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Jun. 13th, 2009 04:00 pm
I am posting this through my ipod touch because it is so cool and I really enjoy to make myself annoyed with this touch pad. It is wonderful really!

I would be doing this on my new iMac which is sitting next to me, but I can't touch it because I am transferring files from my MacBook. So fun! Only the migration assistant can run. No other applications. Here's to hoping that posh tosh can handle it! Please don't die, I love you and your lame wireless card that only works when it feels like it!

I better pay attention now. Stuff to do you know!

Edit: you should know that tagging this is a bitch. I'll fix it later.
1. Wings lost game 7. And I missed it. I had to put my phone on "pause" during the last minute of the game because I couldn't breathe because I had no clue what was going on. Ridiculous I say!

2. The system at work was down today for the first two hours I was there. We had these forms to fill out with the date, time, 26 digit order number, contact name, phone number, and reason they were calling. I love it when we have to fill out the hand written forms! Then when the system was finally back online, we had to go through two hours of calls and find out answers for the customers, call them back, and keep an eye on the queue.

I got some guy from Detroit and I wanted to be like "hey! Why are you doing this when there is hockey to watch!" but couldn't because that wouldn't be professional or something. Yeah.

Anyway, iMac comes tomorrow! Can't wait! I cleared off my desk and I'm trying so hard not to put stuff on the cleared desk. Whenever there is a cleared off surface in my room, I immediately pile junk on top. iMac goes there tomorrow. Do not touch!

I also just ate an entire bag of popcorn while watching Ella Enchanted.....why did I watch that movie? Clearly, I'm bored.

Ugh. There's a bug stuck in my light. I'm going to wait for it to die because it looks really creepy and I don't really have a place to put it either. I'm not going outside again.

*is such a city girl*

EDIT2: Bug is swimming in a pool or windex. Seriously, my light is leaking windex. Please just die so I can sleep Mr. Creepy bug. Seriously your reflection in the light looks like you're wearing shoes. Why are you wearing shoes?

Also just realized that I have a pool of glass cleaner inches away from a hot light bulb. Damn, I'm smart! Here's to hoping the pool will go away next time I turn on the light!

iMac and iPod touch oh boy oh boy!!!

When I get them, you will be able to hear my glee for miles away.

Now I'm going to change into "real" pants and a hoody and go to work. It's really cold outside. 45 degrees...in June. Really? Why so sad Wisconsin weather??


Mar. 10th, 2009 06:02 pm
My screen caps are totally messing me up. Yesterday (early early this morning) I was making my Top Gear screen caps but I kind of did the whole page and not the selected window. Therefore, I'm getting totally messed up due to things like this:

Other news: I now have a greater desire of forming a union at work than I originally did. Also I got a lot of ICS calls today....weird. Maybe I did jinx myself! (TWO in a row....really?)

Also USPS crossover begins 3/16. I'm not happy.

Back to work! :)
Tried to download a copy of dreamweaver so I wouldn't have to go to school because quite honestly, I don't want to go. I would so rather sit here in my pajamas doing my homework rather than get dressed, go out in the cold, drive to school, find a parking space, hope the computer that I applied my settings on Dreamweaver is open (if not spend the 5 or so minutes doing that) do my homework, ignore Jon (who I know is going to be there, I bet you), drive home.

Doesn't sit here, do homework in pajamas while eating random food/doing things sound better? Grr...I want to have an iMac now. Pleeeeeeeeeeeease?

Okay fine. I'll get ready to go to school even though it give me little pleasure.

Most awesome news from today: I didn't get any points marked off for being late with my JavaScript homework but Bob said that next time he would take points off. Consider your message understood sir!

Ugly Betty yesterday: I thought it was super awesome that out of all the basketball teams (or teams in general) that cute!sports guy showed Betty the flippin Pistons. YAY PISTONS! I love them even though they're playing for crap this season. (I blame the trade of Chauncy Billups)
Maybe all the teams I'm a fan of are going to suck this season....I still have hope in the Brew Crew and Red Wings though....don't disappoint me!
And their like you wanna trade cards?
Yeah I wanna trade Cards
But Not my charizard.

You know, I never managed to get myself a charizard. I saw a holo one that my friend got once. He had it in a special hard case and everything. Anyway, I was cleaning my room today and found my pokemon cards which got me thinking: how much are these worth? So I counted them up and made an inventory (zomg 360 cards not including energies) now I just need so see if and where I can sell them. I like how I thought when I was younger these were going to be HUGE collectors items and I would be super rich.

Eh, whatever. I still need several hundred dollars until I can afford my new iMac. I don't get paid for a long time and I think it will be decent, then I got my tax refunds to do! yay for that!

I'm trying to think if I have anything else of "value" I can sell that I don't use. I have a great coat that (sort of) looks like Jacks. Maybe I should sell that since it's huge on me. I want my new computer noooow. Posh Tosh probably needs some sort of repairs but I don't want to pay for that when I can get a new computer. Sorry Tosh.

Talking about saving money, went to the drug store today and bought Iron Man because it was there and cheap, then bought a ped egg because it was there and I wanted to know if it really worked. (It does)

Right! Time to search the internetz and see if I can get anything for these stupid cards that the Japanese made me buy by brainwashing me as a child!
Posh Tosh, what a bitch!
Aka: I need a new computer soon.
I'm sorry I've abused you, but don't die on me please.

Anyway, my grandpa is over for dinner and he started talking about how he used to have this cassette tape of "some happy song" and we've figured out that it was "Don't Worry, Be Happy" so it's my job now to download it from iTunes and burn it on a CD. Which is why Posh Tosh is making a weird noise while burning the disk. It's never done that before.

It's awesome because I got $2 from my grandpa to do this even though I told him it cost $1. "For my trouble," he said. Whatever! Awesome! I then spulrged and bought other songs on iTunes that I've wanted for awhile for some reason. Most are crack and Top 40 songs.

Work last night was weird. Sarah was there, and I learned how she can be even more over protective of her 11 year old daughter than I thought possible (based on my first impression of her anyway). I like her as a person, but sometimes (especially when it's just us at the end of the night) she tries to get as much personal information about me. "Do you have a boyfriend?" "What do you think about this controversial subject?" "Celebrity crushes: go."

Also: there was a 40+ minute interval without any calls for Sarah and I. It was weird, but gave us more time to bond and whatever. Becky almost was debating giving one of us the option of going home, but she didn't because we would've been understaffed. Whatever. I wasn't going to take the cold spot anyway since it's like throwing away $20 because I wanted to go home early. I can suck it up when I have to.

OH! And [livejournal.com profile] dramione_ldws GO! There are some good LOTR and Moulin Rouge! drabbles there (including one by yours truly!) so if you have the time go and read them. It's a free "just for fun" round so there isn't voting, but still check out the round!

the meme everyone is doing! )
SO! Posh Tosh is acting up, so I'm on the parent's PC looking over books and trying to find the cheapest option. Yep. However, something frightening occurred:

As you can see, Twilight is taking over the world. It makes an unpleasent topic (databases) full of lulz in a non lulz world that is databases. It's also weird that my first reaction to "Dumbledore" was "Dumbledore is gay!!"

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go find more books. School's bookstore is super lame and only gave the last 3/4 numbers of the ISBN which makes it difficult to find the right book without having to buy it from the bookstore. I don't want to buy stuff there!!!!!! Too expensive!!!

...stupid books.

ETA: .....it's cheaper to buy the books at school (assuming I get all used books anyway).  Daaaaaaaaaaaaaang.  Still really expensive though, more than my last paycheck.
ETA2: Just kidding, I found some cheaper books.  I still need to buy one, but I don't need it until April so I'll worry about that then.  Also, if you are planning to use half.com, there's a promo for $5 for new users: HOLIDAYBOOKS08 it expires at the end of the year though!!

ETA FTW: Sale at lush.com which is made of pure win.  When you buy ONE of their holiday items, they give you another for free!  Yes.....although a lot of their stuff is sold out/not on their website.  The day a Lush store is within 30 miles from my house will be trouble my friends....
I love online shopping!  So many deals!  Merry Christmas Natalie!!!


Jul. 30th, 2008 03:49 pm
SO! Posh Tosh is acting up again. :( I can't get the battery to charge...at all. Yesterday and the day before she was just acting temperamental, but now she refuses to charge at all. The battery is almost dead, and everything I try doesn't work. I'm going to have to put on real clothes (I'm wearing a summer dress that's a tad too small, but I just wear it around the house) and go to CCCP and see if there's anything they can do...because I NEED to get this to work. NEED.

This really sucks. I have to write my final paper for RED (and I have no clue what to do) and I have to put my stamp of approval on my website coding final page. There are some things I could change, but I don't know if it would be worth trying to fix it or not.

At least there's a new episode of Project Runway tonight. Slowly I start recognizing these people...sooooo many contestants!

I also need to clean up my floor space so Rachel can come over and work on that quilt. I didn't do that today either.

Also, while I was trying to sleep last night, I thought of something I couldn't get out of my mind. What does Edward (and other Cullens really) do when Bella (or any female) gets her period? Just wondering.



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