And when I say "Interesting" I mean boring.

Wednesday I spend ALL DAY with Kayla. We did a lot of stuff together and it was superfuntimes. Highlights include making chocolate truffles in her garage (because they were melting in the house), hot tubbing, prepping for Thanksgiving dinner, aimless driving, lots of eating, some drinking, playing with the puppies and cats.....YEP SO FUN!!!

Thanksgiving, I worked. A LOT. Well, I woke up, helped with the thanksgiving stuff, watched half of the Packers/Lions game, ate dinner then went to work from 2-10 and wanted to die. Well not die, but anything to go home. The FAQs of the night were "OMG. You're still open???" and "Do you have [insert Thanksgiving food item here]?" and "Do you have Zhu Zhu pets???"

Zhu Zhu pets. QUICK!! Do ANY of you know what that is before googling the answer? Because no one at the store knew what those were. We don't have them since we looked in the toy section and in the holiday gift section in the store and no Zhu Zhu pets.

I DID NOTHING BLACK FRIDAY. I did however wake up at 3:30 AM, but that was because there was blood all over my face. Tis the season of bloody noses, fa la la la la, la la la la!!! Then I went back to sleep....until noon. Yaaaaaaay.

Today I woke up early to go to Appleton/Oshkosh to do some cheap shopping with Kayla and her family.
1. JanSport factory store. It is an amazing place. You get to buy all of the reject stuff for cheap as free. The shirts/sweatpants/hoodies have printing mistakes, so they can't sell them. I got three hoodies (Saint Louis University, UL Lafayette, and for [ profile] anthean, UC Davis.) I found the Davis hoodie when I was saying that I don't know half of the schools in the store and definitely no one who goes there. THEN BAM! UC Davis hoodie, so I kinda had to buy it since it is cool looking, warm, and cheap. ($10!!)

2. Oshkosh outlet mall!! Went to Bath and Body Works outlet and got $80 worth of stuff for $30 because I am made of win. Also Ylang-Ylang is a sexy sexy smell. Some of the stuff I bought is for my mom for birthday or Christmas. Haven't decided yet. Also went to cooking supply store and got my brother two hot sauces for Christmas. I got the hottest one I could find then another one that I just liked the packaging of.

Also today, I (just) made this icon of Cody Deveraux from the Tonight Show. These sketches always make me laugh. I want to meet the actor who plays Cody so I can thank him. Seriously.

What I've been doing these last five days:

Eating snacks (mostly sour gummy worms)
Working on computery things
Watching Teeeeveeee
OMGOMGOMG Working a lot at CVS
Aaaaaand being slightly paranoid about living alone since Wednesday. Tonight I triple checked to make sure I locked the door. The house is over 60 years old, and I'm practically jumping at every weird noise, even if said weird noise comes from whatever music I'm playing.

I also (finally) caught up with all of the vlogbrother vids on youtube. Nerdfighers! Whoo-ha!

Also just noted that my Richard/Oliver video I made in March is more popular than I thought it was. I do have to say that if EVER I find out that Richard Hammond (or James May or Jeremy Clarkson) ever see this video, I may melt and die. It is a fact that is hardwired into my DNA. With less than 500 views, I doubt that they have seen it.

I'm not joking either. My embarrassment level would be at an epic high. I can't wait for Top Gear to start again. I miss it.

Moving on, I've been buying a lot of candy and snacks and vitamin water at work, and I noticed that I'm adding up some serious extrabucks on candy. There is this deal on halloween candy now, spend $20 on candy and get $5 extrabucks on a future purchase. Well, I've been buying candy, but not traditional "halloween" candy as in trick or treat candy. Nevertheless, they have been including that in my halloween candy count. Which means I have until the 31st to spend $11.15 on candy. I'll just stock up on candy for my NaNo writing needs I guess.

This has also become a rather long entry that started off as "I have nothing really to say" type of mindset. Now Imma be finishing off my leftover candy and working on some computery things. Haven't decided what one to do yet though.
calenfenwen: (Darling)
How bout today?

Well, yesterday was my first day ever training on the registers at CVS. Did you know that in it's basic Latin form [ profile] calenfenwen equals "LUCKY BITCH" because.....I am one.

Why? Same. Exact. System. As. Fleet Farm. Well, there were a few different things to know how to do and there were buttons missing from the register than FF's. For example, there is no button for hardware or pick up tickets for the yard.

I had my Logistics/Fullfillment class today. I don't care for it and I don't think I need it in my future career, but I do need it to graduate. Oh dilemma! I'm the only girl in the class, yet the teacher still doesn't get my name. *while looking at roster* "What did you say your name was again? Madeline?" "No, it's Natalie...."

I'm going to eat supper now but I'll be back to expand laterz. Ciao! :)

I forgot how weird people can be shopping.
I also forgot how cute little kids could be when with parents while shopping.
I also forgot how people can be coupon whores. (And extra buck whores too) but I find it awesome that people can buy $70+ worth of stuff and only pay $0.70 or something ridiculous.

I can't wait to get my employee extra care card. I'll totally take over CVS.

After school today I went over to my grandpa's house to mow his lawn. Ugh. Old men are persnickety. God forbid I don't cut the lawn diagonally by the right angle! Or if the mower is resting just a smidge high. I understand why all of the cousins (minus Rebecca since she's never done it) hate doing the lawn when he's around. Blerg. I'm also not going to lose my hearing while mowing the lawn so I don't need OSHA approved ear covers. I'll use my iPod thank you dearly.

I also forgot how much gas it takes to go to school and back. Jiminy Christmas! I had a half tank on Thursday now I'm on fumes!


Jul. 31st, 2009 12:04 pm
I'm making a cake today. Just try to stop me. 'Cus you can't. That's right.

Tonight is the "Goodbye Eastbay" party at a local bar. I think that's a little bit of poor judgement since a lot of the people who work(ed) there aren't 21 and can't come. Should be fun even though a lot of the people I usually talk to at work either can't go or aren't 21. I'm not sure how much I'll drink tonight. I just hope that Nick doesn't start flirting with me (he flirts with everyone) while if I get too tipsy because I giggle and get very excited when drinking.

Shouldn't be too bad since Tricia and Chelsea will be there and a bunch of other people said that they might show up.

Other weekend news, I'm housesitting for Kayla. Taking care of the cats. Should be interesting. I thought it would be super easy ('cus they're cats) but there are notes everywhere for me around the house. Their house definitely a lot more interesting than the house from a month ago.

Alright! So! Lunch then cake. Sounds good.

CVS told me today that I won't be starting until the second week of August. And when I say told me, I mean told my mom to tell me....and that they called yesterday when I was at work and she just remembered to tell me now.

I got off the phone with Chris the manager at my local CVS (and who also looks like Sarah Jessica Parker) and she told me that......

pending my personal history background check, I'll be employed there and my first day of orientation would probably be Friday morning.

DUDE. Last day at Eastbay: Thursday. First day at CVS: Friday.

I CAN HAS A JOB NAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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