Note says "To Kennedy's teacher: Please excuse Kennedy's absence. She's with me. Barack Obama."

My day was alright until 7:00...then it turned super sour. I'm so angry at myself!

I need to stop wearing the ass hat sometimes. Such an idiot child!
So yesterday was horrible. It was not fun. When I went home for dinner at 7, I had to go back at 8 and at about 8:20 I realized I wanted to go home again. haha, too bad I had over three hours left. My dept was really really slow and it sucked. I'm so glad that Megan was there as long as she was. We were both going insane. She was trying to get a way so we could both just leave work around 10 and go to Los Banditos to eat chili and other yummy Mexican foods. She actually even called the restaurant at 10 ish to order food to pick up when her shift was over.

It goes without saying: I didn't get to leave and get yummy Mexican food.

There was a Jordan launch yesterday. It sucked. It wasn't classified as a high demand launch so they didn't offer a gc for picking up the extra hours and didn't schedule anyone extra. So it was a launch for a slightly popular item with the normal about of staff that we have on a Friday night. AKA not much. There were so many calls in queue and it didn't calm down until 11:40ish and still we were busy. Sucked. I didn't get to leave until 12:10 because of my long ass call I had at the end. Kind of hoping that they actually give me those extra ten minutes because sometimes they aren't nice at work force and don't...then again I'm usually only a minute or two minutes after my shift and they must not bother with that.


CORALINE: BEST 3D MOVIE I'VE EVER SEEN. Well, I haven't seen a lot of 3D movies so I can't really judge well on that. Kayla has and she said it was the best. Although, we were surprised this was only PG not PG-13 but maybe that's because we went into the movie going "eh, it's PG not scary or freeky or anything" you think I would know better from Blink. So yeah, a little creepy, a little bit of "adult" humor that I can't believe passed as PG humor. But I liked it A LOT and will probably buy it when it gets cheaper in the stores since I hate buying expensive movies. Generally if it's over $15 I won't buy it. (Exceptions: Labyrinth, and tv shows that are on sale)

I have to go to work tonight and that's one of the last places I want to be right now. Too bad I need money!

Lastly: This is an awesome Top Gear + Obama story and I love it. Why did I not see it before? Seriously awesome
SO! School is going well. Monday was Dreamweaver and SQL, Tuesday I had off and spent the whole day watching Inauguration coverage (the 7+ minutes when the Obamas were walking outside the limo during the parade were some of the longest of my liiife), then I did some hanging out with Kayla; Texas Roadhouse, Mario Kart on the Wii, hot tubbing, eating shortbread cookies, all that jazz. It was all good fun, I missed Kayla! I don't know what I'll do with myself when she and Thom leave! (Thom her fiance is going to start his Masters and Kayla will go with him to a so far unknown location.) I do have strict orders to visit them! Today was JavaScript and my teacher is hilarious, which is good.

Uh....DUDE! Preview for next week's Top Chef is MADE OF WIN. Why you may ask? Oh, because it's season 5 chefs versus all stars from previous seasons! THEN it's FOOTBALL THEMED!!!!! YAYAYAYAY FOOTBALL! Then Fabio was wearing a Packer towel as a cape during (what looked like the quickfire) and was later wearing a pin on his chef jacket during Judge's Table. AND I believe it was season 4 Andrew who was wearing a helmet. I didn't see the logo, but it was yellow!

Top Chef + Football is win! (as seen in season 4 in Chicago)

So part of my Adobe Flash homework for tomorrow is to review a good and a bad site that uses flash. Here's what I got. The Good The Bad and Ugly I HATE THAT LAST SITE!!! SO BAAAD.

Bad Runner up #1 Bad Runner up #2...just wtf

Ahhh posh tosh is so warm from all of the flahness and I'm overheating from my blanket and sweatshirt. Ahhhh!

Also: did not watch LOST yet....ARGHHH. I want to so bad!

 :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
Barack the vote!  Obama-rama!  whatever!   Yay!  First: I had an amazing spot.  Second row center.
Best part?  I shook his hand!!!

haha yes!  The closest I've ever been to anyone important.  Julia told him he was amazing and he looked her right in the eye and thanked her then leaned over her to shake my hand.  He also has really soft hands.  I'm jealous that he's keeping his hands moisturized in the awful dry weather.

More pictures (18 total) are here at my facebook.  They aren't the greatest, but hey.  It's Barack Obama.

Funny thing, it seemed that a lot of the security people were watching me..or the area I was in.  I made direct eye contact with a few.  I think it was because of the annoying girl next to me who wouldn't stand still and kept talking (even during the speech) and luckily she didn't get her hand shook.  ha...she was annoying.  She then hung out in the coffee place we went to after where Julia was working until 10:00 then we left at 10:30.

Overall, not a bad day.  Even though I stood outside in the extreme cold for 45 minutes waiting to get inside.

OH, and Obama ate at one of my favorite local restaurants: Kroll's East.  It's amazing.  And a Rhapsody tradition!  Yum!  It's classic old school diner food.  Famous for their chili and butter burgers.  And well malts and shakes.  Well that's all I eat there.



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