So as you all have probably noticed, I live in Green Bay, WI. Which as some of you know is home to the Green Bay Packers, a professional football team (American) in the National Football League.

Well: The city is a little bat shit today. Why? Because Brett Favre (beloved Quarterback of the team for yeeeeeears and years and was amazing and awesome) betrayed us all and signed on to be the quarterback to our arch nemesis and rival: the Minnesota Vikings.


Basically, he destroyed my childhood. Before 2007, people my age couldn't remember a season without Brett Favre at the helm. The Vikings? Ughajtuojsalfkj. No.

See this is the Brett I grew up on. He was the hero to kids my age. In elementary school, there were "Go Pack Go!" Days were all of the classrooms had contests to see who had the most Packer spirit. It was usually on Fridays or Mondays before a big game. All of the boys wanted to be Brett and we all admired him since he was so Great.

He's just a jerk for betraying us like that. He just wants the fame, glory, money, and records that another season will bring. He also wants another Super Bowl victory, but I don't see that coming. He'll be 40 in October and practically all defensive linemen in the league what to pound his ass so hard.

He will through more interceptions than touchdowns
The Vikings will have to rely on Adrian Peterson AKA "Purple Jesus" to do most all the scoring for them
Brett won't be the starter for all 16 games.
Won't win NFC North
Might go to playoffs on a wildcard.
I think it's stupid too. I don't approve. Although, national media coverage? Nice. The slogan is already working!

They did a piece on it yesterday on the local news. They said that about 22% of WI tourism money comes from the area. Imagine that! About a fifth of the income coming from a fifth of the state! I know Milwaukee and Madison are huge, but come on!

At least you didn't have to ruin some preschooler's St. Patrick's Day and/or her childhood according to the ten minute rant I had to listen to today at work. Didn't want any form of compensation at all only wanted me to forward it to a supervisor. He didn't want to listen to a thing I had to say but whatever.

Here's a note from your Auntie Natalie in Customer Service. When you make a purchase at a store with a credit card, make sure you take your card back from the associate who swiped it for you and not let them steal it and take out $260 from an ATM because that would be stupid right? Granted the guy had a baby and shopping bags, but seriously dude, it's your credit card!

Not sure if I'm going to school tomorrow or not. I'm going out to lunch with my old high school friend Patrick. Should be awesome and legendary. Last time we spent about two/three hours chillin in Panera. Time before I had to duck and cover to avoid Pedro at Perkin's....which led to many "Como estas Natalie! I have foot snacks loaded in your car for you! Do you want to see Batman with meeeeee!!??!!!?!??? My comic book shirts are awesome!"

I broke down and bought the stompy boots and the pair of pumas. Yaaaaaaay!

Weather was RIDICULOUSLY AMAZING today. Almost 70 outside! Cheers could be heard all around as Natalie spent most of it at her cubicle then filling out NCAA brackets so I can win awesome stuff show off you don't need to know crap about the tournament to do well. So to all of the people spending hours on their bracket moaning if the fifth seed can beat the seventh.....SUCK IT. LULZ! :D
Hey all, I just got this email from my website design teacher and thought I would share. I know people on my flist are into graphics and stuff and thought it would be something interesting to them as well.

Details behind the cut )

Share this with people who might be interested!
I'll be leaving for the McCain/Palin rally soon. I'll be updating with my thoughts to my twitter.
But in other news, today has been pleasantly weird.

Obama needs to come back. I don't even have to be near the front again or shake his hand or anything. Come baaaack!

Here's to not getting tazed!
Barack the vote!  Obama-rama!  whatever!   Yay!  First: I had an amazing spot.  Second row center.
Best part?  I shook his hand!!!

haha yes!  The closest I've ever been to anyone important.  Julia told him he was amazing and he looked her right in the eye and thanked her then leaned over her to shake my hand.  He also has really soft hands.  I'm jealous that he's keeping his hands moisturized in the awful dry weather.

More pictures (18 total) are here at my facebook.  They aren't the greatest, but hey.  It's Barack Obama.

Funny thing, it seemed that a lot of the security people were watching me..or the area I was in.  I made direct eye contact with a few.  I think it was because of the annoying girl next to me who wouldn't stand still and kept talking (even during the speech) and luckily she didn't get her hand shook.  ha...she was annoying.  She then hung out in the coffee place we went to after where Julia was working until 10:00 then we left at 10:30.

Overall, not a bad day.  Even though I stood outside in the extreme cold for 45 minutes waiting to get inside.

OH, and Obama ate at one of my favorite local restaurants: Kroll's East.  It's amazing.  And a Rhapsody tradition!  Yum!  It's classic old school diner food.  Famous for their chili and butter burgers.  And well malts and shakes.  Well that's all I eat there.
Two things:
1. PARIS HILTON IS BACK IN JAIL! Basically, read any news story about it. I'm not posting any quotes. But my heart is filled with mirth. Sweet mirth.

2. During an episode of Ugly Betty (can't remember the name) it was fashion week and not only was Tim Gunn there, (which is awesome) but I connected my mind with something only I can do. Well...yeah. During the "red carpet" type walk in with picture taking, I was wondering how David Bowie would handle it. Happy Bowie or Sad Bowie. Then they played "Fame" by David Bowie. HAHAHAHA!!!!!! MOST EXCELLENT!




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