So my nine hour day turned into a 13.5 hour day thanks to holiday pay. And holy crap, nine hours is a long time. I haven't worked a nine hour shift for a long long long time. I hardly get eight hours anymore. But it's holiday pay baby!!

But yeah, it was relatively slow today but Eastbay was busy because they have/had a promotion for 30% off your order of $99 or more just for today. Ugh busy.

I did however read Irene Gut Opedyke's memoir. Really good. My second or third time reading it. I feel so empowered reading it. She was an awesome human being.

I need to find a new book to read at work tomorrow since I read the entire thing today. I wonder what I can find? Oh how I wish I could read fic at work. That would be awesome. Although I don't want to explain to my boss why I'm reading fic at work. That would be a little weird. "ZOMG. Labyrinth fic? Really? Pack your things and go." lol. I really want to watch Labyrinth again....Loves it.

So tired.

so tired.

Surprisingly, my job can be really stressful and exhausting. I wouldn't have guessed how tired I would be when I first started. (Eastbay is the real killer. MSC not so much. ICS SO HARD.) I was stuck on Eastbay calls for over an hour. Pity me.

Right. I'm going to keep reading fic and listening to the amazing full length concert of Carmina Burana if you don't mind. Just so you know I'm not dead. Not dead yet.
So I can't find my classes. Yikes. I did find a "spare" set of glasses from like six years ago and my eyes have changed since then. Super good news? I have to go to work soonish and unless I find my real glasses I'll have to wear these....and probably get a headache....and may have to call work force and ask to leave early because of it.

Second: Apparently Late Night went an extra SIX minutes yesterday and I was recording it because I would've missed the first half hour because I was at work. So I need to go to hulu or something and watch the last six minutes sometime.

Also the Shawn/Juliet shipper in me went "Ahhhhhhhhh no way" and I'm not telling you why. I love Psych.

Finally, yesterday Jake gave me the first book of the Sookie Stackhouse series and I read about 50 pages of it at work. WOW! This is a fun quick read! I like how I'm still in the first chunk of the book and most of the episodes have gone by. Although no Lafayette in the book? Bitch please.

*hunts for missing glasses*
I'm so bored, slightly confused, and headachy. I want to go home.

I hate mondays. So long and I'm really crabby at the end of the day.

Heroes starts again in a week so I should be happier then.

I work tomorrow morning/afternoon then I'm going to spend the rest of the time doing JavaScript homework because I'm a little masochistic. Then I'll finish watching The Last Templar with Spy Daddy/Jesus...Victor Garber. Yay! Did anyone else watch/plan to watch?

Yesterday I read The Sheik online. I liked it overall, but found Diana's change in heart kind of frightening. She changed from "I HATE YOU" to "I love you!" too quickly. Although Ahmed did sound like a very interesting (and pretty!) character.

Uh, class is starting again, peace out!
This is my friend Stephanie's pic (sorry the html is being a bitch), if you're awesome you will vote for her! :3 Thanks! (also a reminder for me to vote once a day) And if you're in the voting mood: Voting for Green Bay will be really cool since they donate cans to the local food pantry. Also once a day thing if you're interested.

Work was really slow. I spent most of my time reading Shattered Mirror by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes. I liked it...even though I spotted some mistakes in there. "Brothes" instead of Brother and "I" instead of "me" once. Still liked it, and hell it's better than what I could write so I can't judge. I'll read the next book tomorrow so I can give them back to Kayla when she returns from her amazing trip to London/Dublin...where ever she is now. One of the two cities anyway.

But I did have to call UPS Canada twice and regular UPS not at all. Pam was especially AWESOME and I was ready to call the customer back with the AMAZING news and I had to lmom (leave message on machine) it. As a customer service individual, I LOVE hearing two words: thank you (especially when I had to do a lot of work for them. Not being polite makes me less inclined to do more work for people. Write that down and suck it.

I also got conned by some Alabama woman. She said that she needed compensation for the unnecessary drive to the store she had to take. I offered her a gift card. She asked how much (ugh greedy mcgreederson) $10. Wasn't enough. Asked what she was expecting. $35!! Nevertheless, I had to relay the request to a sup, who granted it. Whatever. I later googled the two cities, and they aren't even 20 miles apart. Bitch. Unless she drives a tank, she didn't need $35.

I also emailed Lush cust serv, and they are behind schedule due to the amount of orders and bad weather conditions=not everyone getting to the factory to fix stuff. They also are going to upgrade my shipping so it still arrives in the timeframe promised. Yay lush! :3 I love them.

Also: found the song at the end of Ugly Betty. It's La Ritournelle by Sébastien Tellier if anyone is interested, because I know it was driving ME crazy at least!



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