.

It goes without saying: I didn't get to leave and get yummy Mexican food.

There was a Jordan launch yesterday. It sucked. It wasn't classified as a high demand launch so they didn't offer a gc for picking up the extra hours and didn't schedule anyone extra. So it was a launch for a slightly popular item with the normal about of staff that we have on a Friday night. AKA not much. There were so many calls in queue and it didn't calm down until 11:40ish and still we were busy. Sucked. I didn't get to leave until 12:10 because of my long ass call I had at the end. Kind of hoping that they actually give me those extra ten minutes because sometimes they aren't nice at work force and don't...then again I'm usually only a minute or two minutes after my shift and they must not bother with that.


CORALINE: BEST 3D MOVIE I'VE EVER SEEN. Well, I haven't seen a lot of 3D movies so I can't really judge well on that. Kayla has and she said it was the best. Although, we were surprised this was only PG not PG-13 but maybe that's because we went into the movie going "eh, it's PG not scary or freeky or anything" you think I would know better from Blink. So yeah, a little creepy, a little bit of "adult" humor that I can't believe passed as PG humor. But I liked it A LOT and will probably buy it when it gets cheaper in the stores since I hate buying expensive movies. Generally if it's over $15 I won't buy it. (Exceptions: Labyrinth, and tv shows that are on sale)

I have to go to work tonight and that's one of the last places I want to be right now. Too bad I need money!

Lastly: This is an awesome Top Gear + Obama story and I love it. Why did I not see it before? Seriously awesome



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