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Oh sure Amazon I may have doubts about you, but that doesn't mean I have the willpower to pass up on your deal of the day.....ALL FOUR SEASONS OF DOCTOR WHO FOR 50% OFF REGULAR PRICE. That's right, instead of spending around $300+ for all four seasons, I'm only paying $140.

Doctor Who DVDs, you are going to look so pretty on my DVD shelf. Soon I'll feel less guilty about having all four seasons on burned DVDs in avi format. But hey, you got to do what you have to do to survive and I'm sorry but $90 a season was asking a bit too much for me.

Which reminds me, I have a credit card bill to pay for that I just got in the mail. Oh humbug. I'll pay it this weekend after I pick up my paycheck tomorrow.

I should really work on buying DVDs of the things I like. I really need to buy that Rambaldi Cube of AWESOME that is the complete series of ALIAS. That in Firefly and Serenity (I'm horrible....I know)

Reminder: I'll be closing the sexy poll tonight. And that is TRUFAX even to you Voodoo Mama Juju.

I also may have been reading an Obidala fic all day instead of working on my resume and/or portfolio. Yep. I know. Where did the day go? (In my defense, I woke up at 12:30 much to my embarrassment. Yes, 12:30 as in the afternoon. WUT? YES.)

Fic Rec!

Jun. 27th, 2009 01:53 am
So I was looking around the TARDIS Big Bang master list today, and this is quite possibly the best Doctor Who/Torchwood fic I've read....EVER.

For Captain and Cardiff

"At midnight, a nationwide security alert was sent out... Torchwood London, demands all agencies' cooperation in issuing an arrest warrant for Ianto Merric Jones, 24, of Cardiff." Torchwood Three's Archivist has gone rogue. But, he does have a very good reason, and he looks stunning in his new suit.

Reeeeead it.
I need to fall asleep stat before I collapse because of exhaustion. I'm starting to feel sick and achy. oahgoaiwj

How am I supposed to sleep now??????

I've been checking this nonstop for hooooooooours and Ten finally caught up with Dean Winchester. (I should probably start watching that huh?) BUT VOTE TEN!

And Barney. How is Barney losing to J-Stew?
Dear Pussycat Dolls,

Please go away and/or die. Your songs are crap and you shouldn't rip off Jai Ho like that. Get an original idea. No, just go away, you don't have any friends. And you're all skank dragons.

ex oh,

The storm wasn't as bad as they said it was, but there was THUNDER SNOW which was flippin awesome to see. Lightning and thunder during a snow storm is too awesome. I didn't go to class since the roads looked like crap. Moms would be 5 minute drive home from work was more like 10+ and dad's 20 minute drive was more like 45. My class starts at 5:00 and apparently all classes that started after 5:30 were canceled so I don't believe many people showed up since it's super rare to have a class starting on the hour at my school. All in all, I'm guessing 5 inches of snow. The storm slid to our south when the forecast said it would be on top of us (that's what she said) all night, so that's several hours of storm we didn't get! yay! No nine inches of snow! The roads may be back to normal tomorrow!

Lulz note, my brother's school friend is supposed to be flying out of the Green Bay airport to Texas tonight. I wonder if he got here or not because this storm was originally bad ass.

At times the snow was falling an inch an hour and it was actually really dangerous outside. I emailed Diana saying I wouldn't be in class but I didn't hear anything back yet. I'll probably go to school tomorrow to work on homework and stuff since I haven't done so yet. I'm kind of behind in SQL and I still suck ass at JavaScript, but I can do that at home. That's a Sunday project there, flippin JavaScript.

I'm tired before midnight, that's odd...or ood as I almost typed. Is there a start date for Top Gear and/or Torchwood and/or Doctor Who special yet? Just wondering.

Lastly, did anyone else think the Top Chef finale was pure crap? UGH COME ON! *Winner's name* Seriously? NO. I refuse. It's like season 2 all over again where Marcel got robbed. But at least Marcel was in the episode and made a lulz worthy comment: "you want to take a piece of fresh fish, freeze it, then shave it? Whatever not my problem." or something like that and I agree, stupid idea and technique. It's basically putting a fish stick in a blender. MMmmmmm Nummy.

Last thing I swear: I officially became one of the family to Kayla's dog since he 1. didn't attack me when I first entered the house, 2. accompanied me to the couch where he 3. Licked my entire face (and every crevice) then rubbed his body on it. It was great fun especially since I've never had a mammal pet so it was a weird situation.
So my teacher for Flash friended me on facebook. Huh. I accepted it because well yeah. She's a huge dork/geek too (ex today she dressed up as the Doctor and didn't care that I was going to be the only one who got the joke). Brown suit, red tie, converse and everything. It was awesome.

Also: There is only one more episode of Late Night with Conan O'Brien. I don't know what I'll do with myself for the 3(?) month absence. Like I've watched this show every weekday for 1+ years and very frequently before that. I don't know how my life will function without a little COB in my life.

Today in class we are starting scripting for Flash and that was so welcome after the fact that I spent over 24 hours scripting previously.! I didn't finish the homework assignment (boo!) but it was difficult to get help when Diana was helping Jon understand the concept of copy and pasting stuff onto new layers....while he was going above and beyond his already over ambitious project that was last weeks assignment because he wasn't happy with it.

I HAD TO TEACH HIM COPY AND PASTE LAST WEEK. SERIOUSLY. Then he couldn't remember how and asked the teacher. He's a nice guy but this is the third class with him and I wish he would get better study habits or get a tutor or something because this is beyond ridiculous. And remembering his work from the Illustrator class, it wasn't all that great.

Even though I don't have class tomorrow, I still have to go to school so I can get my homework done. I wish I had my new computer....I wonder if I can get my dad to transfer some money from my college fund....I'm almost graduated anyway.

Random thing: the other day at work I needed to look up a Foot Locker store in Queens, NY but we (Kat and I) were having trouble finding the one that the customer was talking about, so we just typed in Queens and one of the results was in Cardiff as in Wales. I only bring this up because it was funny to me at the time and today I was watching Last of the Time Lords and when The Doctor, Jack, and Martha are in the plaza talking about how "zomg! the Master is Saxon!" in the background is a Foot Locker. Even though it's supposed to be London it's really filmed in Cardiff so I giggled more today about the whole Foot Locker thing....which no one will find funny.

Is it kind of sad that I'm trying to be as dorky as possible during Flash? Every project sans the first has been fandom related and it seems like Diana and I are trying to almost one up each other week by week. Super fun! Although now that I'm friends with Diana I probably shouldn't be updating facebook during her class...maybe.
SO, today in my Adobe Flash class, we had lecture for, a little over an hour, closer to two hours. Whatever, that's not the point. The point is that we had class time to work on our homework for the class (a 30 frame animation nothing special involved or whatever) Then Jon was talking about the animations he made with CAD in the automotive dept at school and Diana (our teacher) was impressed. She then asked Jon if he had BBC America (and my ears perked up) because "you would like this show that's on there."

Diana: yes!
Me: a0ghaiojfaoij1!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D

She then pulls up the Top Gear website and we were talking about (and quoting) the show. "Some say he isn't machine washable and that all his potted plants are named 'Steve,' all we know is that he's called The Stig!"

Then girl next to me goes, "Oh, Doctor Who!" in regards to a banner ad on the show.
Me: BZUH??? What kind of parallel world am I in...but high five for that!

So I stayed behind talking about: Doctor Who, Torchwood, Top Gear, Graham Norton, Catherine Tate, Kylie Minogue, watched Top Gear clip, watched Time Crash, talked about Buffy/Angel, a little Firefly, watched Catherine Tate/David Tennant skit, discussed thoughts on 11, then realized, "holy crap! We've been sitting here for two hours doing this!" and decided it was time to go.

Holy. Crap. Wha-a-a--a-at is going on? MAUI! LOVES IT.
I came home from class and mom was like "wow, this teacher must be a slave driver keeping you out this late!" lulz. Oh mom, I was geeking out.

Also (almost literally) ran into old high school friend Laura today at school. It was surprising and awkward since I haven't seen her for three years or have been good friends with her for...about five. Either way she gave me a hug and did the "OMG!" dance. Should be interesting.

Sorry this was long. haha lulz. not. I might cut this if it's too long after I post it to save your flists.
I have a cramp in my leg. It been around for I'm guessing...three hours now? It's just worse now. Ugharoahg.

Oh and happy post Christmas shopping extravangza today! It was super awesome, especially some Champs store in I think Georgia that wanted nothing to do with me and a Foot Locker manager who was in the bathroom for 10+ minutes. Excellent times bbs!

Whatever, that's done. I actually get REAL hours next week, and that's probably only because I signed up for holiday hours. Nice.

I really loved Doctor Who yesterday. It was worth it (and I stayed relatively unspoiled!!!) Maui, loves it. (stupid thing I think is funny that no one else knows where it's from)

Presents: the same slippers my mom bought last year that I didn't like and returned for a new pair, cook book from my brother, gift cards for the movies, pants, Beedle the Bard, and AWESOME:: A copy of my grandpa's old joke collection bound in a nice book. The real deal, photocopies of jokes that my cousin found in two boxes under my grandpa's bed when we were cleaning it after he died. They're HILARIOUS!!! It also has two nice pictures of him. I love it. LOVE IT. My cousin and his wife put it together and it's my favorite thing I got this year.

Also, I did get back my white elephant gift. My cousin was sulking after the exchange because he wanted what I got (a 36 pack of AA batteries) and my uncle asked if I would trade, and I did....because I still don't know what I have that runs on AA batteries!!
It was lame though, there was a $10 limit, and my cousin and boyfriend spent $20 together on the collector edition of The Dark Knight, so obviously EVERYONE wanted that. Ugh. Batteries and The Dark Knight? There's no comparison!

Well, Peace out A-Town! I'm still not done knitting mom's present and her b-day is tomorrow. I'll post pics when I'm done.
Yep. LJ says that I haven't posted anything for four days. I haven't been doing much though. I didn't even do anything for Memorial Day.

Sports: Pistons are tied 2-2 and play a game tonight in Boston. Hopefully they will win. Red Wings also play tonight. They lead 2-0. Emelie from Sweden is jealous that I get to watch the games. They do broadcast them live in Sweden, but they are live and start at 2:30 AM and she's too tired to watch the whole game since she's still in school.

Work is work. Blehrg. I won't bore you with the details since it is normally the same thing over an over. But I did do some training yesterday for a new way to do something....but we can't start doing it until the 16th. Whatever. I also went 1h 45 min without taking an order. It was so weird. After my break I took order after order after order though, so I guess it evened out.

I had a dream that involved going up north, wearing hoop skirts, mix of past/present times, dumping bags of pellet fish food into the lakes to lure fish, a carriage chase, trying to get husbands a la Jane Austen. It was really cool. I wanted to write it down so I could attempt to write it, but not it's too jumbled and makes no sense. Too bad since it was more awesome than your face.

Tomorrow Brittany and I are getting together to watch Lost. She's going to be caught up by then and it will be nice to be able to exclaim "OMG WTF" and "well played show, well played *golf clap*" and have someone there who understands. I had that with my old roommate and with J-Wall when she's in town. Last year watching parts 1&2 of the Doctor Who finale was awesome. She needs to come back to Geebs right now.

I'm also insanely excited for the rest of Who. That promo was amazing. Heck yes.

And that's all I have to say about that.
That's right! Two of my favorite things are going to COMBINE! Doctor Who....and David Bowie....
I got it from [profile] bowie_daily    who got it from [community profile] ohnotheydidnt    which as you know....never lies.


I'm going to go flail around now.  Two episodes with David Tennant and David Bowie.  The two Davids.  Yes.  This totally makes up for the Doctor Who + David Bowie lyrics icons I have.  *grin*


  What do you know....The Sun lied again.  And this was one of the few times I wanted it to be true.  :/
Bowie Denies Role In Doctor Who
I just finished watching alone (because my attempts to ask [profile] world_president over the past few days if we were going to watch it together/talk on AIM/phone during the episode failed) and I have to say:

But with all that said, I'm still going to be hardcore waiting for Christmas.

EDIT: Oh, I have a Megaupload link for this episode available if needed, but let me know if you want me to post it!
Author: Natalie
Character/Pairing: Harry/Lucy Saxon
Rating: PG-13? I'm horrible at rating stuff.
Summary: A look at Lucy's mindset, mainly how she became to be who she is and her life with Harry.
Disclaimer: Does anyone here think I own Doctor Who? Anyone? Because...I don't. Shocker!

Note: Just a short ficlet I wrote while waiting for laundry to get done.

SO.  After a LONG day of painting and pondering the ZOMG ending of The Sound of Drums, I couldn't help but want to watch some nice "I don't need to think or tear my hair out because RTD pulled the wool over my eyes" Doctor Who.  So I watched Love and Monsters.

AND WHAT DID I FIND?  Something crazy.  I didn't see this  anywhere else, but if it's old news.....whatever.  Pretend I didn't say anything.

But during the scene where Elton and Ursula went back to LINDA meeting headquarters to discover Kennedy's secret, I was curious and wanted to see what the newspaper headline was, because that is how nerdy I was.  So I took a quick screen cap, and.....
They are so sneeky over there at the BBC.

I'm going to watch some Ninth Doctor now.  Ninth Doctor is good Rose, remember that!
Thank you Doctor I can never look at my mom's angel statue...things without giving it a staring contest. Or any statue for that matter. Blink might be one of the better episodes as of late. I mean....seriously! And it's a "Doctor Who 'light'" DOMINATION!

Anyway, if I were going to get attacked by said crazy statues, I would be any good anyway. Like...I'm super tired from walking the Bellin Run (a run/walk 10K race) with a 15 minute average mile and running the last .2 miles. Oh man. I'm so crazy tired and I'm blinking a lot and unable to focus on any one thing. Yep. I would be so sent back into the past, which wouldn't be all that bad since I really like it. But the whole "I'll be older than my mom if I were sent back into 1969" thing would be weird. At least I would be able to see The Beatles AND David Bowie in concert!

OK ANGELS!!! ATTACK ME NOW! (please don't kill me!)

ZOMG I'M KIDDING!!! Those things are so freaky.
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Doctor Who preview for next week:
Doctor Don't blink.
Me: *blink* what?
Doctor Blink and you're dead.
Me: huh...I lasted long
DON'T turn your back, DON'T look away, and DON'T blink. Good luck!

I then blinked about five times during the preview.

Yep, if EVER I were to be a character on Doctor Who, that would be me, and I would die within five seconds of meeting the Doctor. Oh wellz

I'm still thinking of what I thought about that last arc. Good.....bad....whatever. Meh. Upon thinking about it, I actually liked the arc when Martha wasn't all "whine! he doesn't love me!!!1!shift!11one"
somewhat spoiler )

I'm almost done watching Heroes. I only have two episodes to go, and I'm LOVING it so much. OMG!AMAZING!
Doctor Who is on Scifi right now.  It's Parting of the Ways right now
The Doctor didn't activate the Alpha Ray and Rose is about to come as Bad Wolf and destroy the Daleks.

YES!  Another episode after TPotW!  THE CHRISTMAS INVASION!!!!  YES!!!! YES!!! YES!!!!
I wonder how many episodes are going to be on....
You have no idea how excited I am....I'm not going to eat until Doctor Who is over.

Shut up.  I don't get to see it on tv very much, and I take anything I can get.

"There's something I have to tell you....something important.....oh I know.....MERRY CHRISTMAS!"

"What do you mean that's the Doctor?  Doctor Who?" heh

"Sycorax strong! Sycorax mighty! Sycorax rock! As in the modern sense, they rock"



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