Keeping track of movies. Rule: If you watch a movie more than once in a month, score it only once.


2009 in Movies )

2009 in Movies )

Running Total: 71/100
*counts* so. 4 movies to go....less than 8 hours left in the day. Oops. Whatever. I passed tv that's all that matters. I'm surprised I watched 96 movies this year, I thought it would've been more, but it's tough to watch movies alone all the time.

Anyway, apparently no one bothered to invite me to a New Year's party, so I'm having one at my house...which is so far only attended by one other person. Yessssss. All of the people I invited either said "I can't go," or haven't bothered to respond yet.

One friend invited me out to lunch sometime as a substitute. I'll take it.

Mom dragged me to the mall today. Not a fan. I didn't see anything I liked and I just got a headache. Boooooo.

It was really busy this morning at work. Usually it's really slow, not so much today. Probably because not as many people were working today. What can you do? I also had two people YELL at me for something that wasn't my fault. #1. Company policy, I can't change it. And the other #2. It's not something I have the power to change. I'm not God and can control when UPS delivers packages.

Best quote. Me to a customer in VA: Your package hasn't shipped yet, but we're trying to locate a store for you. We're currently looking at a store in Maryland.
Customer: Nonononono, Maryland is too far away!
Me: .... uh we're shipping these shoes to you, you don't have to pick them up.
Cust: Oh good!

I also love it when you do a crap load of work for a customer and they don't even say thank you.
But old nice Texan guys are nice, "I appreciate your courtesy ma'am." awwwwwwwwe
Keeping track of movies. Rule: If you watch a movie more than once in a month, score it only once.

Final 98/100



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