We talked about it in my Flash class today. "Now that you've spent a semester on Flash's headdeskery code and now hate Actionscript, let's try something easier and faster and uses a lot less code. jQuery = win.

I just happened to have a plethora of Alice images on my external hard drive. I wonder how that happened? Oh yeah, I was bored during that hour I had to wait in my photoshop class and made random graphics while waiting to present.

In other news, I'm going to devote my life to Economics for the rest of the night. HOW AM I ALWAYS DISTRACTED THE LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL? I have a lot of shit to dooooooooo.....

Also, I spent ten minutes scraping ice off of my car today then it didn't want to start and I freaked out. I tried calling my dad, but he didn't answer his phone. I was about to go back inside to get help, but my car started. Whew! All of the battery powered things worked, just the engine didn't work. It was weird.

Lastly, I found out that a horrible horrible teacher is teaching one of my classes next semester. NO ONE LIKES HER. I got lucky thus far with my education and never had her as a teacher, but it shows that my last semester I couldn't outrun fate. I would jump to another section asap, but there is only one class. AOUFSL DARN IT!!! I was so close!!!! D:
I'm clearly obcessed with Alice. No doubt. I mean, I just haven't watched something so perfect on television for such a long long time. A certain pretty boy in a hat doesn't hurt either ;)

I just renamed my restaurant on Restaurant City (facebook game). Don't judge me!

In case the picture is hard to read, my restaurant (which used to be known as "Nolita" from Bradley Cooper's failed sitcom Kitchen Confidential) is now H&A Tea Shoppe. H&A as in Hatter and Alice...Hatter and Alice's Tea Shoppe. It's actually quite funny since the only food I've mastered is Peach Tea and I'm trying to improve Saffron Tea now. This is just proof I'm a huge nerd.

I was talking to a friend yesterday and I was talking about Alice (all I'm capable of really) and she was "OMG! I meant to watch that! Is it good?" ME: SOJFSLJF YESYESYESYES!!! I spoke of my constantly refreshing trying to get new fic....then she said "why don't you just write it."

Got me there. Challenge has been thrown down. Apparently I need to write Alice fic, but currently I have zero ideas.

Lastly, kind of frustrated that someone on one of the Alice comms spotted something I did five minutes before me and posted it. Good thing I checked the comm before posting that's for surez. I didn't mean to put a z there, my super long fingernails are to blame there, I'm just too lazy to fix it. (but not lazy enough to write all of that fluff? wtf self?)

Edit: I'm annoyed that when using the tag 'alice' I have to pretty much type up the whole thing since I have alias as a tag. I'm probably going to use alice more than alias.... tough that alias comes before alice alphabetically but alice comes before alias on the awesome scale.

Wow today.

Dec. 10th, 2009 09:29 pm
Today was full of crazy sauce.

1. Accidently overslept. I didn't have anywhere to be but I had a lot of stuff to get done.

I had my final project for Photoshop due today, and I had to make two new projects for it since I didn't have enough. Whatever, that's done and overwith. *whew!*

2. OMG, I HATE WINTER DRIVING!!! Usually it isn't bad, but OMG IT IS HORRIBLE!!! My car is a Southern Belle and doesn't take to winter well. After a few weeks of cold weather and snow, she's good, but until then....not so much. Actually, the heater is never good! lol! My commute to school usually takes 15-20 minutes depending on traffic, but today.......50 minutes. AORUSLFJSLF I spent a lot of my commute going 5 MPH or less since there was so much ice everywhere. A lot of spinning and fishtailing was done...by everyone not just me. Stressful driving....yay!

Plus it's ridiculously cold.

3. We had an hour delay with our presentations for photoshop. Apparently when my teacher says that we will present first thing, people took that to mean "We'll have an hour to work on our stuff before presenting." It was weird since my half of the room was all done with their stuff but not the other side. I just chilled on facebook/reading Alice fic waiting to present.

4. When we I present, my teacher asked after I was done if I put in text description anywhere in my portolio. I said I did but took it out since I thought it looked too tacky and was unnecessary. She gave me a weird look when I was walking back to my seat. WTF? It wasn't required!! I didn't like how it looked!! Whatever.

Alice has officially taken over my life. I just downloaded 10,000 screen caps. Yes, TEN THOUSAND. I'm already having fun.


Dec. 8th, 2009 01:20 am

Hello new fave fandom! How are you? Feeling awesome?

I'm so tired, but part 2 was so awesome and I need to read fic and just emerge myself in this fandom.....like NOW.



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