The classic "first line of every month meme"

January: My party with Rachel went awesome.
February: I don't really care who wins the super bowl because the Packers aren't in it.
March: Yesterday was weird.
April: ¡ʎɐʎ ¡ʇɥbıuoʇ ʇso1
May: My first entry (May 6th): Good news everybody! Actual first thing was a tweet: It's nice to be moderately tired before midnight. Too bad the reason is due to stress and frustration.
June: My first entry (June 6th): So I'm going to buy an iPod touch in a few hours or so, and I've just been thinking about different quotes I could get engraved on the back. Actual first thing was a tweet: As much as I didn't like New Moon, the trailer has gotten me all excited. November = too far away.
July: So Ginger (the dog I'm dogsitting for) is starting to take advantage of me since I'm not her normal owner.
August: I was away from home basically all day today. I only went home to take a shower and change clothes.
September: Recap! 1. He's a jerk face who's ambition is the money and glory not for the love of the game
October: This morning, incredibly sluggish and tired and blah.
November: YES!!! This makes me laugh all the time.
December: First! ICON MEME

January - I was drunk when posting that entry
February - We'll take it this year
March - Everyday is weird in my book
April - Wow, lame April Fool's Joke self
May - sleeping before midnight is for the sick and people who have a life
June - Poor poor Whisky Doll and the quote I never see (Also didn't see New Moon lulz)
August - How wasn't the first line "and I met a celebrity today" wow.
September - Guess Who? Someone named Brent Faverton suck face.
October - Yes, it's called Morning.
November - STILL TRUE!
December - What can I say, I love me some icons. 100 x 100 px of pure joy.

I should probably go back to working on my final project huh....since it's due 16 hours and I have to be awake in 5 hours. Also need to pay for Thailand deposit at school since....deadline is today. LAST MINUTE NATALIE!!!

I also downloaded the latest Top Gear ep, and said it would be my reward for finishing said project. That lasted an hour. Good news: Decent episode Bad news: Not done with project. Oops?
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